Sennheiser Momentum 2 : Well impressed

Been looking for great quality over ear headphones for a while. My son kept them plugged in on full blast for 2 days and the sound became even better.

It made a huge difference from the ones i was using before as the sound quality is quite good for the price. They are comfortable and feel solid and durable. Noise cancellation could be slightly better but i use them as my main headphones in an open space office and for that purpose they are great.

Have had many different headphone brands and these are by far the best sounding i have had. Great quality and also look good.

What hifi product of the year, and sounds excellent to me. Very happy with quality and design and super happy with the sound. Using with astell and kern ak70, a brilliant combination.

These were a gift and first pair of over ear headphones i’ve owned. Sound quality is really very good, not had headphones this good ever. Also they’re comfortable to wear. I wear them daily using my phone on my commute and also at night on my laptop.

Always worth paying as much as you can when it comes to things like this.

Great sound very comfortable to wear for long periods at price could come with adaptor for headphone socket on amp.

Great allround sound with good separation of base mid and high frequencies. Easy to wear and cuts out outside noise adequately but not to any dangerous level.

  • High quality sound and comfortable to wear
  • Quality headphones
  • Five Stars

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear Headphones (Android) – Black

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Excellent sound quality and comfortable to wear and very good fit.

Sennheiser have lived up to their reputation again. These are a fine pair of earcans.

Best value for money headphones on the market, high quality sound, outperforming other headphones costing nearly a thousand pounds.

Can wear these for hours on end without any discomfort and have great sound isolation – perfect for the office. I have them paired with an audioquest dragonfly red dac – they sound fantastic. Much better sounding than some more expensive headphones i own (akg for instance).

Quality build, very solid and comfortable to wear over long periods. The sound is well balanced, nice and neutral, very clean.

Clean sound, vintage design. Product itself is incredible. However what i received is one with some flaws on the leather part. Though it does not affect normal use, it always be upsetting.

Comfortable and sound great. Only bad thing is they do leak so others around can hear a bit.

Excellent cans, excellent sound and excellent comfort.

  • High quality sound and comfortable to wear
  • Quality headphones
  • Five Stars

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear Headphones (Android) – Black

Fantastic comfortable headphones, can be worn for hours per day with no problem. Not recommended for gym use if you sweat a lot as the moisture can make the headphones uncomfortable. Apart from that exceptional for home use.

Work well in a noisy environment because they are closed back. If you are in a quiet place then buy an open back design instead.

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