Sennheiser RS120 II RF Wireless On-Ear Headphone : Excellent bit of kit

Purchased this with fiio e06 portable headphone amplifier from amazon and has been the perfect purchase. I wish to listen to my movies at night, but living in a semi could make me quite unpopular. Nice sounding headphones easy to set up and are light and comfortable to wear. Just make sure the charging light is on when they are in the cradle as they don’t always seem to make contact. Very good quality for a reasonable price, further headsets are available if a friend wants to share the sound.

Easy to set up and very good to wear while watching tv (or at the computer) when you don’t want to disturb others. Also good when cooking as the sound is delivered directly to your ears (obviously) over and above cooking and other household noises (whereas with the ordinary radio, i’m forever turning it up and down). But don’t bend over to open the fridge etc or the headphone will fall off. – i deducted a ‘star’ for this. (if bending a lot, i just slip them around my neck and turn the vol up which is a bit more like having a transistor radio close by). The sound remains at a fairly constant quality up and down the house with only the odd bit of sudden interference (this probably varies according to what other electrical items are active). The on/off switch is tiny and the volume and tuning switches take a little while to get used to their location and use. But after a few goes, it is amazing what your fingers adjust to. I had a pair of these for 8 yrs or so before, but they got cracked and then i dropped them again right on the crack and they broke in half. I was very pleased to see them ‘on sale’ and have no regrets buying another pair (even though i think they make me look like a bit like a cyberman when wearing them due to their moderate bulkiness when compared to smaller on-ear headphones or in-ear earphones (the last not actually a fair comparison, of course).

I was worried about this purchase after reading a series of negative reviews. I haven’t had any major problems apart from the first attempt to use them. They seemed to be faulty on arrival as the transmitter wouldn’t not power on. Bizarrely after a minute or so the unit did power on and i could charge the headphones. Range is good, my tv is a about 8 metres away and no issues with sound. I occasionally get this hissing problem, if i pause a film for 20 minutes and the player goes into standby. The hissing sound goes away when i restart the film. I used the set for films, tv and xbox gaming (no mic) – connected into an onkyo receiver.

Bought these for my mum as she worries about having the tv on too loud. My dad already has a different model of sennheisers and they now share the transmitter so they can both watch the same program at different volumes. In my opinion these types of headphones blow bluetooth technology out of the water.

The good points are that the headphones are easy to set up and provide very clear audio when in use. The paperwork with the headphones includes a card with links to the sennheiser website where a short instructional video can be watched to make the set up easy. On the minus side, and as has been mentioned by others, the volume and tune controls are too close together and it is all too easy to knock the headphones off tune when trying to adjust the volume. A simple solution is to stick a piece of electricians tape over the tuning wheel to prevent it being inadvertently moved. I used black tape which blends in well with the black headphones. If you intend to use these headphones to watch tv the audio lead terminates in a mini jack that plugs into the headphone socket on the back of your tv. Depending on the model of tv you own, you are likely to find this disconnects the tv’s own loudspeakers. If others are also going to watch the tv you will need to use one of the work arounds. The mini jack can, instead of being plugged into the headphone socket, be connected to the rca audio out sockets via an adaptor. The sennheiser website video implies that this adaptor is supplied, but it isn’t.

I had read all the reviews before purchasing and expected to encounter all sorts of problems. All i can say is that they are perfect to attach to a samsung led tv using a proxima direct dac digital spdif to the headphones i went into a leading store where i bought the tv but they did not seem to know what to do so i worked it out myself from reading the reviews. I know that they are not the most expensive headphones but they are more than adequate for me.

These have made my tv watching equivalent to surround sound without disturbing neighbours. The sound is great, the charging stand is very well designed and the battery charge life is fantastic. The whingers who complain about the fiddly controls are just whingers would thoroughly recommend. 5 jack to phono connector, had to buy separately, even gizoo’s £9 battery wireless earphones include the adaptor, and if there is no signal for a couple of minutes they emit white noise. So put dvd on pause, leave earphones on go make a cup of tea in pure silence then without notice, bang, white noise. Think this may be a design facility to let you know you have left them switched on, but can be disturbing the first time it happens with the earphones on.

Idea for teh hard of hearing probably the only fault is the actual band is not adjustable and after wearing for couple of hours can feel very tight, maybe in time it will loosen and also probably depends on size of head. But just to be aware there is no band adjustment.

  • Within 2 minutes my life has changed!!!!!
  • Good quality headphones at a sensible price
  • Great for sharing a single transmitter.

Sennheiser RS120 II RF Wireless On-Ear Headphone with UK/Ireland Power Supply

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Within 2 minutes my life has changed. For years i have had to listen to the tv much louder than i would like because my husband said he couldn’t hear the tv. The last month had become unbearable as he needed the volume so high it hurt my ears and then when the adverts came on at a higher volume it was unbearable, even sitting in the next room with the door shut the tv was too loud. On receiving the headphones they were up and running within 2 minutes and my husband was delighted as he said the sound from them is better than the tv. I am also delighted as now we can watch the tv together and i can enjoy the tv at a normal level. Thank you so much sennheiser for an excellent product.

A bit noisy but very useful. A point to beware of is the confusing instructions for preparing the transmitter for use. The leaflet says “connect the mains unit to the socket at the rear of the transmitter. Plug the mains unit into the wall socket. The transmitter switches on and the on/off led lights up green. “i followed this process, along with all the preceding steps but the on/off led did nothing of the sort. It remained obstinately dark despite a good deal of plug wiggling and experiments with several different wall sockets. After returning the first one as faulty and finding the replacement did exactly the same i checked the senheiser setup video on youtube and here it is revealed that the green led is not a transmitter on/off indication at all but an audio signal present/not present indication. So ignore the on/off led, it may not light up green when you plug it in but persist and you might find the transmitter is secretly on just the same.

We used to have an older model which lasted 10+ years, and decided to replace with this one. Very happy so far, very easy setup and i like how it neatly recharges when the headphones are on the stand. The charging light remains on even when the batteries are fully charged, but you get about 18 hours use from a charge which is plenty. Very little ‘hiss’ and we’ve set it up in a room full of other electrical devices, so it’s performing well.

I bought it to replace the same product bought 5 or 6 years ago. I use the headphones several times everyday. The sound is excellent and the range remarkable working clearly at least 40m away in my garden. I was going to be churlish and only give it 4 stars but thought it would unfair. The weakness is in the mini jack that plugs into the earphone socket of your radio, tv etc. Because i switch between devices at least once a day the wire/jackplug connection became intermittant on my original set, hence the replacement. If this lead had a plug on each end instead of one end being hardwired into the senheisser transmitter i could have just bought a new lead.

The number of times i have had to throw them off because of the unexpected screeching ~ and i bought them so my neighbour wouldn’t be annoyed by my loud tv. Very sad i can’t master these headphones. Oh, and they do fall forwards as other people have said, so i put a bit of elastic across the back at earphone level and that works to some extent.

We live in a apartment and my husband has hearing problems, so the headphones are just wonderful. We have used these sennheiser headphones now for about 11 years. The quality is excellent, in fact we prefer listening to the tv and music through them as they are so good. We recommended them to a friend and she was highly delighted also.

Can be quite tricky to tune to the tv signal, and are sensitive to the user moving their position while wearing them. Also are effected by mobile phone incoming signals causing interferance, so keep your mobile phone well away from where you are sitting when using the headphones. However if you get them set up correctly they give good reception. The tuning and volume controls are small and fiddly, and would benefit from larger dials.

For me the flaw is in the large headband allows too much freedom of movement, its a bit too large for me. I am just a average guy, but i found without any adjustment of the generous headband that it kept slipping off my head far too often and far too easy for my liking. Only way to wear them was with the band right back on the head and that made them really uncomfortable against the flat padding for the ears. Sound quality was very good. These would have been great headsets had they fitted.

  • Within 2 minutes my life has changed!!!!!
  • Good quality headphones at a sensible price
  • Great for sharing a single transmitter.

Sennheiser RS120 II RF Wireless On-Ear Headphone with UK/Ireland Power Supply

I had bought a pair of wireless panasonic headphones that were able to pick up my neighbour’s television but struggled with my own. I bought the sennheiser rs120 ii headphones as a replacement half expecting the same problem of neighbour television interference but was very happy to find these offered crystal clear reception even when out of the room. The headphones were already tuned to the frequency of the base unit. Would recommend these headphones – especially if they’re half price like they are now.

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