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My rs130 wireless headphones which i bought in 2007 have now had their day, so decided to buy the rs175 as the rs130 were no longer available. What a disappointment, wonderful sound, couldn’t fault i, really comfortable to wear but the range????. I was able to use the rs130 phones all over my garden and there were only a couple of places where the sound cut out, but these new ones – can’t go 15 yds outside before the sound cuts out. Such a shame rs1130 are not available any more. Have contacted sennheiser but not had a reply. Am pretty surprised that at that price they are not up to standard.

Been pleased with these since i bought them on 23rd november 2015 (3 days out of warranty). Last night they decided to stop charging. Changed the batteries (fully charged) but still they are showing, by the red indicator light, that they needed charging and then cut out. No matter what i do, no success. I have checked numerous forums and thuis seems to be a common problem. Not what i would expect from something costing in excess of £150. Going to see if seinheiser are ameanable to honouring teh warranty.

Superb sound easy to set up and use worth the money.

Fantastic item – great sound quality and a good range of reception.

Still getting used to the buttons placement but the thing i actually don’t like it’s the low weight of the docking station. Its base is also very small so if’s easy to trip it over with the headphones weighting twice as much and quite tightly squeezing the station.

I wanted a pair of headphones that would be good for gaming but as i also use my pc for listening to music and watching movies i wanted something that would deliver great sound in those scenarios as well. I must say i’m very impressed all roundthe sound quality when listening to music is brilliant. I spent a few hundred quid on some serious floor standing speakers but i actually prefer listening to music through these. Plus i don’t annoy the neighbors anymore when the bass starts boomingi thought the surround feature would be useful for gaming but its a bit rubbish. It does add a bit a bit of distance to sounds but you lose far too much quality for my liking. It makes things sound a bit ‘tinny’. However, i downloaded razer synapse (works with 3rd party headphone) which provides software virtual 7. I must say it works brilliantly with these headphones.

Firstly, i already have a pair of bowers & wilkins p5 wireless bluetooth cans which can be truly awesome sounding beasts for playing music from the hi-fi at home or anywhere else. However, i found that using these b & w’s, the range of the bluetooth signal before sound cut-outs / drop offs occur, in my house at least, is abysmally short: sometimes shorter than 3. 5 metres which is very annoying. I therefore decided to try some rf wireless cans which manufacturer’s claim have a clearway range of up to 100 metres, so i purchased a pair of these sennheiser rs175’s based on that claim and the very favourable reviews they got here on amazon and other websites. Unfortunately, with these sennheisers, the sound cut-outs / drop offs are still happening in the same rooms of the house where the signal has too many obstacles/walls to contend with, although there is an improvement over bluetooth. If i’m wearing these cans say 3 metres from the transmitter, i have to keep my head in one direction to hear sound in some rooms or the garden. As for the sound quality, they are not too bad but are clearly made for people who watch tv, movies and play games rather than for serious hi fi music fans. The pseudo surround sound and bass boost features can make for exciting noises for your ears from any form of recorded sound. These headphones are very comfortable to wear. Overall, if you want a good sounding pair of wireless headphones for multi media generally, these may well meet your needs.

Excellent sound quality, easy to connect.

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Sennheiser RS175 Surround Sound Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Black & AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries [Pack of 8] – Packaging May Vary

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The first pair to arrive had an issue in that the red charging light never turned green even after 48hrs. I returned them for a replacement and can honestly say the sound quality is absolutely excellent, no problem at all with the replacement set.

Albums i’ve listened to for years are full of surprises i hadn’t heard before listening through these.

These do what the 165 didn’t. They allow my husband to hear the tv perfectly while we watch it at normal volume. The 165 were a waste of time.

Using on pc with optical output had many pc headsets like logitech astros corsair etc all have had mics but they lack in sound quality these however are on another level sound quality is far superior and now looking for a standalone mic to match the quality.

Fantastic product, excellent value. The headphones are easy to set up and the sound quality is amazing, i purchased the extra set of headphones and both work together from the one transmitter without any problems.

These are a great buy and well worth the money, i’ve been using them since early april 2019. They are easy to set up and after the initial charging, very easy to use. The sound quality is excellent and to be honest, it’s like having your own cinema experience at home. I used to buy the hd 65 set and i thought they were good, but these ones beat them hands down. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to use, i like that they enclose around my ears cutting any outside noise down and once you start your program or film, then that’s all you hear. Having the volume adjusters on the right side and bass boost choices, really help too and after recognising the symbols with your fingers are very easy to adjust. If you are looking for a good set at a great price, then look no further.

I’ve used rs120 headphones for around 11 years. The volume and stereo are now on their way out, so decided to upgrade to rs175. The 175 sound quality is fine, and the auto-tuning is great – for me this was the main issue with the 120, manual tuning with the dial right next to the volume control on the headphone. However, the charging is very fiddly on the 175 compared to the beautifully simple approach on the 120, and the power cable is much shorter on the 175, which is annoying as it meant having to relocate the base unit and associated equipment for no good reason except for cost saving. So the 175s sound better, but have lost some of the neatness and easy usage of the old 120s which seems strange given the extra cost in my opinion.

Top quality, tv at bedtime without waking up my gf.

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Sennheiser RS175 Surround Sound Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Black & AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries [Pack of 8] – Packaging May Vary

My earlier wireless sensitisers getting a little worn after 8 years i am very pleased i updated. Lightweight and comfortable. Surround mode very good for both tv and music. Only negative is they look a bit plastic but they are very light and easy to wear for long periods.

These headphones are excellent sound-wise. I can now hear tv sound without bothering with sub-titles. A downside is that for me they do make my ears hot after 30 minutes or so.

Simple to set up and use, comfortable on the head. I wear spec’s, and these headphones don’t crush the ear-loops against my head. The sound is good, and the range from the base charger unit to the headphones is more than enough for my needs.

Best earphones i’ve ever had.

Very little i can say about these other than:-absolutely fn excellent.

Class product and great sound.

Very good headphones, i can use them in my garden while i am working and anywhere in the house; also very comfortable.

It’s is a mammoth skull shaker. Thanks amazon for being there for us.

Bought for both tv and pc which are close together in my front room, it can be connected to both devices at the same time through different connections. Had it connected to my pc through the optical but after a few weeks it stopped working with the pc, have tried to get them working again but had no success so far, so for that im giving only 3 stars.

Have used these regularly for 10 months now. Good sound, good battery life, easy to pair and use. The headphones are comfortable too and shut out quite a lot of ambient sound. The only down side is that i paid about £220 to amazon. . Only for the price to be reduced reduced a week later by £100.

Simple, charge it, plug it in, set the tv to the right output channel, that is it, it then works superbly, great sound.

The ultimate headphones and worth every penny.

These are the best wireless headphones out there for under £500. Amazing technology for the money. My hi fi cost eight thousand quid,and these do it justice.

These are very comfortable on your ears and the sound is very good through them, wireless range is quite good too, easy to set up.

Sound quality is superb, range is incredible and they cancel out noise from your surroundings very well. Noise bleed is more than i would like from a closed back headphone, but the battery life and actually quite convincing virtual surround completely overshadow this. They feel very comfortable and the charging stand is ideal for a desk setup.

Very nice headphones with great bass. Comfortable and wireless too once you connect your sound source to the charging tower/amp thingy. Charges up fairly quick after the initial charge and lasts ages. First adjust the volume on your device before adjusting on the headphones to make sure it’s loud or quiet enough. My one issue is they feel a tiny bit plastic like when u feel them but you’re not really supposed to sit there feeling them i guess. Theyre also great for watching tv when the mrs is on the phone or p**nhub.

I love these headphones for what i use them for, which is not disturbing the whife when i am on the computer. Sometimes i will plug my phone into the base unit so i can listen to my music while doing chores. Great little unit, recommended,.

Build quality is ace, as one would expect from sennheiser. Hook it up to the tv with an optical cable and the sound is immense.

Features and Spesification

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  • Closed back headphones with digital wireless audio transmission
  • Digital audio clarity and transmission range up to 328 ft/100 m (line of sight)
  • Multi-purpose transmitter – functions as easy-charge cradle and docking station
  • Multi-receiver transmission – transmitter supports up to two pairs of headphones simultaneously
  • Pack of 8 AAA Alkaline 1.5 Volt Batteries
  • Improved anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition give the batteries a 10-year, anti-leak shelf life
  • Designed to provide reliable and lasting performance for both high and low drain devices
  • Unique Japanese technology enables better performance after storage, over-discharge, and high temperatures