Sennheiser RS175 Surround Sound Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – : Locate base unit away from tv!

Well its tricky to review these accurately as there are 2 main points. Firstly they do sound great, they really do. But the build quality and feel is really lacking. They feel so flimsy and cheap. The docking stand is all but hollow and falls over easily. For the price they should be considerably more sturdy and luxurious. I personally like the feel of wearing them but others that have tried them haven’t. Honestly if they jus felt and looked like high end headphones i would give them 5 stars.

These are the best wireless headphones out there for under £500. Amazing technology for the money. My hi fi cost eight thousand quid,and these do it justice.

Excellent sound quality, easy to connect.

Ordered these as my previous set expired a few months back after 7 years. Use them all the time to listen to the tv after the wife’s gone to bed, excellent sound and very comfortable for extended viewing. Maybe not the highest quality for hi if usage but as my hearing is poor i wouldn’t benefit from anything better.

Top quality, tv at bedtime without waking up my gf.

The first pair to arrive had an issue in that the red charging light never turned green even after 48hrs. I returned them for a replacement and can honestly say the sound quality is absolutely excellent, no problem at all with the replacement set.

My rs130 wireless headphones which i bought in 2007 have now had their day, so decided to buy the rs175 as the rs130 were no longer available. What a disappointment, wonderful sound, couldn’t fault i, really comfortable to wear but the range????. I was able to use the rs130 phones all over my garden and there were only a couple of places where the sound cut out, but these new ones – can’t go 15 yds outside before the sound cuts out. Such a shame rs1130 are not available any more. Have contacted sennheiser but not had a reply. Am pretty surprised that at that price they are not up to standard.

The sound quality is first class and they are comfortable to wear. Using these ensures no one else in the household is disturbed when the wearer is watching a war film on tv.

  • Great clear sound

Sennheiser RS175 Surround Sound Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Black

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Still getting used to the buttons placement but the thing i actually don’t like it’s the low weight of the docking station. Its base is also very small so if’s easy to trip it over with the headphones weighting twice as much and quite tightly squeezing the station.

Best thing i have ever brought off amazon. Booming bass, light weight, charging stand (but can still change batteries), but best of all zero back noise e. If tv is off or just no sound at all it is like the headphones are switched off, you get non of that hissing sound.

I wanted a pair of headphones that would be good for gaming but as i also use my pc for listening to music and watching movies i wanted something that would deliver great sound in those scenarios as well. I must say i’m very impressed all roundthe sound quality when listening to music is brilliant. I spent a few hundred quid on some serious floor standing speakers but i actually prefer listening to music through these. Plus i don’t annoy the neighbors anymore when the bass starts boomingi thought the surround feature would be useful for gaming but its a bit rubbish. It does add a bit a bit of distance to sounds but you lose far too much quality for my liking. It makes things sound a bit “tinny”. However, i downloaded razer synapse (works with 3rd party headphone) which provides software virtual 7. I must say it works brilliantly with these headphones.

Easy to understand and operate. Good quality sound and over ear.

Decent, not brilliant, i had the rs120(i’m bad with names) previously and was hesitant to order a new set as reviews didn’t mention the popping, static and stupid white noise after x minutes the old set did. I hoped they had fixed it and. The sound is much much cleaner, if sound source stops the headphones make no noise rather than loud static, the low battery noise is still horrible. It’s too loud and irritating when it suddenly beeps on you. Just let the batteries run out, the lack of sound is the best possible indicator the batteries are dead. The only minor quibble i have is, the velvet headphone covers from the last set were more comfortable and felt much nicer, and the old set had both batteries in one side so replacing the batteries was that much easier and quicker. Minor niggles really as they are still comfortable.

Been pleased with these since i bought them on 23rd november 2015 (3 days out of warranty). Last night they decided to stop charging. Changed the batteries (fully charged) but still they are showing, by the red indicator light, that they needed charging and then cut out. No matter what i do, no success. I have checked numerous forums and thuis seems to be a common problem. Not what i would expect from something costing in excess of £150. Going to see if seinheiser are ameanable to honouring teh warranty.

These are very comfortable on your ears and the sound is very good through them, wireless range is quite good too, easy to set up.

You can’t beat the sennheiser brand for performance, sound and quality and these ‘phones don’t disappoint. Once you’ve plugged everything into where it needs to go, these are a dream. The power/charging station is decent. You simply place the headphones on top and they charge. Anyone who’s ever used gaming headphones will appreciate how much you actually miss out on when you don’t wear any. These allow you to pick up even the smallest of background noise and give you a deeper all round experience when watching your favourite shows.

  • Great clear sound

Sennheiser RS175 Surround Sound Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Black

Expensive but excellent headphones, son wears these for surround sound gaming for many hours per day, but also very good for music. Lots of research done before taking the plunge on these , no regrets.

Absolutely brilliant set of headphones. I use them for 70 hours a week and these are very comfortable and the sound quality is perfect. Bass is great too for music. Only thing that is a bit unnecessary is the surround sound, but then just don’t use it if you don’t want to.Batteries are still going even after a 14 hour day too.

I bought these to block out noise from the road and the apartment above mine. Very good sound quality but the noise cancelling is not as good as i hoped. I have watched a few action movies which sound awesome (any star wars fans out there would be impressed). Bad thing is most noise can still be heard unless the volume is turned up pretty loud which is annoying. I would have researched for longer but i had to make a quick decision so i got these. I would definitely reccomend them though.

I have owned these headphones for several months now and i have to say i am completely satisfied with them. To put my praise in context – i use these headphones when i watch tv and don’t want to disturb other people in the house – i am not a high-end stereo buff. The thing i like about them is they are so easy to set-up and use – just plug them in and switch them on and they are working. There was no fiddling about tuning as there was with my old sonny headphones. The sound quality is good, and the surround sound works well. The headphones are solidly made and look as though they will give years of service. These headphones cost a lot more than my old sonny headphones, but its money well spent. I have heard these headphones don’t have the range of older wireless headphones, but they work everywhere inside my bog standard semi-detached house so that’s not a problem for me.

These smart looking and comfortable headphones have a quality feel, the sound is clear and accurate. I have enjoyed a good range of music through these and have been very satisfied with the quality of the sound, which has been crystal clear. They have worked perfectly, without the slightest of hissing or other interference, even when the base has been 4 mtrs away on the same floor, through two interior stud walls. This is about it’s limit though, the sound became intermittent at about 6 mtrs distance. Obviously, this is only a rough guide to distance, as other factors in a building will effect the distance the signal will travel. When the base unit is connected to a tv through the supplied digital optical cable, ( not when connected through the standard audio jack cable) it is possible to listen at a sound volume level though the headphones which is different and not effected by the volume controls of the tv. This keeps my partner happy as she likes quiet listening, i prefer a louder volume, especially for action music in films. The base and surround modes make movie watching a joy.

The best headphones that i have ever had, love the selection you have of volume, bass and two surround sound settings. The only downer and i am being very picky is to replace the headphones back onto the base for recharging can be a tad fiddly.

These do what the 165 didn’t. They allow my husband to hear the tv perfectly while we watch it at normal volume. The 165 were a waste of time.

Fantastic product, excellent value. The headphones are easy to set up and the sound quality is amazing, i purchased the extra set of headphones and both work together from the one transmitter without any problems.

I love these headphones for what i use them for, which is not disturbing the whife when i am on the computer. Sometimes i will plug my phone into the base unit so i can listen to my music while doing chores. Great little unit, recommended,.

Class product and great sound.

My earlier wireless sensitisers getting a little worn after 8 years i am very pleased i updated. Lightweight and comfortable. Surround mode very good for both tv and music. Only negative is they look a bit plastic but they are very light and easy to wear for long periods.

Fantastic item – great sound quality and a good range of reception.

Using on pc with optical output had many pc headsets like logitech astros corsair etc all have had mics but they lack in sound quality these however are on another level sound quality is far superior and now looking for a standalone mic to match the quality.

It’s is a mammoth skull shaker. Thanks amazon for being there for us.

I wrote a five star review based on the superb quality of the headphones. I would like to add two further things which might help others in their choices. My wife goes to bed earlier than i so i am now able to listen as loudly as i wish to the noisy films without a sound escaping and waking her. Furthermore, i was worried to read a review which said that the charging pins on the stand are so small it is difficult to engage them. I have found it extremely easy to find the correct charging position every time i have replaced them so please do not be put off. I have found nothing to their detriment and can wholeheartedly commend these headphones to anyone without any reservation whatsoever.

Head lots of interference problem at first but completely resolved problem by fixing a shelf on the wall above tv which gives perfect reception to two headsets simultaneously in use. Really excellent quality since making this change.

Best earphones i’ve ever had.

Simple, charge it, plug it in, set the tv to the right output channel, that is it, it then works superbly, great sound.

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