Sennheiser Momentum 2 : The feeling of ear when I use this headphone was very nice and comfortable

The sound quality and comfort are excellence. They come in a smart protective case and they really cut out the background noise (excellent when you are on a plane sat near a screaming child). Would highly recommend as i tried a lot of other similar types and these came out best in terms of sound quality, size, fit and they also look great.

There are probably better more expensive headphones but just got these and they’re fantastic. I’ve spent the last 4 hours picking music to try as i’m hearing something new/better in every track. High hat in miles davis’s so what is like champagne, the poise in yo-yo ma’s bach cello suite is awesome. Must go so much more to try.

For £129 i think you would be hard pressed to get much better value for money. Build: i was surprised by the quality of the materials and construction ie leather and steal. Treated carefully, they look as though they will last. Comfort: excellent in this regard. Lightweight and without any annoying pressure points, you can achieve a good fit to ensure the best sound quality out of the phones. Sound quality: being closed back, these are surprisingly airy. Using an oppo ha2se headphone amp, an iphone 6s and hires files through qobuz/roon, the phones are largely neutral with a very slight bass emphasis. Highs are more than sufficient and the mids are well presented ie excellent for a variety of music. They produce a good sound stage and an engaging presentation. Final points: would thoroughly recommend these.

Looked at many sets of headphones to use on commuter train and tube trips. Considered bluetooth, noise cancelling and actually thought what’s wrong with a cable and they are around ear anyway so lets give them a go. Looked at the bose, bowers & wilkins and sennheiser and the sennheiser had amazing reviews for sound and i think the look great. I’m on the tube and i can hear nothing but music, so the noise cancelling i wouldn’t value. The cable is no bother and they look great. Top purchase, happy customer.

The touch around the ear is extremely soft and comfortable. The weight is actually much lighter then it appears to be. The appearance of this product is a huge plus, simple and vintage.

Sound reproduction is superb, comfortable and lightweight to wear, and they look good too.

Had beats studio 2s which broke. So i decided to take a chance on these. So glad i did a great sounding headphone, which are nice and lightweight. The sound is really balanced, they still have a nice punchy bass, but it is not overpowering like on the studio’s.

Very clear sound, the feeling of ear when i use this headphone was very nice and comfortable. Trying to test for long time using. A little bit high price though this headphone deserve it.

  • and I personally have never found anything I don’t like about them
  • Great product
  • Super duper cool & trendy

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around-Ear I for Apple iOS (Brown) with M2 IEI (Red)

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Fantastic comfortable headphones, can be worn for hours per day with no problem. Not recommended for gym use if you sweat a lot as the moisture can make the headphones uncomfortable. Apart from that exceptional for home use.

Can wear these for hours on end without any discomfort and have great sound isolation – perfect for the office. I have them paired with an audioquest dragonfly red dac – they sound fantastic. Much better sounding than some more expensive headphones i own (akg for instance).

Great sound very comfortable to wear for long periods at price could come with adaptor for headphone socket on amp.

Pretty good sounding & stylish. Didn’t quite hit my idea of perfection but that’s my fault for not listening before buying, given how subjective audio can be. Cable lasted well until i destroyed it. Default is iphone cable, but can still play/pause on android. Replacement cable’s a little pricey as it’s a 2. (got official one for £30 w/ inline controls but there’s probably cheaper out there)use for work only since walking with them can be a thuddy. Work well enough for blocking out coworkers, pleased to say.

Best value for money headphones on the market, high quality sound, outperforming other headphones costing nearly a thousand pounds.

Hubby had these as a birthday gift and loves them.

I purchased these after reading a few reviews. My musical taste is quite broad so i was after something that gave me clarity in the mids and highs not just overwhelming bass. I really love these headphones, i’m super happy with the lush sound and looks-wise i think they’re stylish, beautifully made and are super comfortable. And they arrived very promptly which was great.

These were a gift and first pair of over ear headphones i’ve owned. Sound quality is really very good, not had headphones this good ever. Also they’re comfortable to wear. I wear them daily using my phone on my commute and also at night on my laptop.

  • and I personally have never found anything I don’t like about them
  • Great product
  • Super duper cool & trendy

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around-Ear I for Apple iOS (Brown) with M2 IEI (Red)

Fantastic pair of headphones. After staying with my sony v55’s for years, it was a huge eye opener after trying these on, fantastic comfort and great noise. Also great sound isolation which, while it doesn’t cut out all noise and leakage, it does for the vast majority.

Work well in a noisy environment because they are closed back. If you are in a quiet place then buy an open back design instead.

Great allround sound with good separation of base mid and high frequencies. Easy to wear and cuts out outside noise adequately but not to any dangerous level.

Had them a year now and still an absolute pleasure to use. Great quality of sound, very comfortable even after long haul flights. You can feel the quality throughout from headphones to packaging, minor criticism is that the amp end of the aux cable is loosing a little rigidity around the jack so could be a point of failure in the future. I hope they last until i upgrade in a few years but still working fine for now.Best headphones for the money.

Exceptional clarity of sound across hi, medium and low tones. Strong but not cumbersome bass, no leakage, comfortable, perfect pick up of recorded nuances. A whole new world of listening pleasure.

These headphones give fantastic clarity of sound and are very comfortable due to their foam / leather ear guards. They fold away into a handy carrying case when not in use.

Sound great, the cables a little weak, so i’d recommend an upgrade.

Sennheiser have lived up to their reputation again. These are a fine pair of earcans.

Amazing headphones in terms of sound and look. But i cannot seem to figure out how to detach the cable.

Bought these to replace an old well worn set of sennheisers. First of all, i tried a number of different makes to compare before returning to these. Sound balance was just right for my listening tastes and not bass heavy (as was the case with most of the others i tried). I really like the detachable cable (although it’s a bit stiff to remove) and how the ear cups fold up to make storage more compact. They are comfortable to wear for long periods and look good. For the price i think these are excellent. I can’t comment on the durability of them as i haven’t had them long enough, but so far so good and if they are anything like my original pair, then they should give god long service.

Excellent class leading headphones. They are stylish and now fold, so have a smaller footprint in your bag. The sound quality is superb. I was concerned that there would be a problem with the headphones fitting over my ears, or feeling cramped. I’ve tried many, many headphones in the same price bracket and above and these are actually the most comfortable.

Rediscovering my favourite music with these excellent headphones. Hearing stuff that i just never heard before on many tracks. Excellent sound and response, and over ear fit is very comfortable compared to my previous on-ear phones. The headphone fold nicely to fit in the quality case supplied and like the fact that the cable is detachable/replaceable as these are often the first parts to fail.

Excellent sound quality and comfortable to wear and very good fit.

After 6 month of use, this headphones is very useful and good price value to listen every kind of music and watching movies with netflix, sennheiser can prove his performance to provide good quality and high design of them own products for a passionate customer love listen music and enjoy a good quality sound.

These sennheisers are excellent cans. The ear cups are larger than my previous set which makes for a more comfortable experience. The sound quality is a step up from anything i’ve had before, good control of the whole range and a nice deep but tight bass. They come with a lovely case and bag plus the cable can be replaced which was why i bought these as my last pair didn’t have that option. Overall a great set of headphones which i recommended.

Punchy bass that doesn’t cloud midrange detail. Though treble may lack a bit of bite. Low impedance makes these very easy to drive. Feel well made & very comfortable.

It made a huge difference from the ones i was using before as the sound quality is quite good for the price. They are comfortable and feel solid and durable. Noise cancellation could be slightly better but i use them as my main headphones in an open space office and for that purpose they are great.

Good sound and cool design, not sure about noise cancelling and comfort: i can’t use them for long hours since my ears will start hurting (i also use glasses).

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