Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Open Circumaural Over-Ear Headphone : One of the best headphones I’ve ever used

This is high-end wireless headset designed to fully integrate with your home entertainment system. Both the headphones and wireless transmitter which also works as a charging and docking station looks smart and modern. With inputs and outputs including rca analogue, coaxial, and digital inputs (pink) / output (green), the transmitter can be used with tv, hi fi, mp3 players/phones (anything with a headphone socket) and pcs/computers, making this a very versatile piece of entertainment kit. With all these inputs and outputs, the set comes with all the cables and adapters you need, all of which feels like good quality, this is important as it can have an imperative impact on the reproduction of sound. The transmitter has touch sensitive buttons which are smart looking and responsive, they include options for selecting the sound source, charging and battery indicator, volume and power. All options are also conveniently available on the headset with raised buttons for easy recognition via touch, in addition to this you can also adjust the balance control. I couldn’t really figure out the impact of balance control, but what i did find was that the volume is ultimately controlled by the headphones and not the sources. This means you won’t be unexpectedly blasted in the ear, which is a really good safety feature. The headphones will also bleep if you have reached the max volume so you don’t end up overcompensating by pressing `volume up’. Having the ability to select the source is a really good feature, because it means you can find a permanent home for the transmitter and have everything plugged in at the same time.

Having previously owned and reviewed the sennheiser hd598 and sennheiser hd700, i was not expecting much. But i was very pleasantly surprised when i listened to the rs220. They are much better sounding than the other two sennheiser headphones i mentioned. The rs220 headphones have the same driver as the renowned hd600 and it really shows in the quality of the sound. In fact, these are so good that they have made me want to buy the hd600 now. They are as good as my other good headphone, the philips fidelio x2, but in a different way. The rs220 are quite neutral sounding compared to the x2. I really appreciate that the vocals are not recessed like they are on the philips. Overall, these are nothing like as dull and boring as the hd598 and hd700. The sound is engaging and neutral.

These headphones are very very good, and it’s great being wireless, and not having to take them off every time you get up and move about. They work fine throughout my flat. I’ve only had these one day so they’re not run in yet, but what i hear so far is very good and will only get better as time goes on. I would have given these 5 stars, but, after having them on for a couple of hours i find that where the pads are in contact with my head it becomes rather itchy and very warm and i feel like taking them off for a while, maybe they are a bit on the tight side, but hopefully they might loosen up a bit. So all in all i’m very pleased with the sound of them but comfort wise not so, especially as they where so expensive.

I really wanted to love these, but it wasn’t to be. As an owner of a pair of sennheiser rs170 wireless headphones, which although not perfect i rate very highly, i had expected the rs220’s to be real a step up, but it’s been more one step forward, one step back. Once the hardware has been wrestled out of sennhesier’s typically tight packing, first impressions are very good. Everything looks and feels very high quality. Some cables are included – an analogue rca, and a digital coaxial – but no optical cable, which of course is the one i needed. Set up is pretty straight forward, but unlike most headphones where you plug them (or their base-station) into the usual headphone jack, these are designed to sit in the chain. So in my case: ps3 (optical out) >rs220 base >av amp. In use the audio quality is excellent, a real improvement over the rs170’s for music. You can really pick out all detail in a song with these things on. Movies and games are equally impressive – but the lack of any surround sound emulation is disappointing.

I am a self-confessed sennheiser fan having been using headphones from all across their range for nearly 20 years, as well as buying them as gifts for others. I recently acquired, and gave a hard-earned 5* review to, some momentum on-ear. My `hi-fi’ merits the name and i love collecting high quality recordings in lossless formats to take advantage of it. Suffice to say i love listening to detailed music on revealing and unbiased equipment. I am not a fan of `bass boost’, `noise cancellation’ (in most of its guises anyway) or other manipulation of my sound. If i want to keep out the noise or keep my listening to myself, i use my trusty sennheiser hd280pros (another set i’d give 5* to) and these now live at my office driven by a meridian explorer usb dac (5* too) on my laptop. But i’ve not had particularly favourable experiences of wireless phones in the past. The analogue wireless ones (even from senn) often suffer from hiss/crackle from interference and, as the units warm up on your head, they can also lose their frequency stability and drop out. These headphones are by far the best wireless phones i’ve ever listened to. They sound absolutely fantastic to my ears.

Having been a fan of sennheiser for many years and an owner of several mid-range wired headphones from sennheiser, my expectations were high when i opened the box. First impressions are very good – the breadth of connections available is superb: digital audio, rca stereo connectors (with a 3. 5mm converter if required) and a digital coax connector. Cables are included which makes a welcome change and they are a reasonable length. The connectors plug into the back of the stand and you can therefore have three sources connected. For my test, i used the tape monitor output on my denon amplifier as i found the sound far superior to using the headphone socket (as i would have expected). The headphones then sit on the stand to charge and you simply remove them to use as required. There are two sets of controls on the headphones: volume and source. One thing that i immediately noticed is the headphones are nice and large. I have a rather large head and generally find (with sennheiser being better than most) that the headphones don’t quite fit – this time, not an issue.

I’ve had these for about a month and have only had one set of wireless headphones before – a phillips set from about 10 years ago. The philllips headphones were actually quite good but these are superb. I didn’t like the idea of a wired set. So wireless phones were the way forward. These reproduce musc very much as i like – not too heavy on the ear. Lots of detail without being too warm. They do qualify as warm – but anything less may not suit headphones imo. I guess it depends what you want from them. They fulfill what i needed and some. Clear, detailed but not bright.

  • One of the best headphones I’ve ever used
  • Brilliant and wireless !
  • One step forward, one step back

Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Open Circumaural Over-Ear Headphone (discontinued by manufacturer)

Product Description, Superior quality and sound
RS 220 Digital Wireless Headphone System, The RS 220 delivers an uncompressed high-fidelity sound performance equivalent to audiophile wired headphones. Comprising of a pair of open, ‘around-the-ear’ wireless headphones and a sleekly-designed transmitter, this headphone system allows you the freedom to listen to your music or TV at home, without the restrictions of a cable.
The 2.4 GHz wireless link between the transmitter and headphone allows for an interference-free and uncompressed transmission over distances of up to 100 metres (line-of-sight). With rechargeable, integrated batteries, you can enjoy up to eight hours of audiophile listening on a single charge. The plug-and-play nature of the RS 220 allows for fast and simple connections to either analogue or digital cable inputs.
The headphone itself comes in a modern, ergonomic design, offering a luxurious and secure fit. In addition, you can simultaneously connect four pairs of headphones to the same transmitter if you wish to listen with other companions. The transmitter also functions as an ‘easy-charge’ cradle and dock.
Relax – no wires to trip over Sit back and enjoy superb clarity of sound

  • Uncompressed musical enjoyment
  • Total freedom of sound, stylish design and maximum comfort
  • ‘Open’ acoustical design for maximum performance
  • No set-up required, just plug and play
  • Learn more about the RS 220,

    The RS 220s easily meet the challenge of delivering audiophile sound in a wireless format. After a full day’s wireless operation the headphones can be recharged by simply placing back on the cradle.


    • High-end digital wireless headphone system – for uncompressed stereo sound and freedom from cumbersome cables
    • The overall sound is clear, detailed and of neutral character – but also with a lively element and superb low and high extensions
    • Open, ‘around-the-ear’ design – for a natural listening experience and maximum comfort (keeping your ears cool)
    • Handles multiple inputs – at the back of its transmitter base are connections for – stereo phono, optical and coaxial. LEDs on the front show you which is connected. It’s easy to integrate into an existing set-up
    • All functions including source, volume, left and right balance and on/off can be controlled from the headphone
    • Range up to 30 m indoors and 100 m (line of sight) outdoors from the sound source
    • Ergonomic, adjustable headband – for an excellent secure fit
    • Multi-purpose transmitter – it functions both as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and as a docking station
    • Extremely comfortable and luxurious velour ear pads
    • Up to four people can listen simultaneously with optional headphones and a single transmitter
    • Rechargeable, (2 x AAA batteries included) – 16 hours to fully charge, with 6–8 hours of listening time
    • Did you know?,

      The transmitter’s front has touch sensitive controls that turn the set on and off and switch the input.

      There’s one analogue and two digital inputs built into the transmitter, allowing you to connect three audio sources and switch between them, and LEDs show you clearly which is connected. Each type of connection offers both an input and output, letting the transmitter function as a pass-through for when you’d rather use a traditional amplifier and speaker system (so you don’t have to disconnect the cables or change your set up).

      The RS 220 also has a very smart approach to battery charging. A rechargeable AAA battery slots into a hidden cavity at the top of each ear cup, and they start charging as soon as you put the headphones back on the transmitter. Small metal contact panels on each side of the headband match up with corresponding panels on the transmitter to charge them whilst keeping them stored out of the way and ready for use.

      Sennheiser recommends this headphone for…,

      … those who wish to listen in quiet environments where there are no issues with sound leakage or external noise. Perfect for late-night movie watching or cranking up those old CDs! Ideal for headphone users who are looking for a pair of wireless headphones offering audio quality on-par with audiophile wired headphones.


      For home use only. Universal connections – one analogue input and output, 1 x digital coaxial input and output, 1 x optical input and output.

      Box Contains,

      1 HDR 2201 TR 2202 rechargeable batteriesWall mounted power supply with 4 adaptors (UK, US AUS & EU) Audio cable – analog (RCA), digital coaxial

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      • One of the best headphones I’ve ever used
      • Brilliant and wireless !
      • One step forward, one step back

      Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Open Circumaural Over-Ear Headphone (discontinued by manufacturer)

      Features and Spesification

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      • Flagship open, around-ear digital wireless headphone with outstanding uncompressed digital audio transmission
      • Transmitter features one analog audio input
      • Range of up to 100 m (line of sight) from sound source and up to 30 m indoors
      • Power on/off, balance control and volume control integrated on headphones
      • Multi-purpose transmitter which also functions as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking station