Sensio Home Steama Food Steamer | 3 Tier Electric Food Steamers – Best steamer ever

A great deal of thought went into a simple kitchen appliance. Compared to my old out of date steamer, this is brilliant to use and looks great.

A good, sturdy product, bigger than i expected. I was attracted by the clips and talk of less water drip. I’ve only used it twice so far but i have to be honest, the clips are a bit of a pain. Very fiddly and you have to get their positioning just right for cooking. I really like it but i don’t love it.

Love my new steamer easy to use love the fact you can lock the layers in place and you can use the layers any way you want too. My old steamer which i have had for over 10 years you had to use layers in same order or they wouldn’t fit together. I would recommend this steamer to everyone.

After i realised my mistake by inserting the extra base tray. – (though to be fair to me, the instructions were not at all clear). . And, once my daughter had reread the instructions and we realised what i had done (the carrots and peas were eventually boiled by me so that my grandson did have something to eat on his arrival from italy). Pun on purposeshe has a super-duper moulinex steamer at home but thought this one was amazing. . Mostly because she was able to cook 3 different vegetables at the same time. She’s now going to try and buy one when she gets back to italyi am soooooo deeeelighted with my sensio home steama. Had actually thought i was going to have to repackage and send back because of my mistake.

Great product love the way the baskets clip together. Food tastes so much better than boilingdrip tray to catch all the flavours for the gravyso easy to clean and store.

It’s not only a steamer but also stores food safely in fridge .

Had to buy a replacement for my very old steamer as the plastic was brittle after years of usage. Looked at other brands and found that most of the current steamers have very flimsy plastic trays/ tiers etc. And they cost a lot of money. Spotted the steamer and liked the idea of 60 day trial. Love the clips for storing the food for steaming in the fridge until you need it. You must member to release the clips while the steamer is working though. Very sturdy opaque plastic which will stand up far better to washing in dishwasher than any of the other brands i have seen recently. I will have to readjust my timings as the new machine is much faster than my old one but that is no hardship. Easy to wash in dishwasher as well.

Great steamer but baskets are brittle. The first one arrived with a hole in the top basket. Returned to seller with no issues at all, great service. Second one received in perfect condition but upon first use one of the baskets took a gentle knock and again broke, very fragile. We now have one less basket to use but as they are large baskets we are managing with it ok.

Hmmm, i find that the vegetables in this take such a long time to cook. It took 35 mins to cook broccoli, carrots, and they were still quite hard. I like my veg aldenti but to be honest i find that the steamer that goes on top of my stove is so much quicker, 10 mins and done. Also this product creates so much steam, it went all over my kitchen cupboards. I am afraid its now in a cupboard and not been used since. May take it to a charity shop. To much hassle to send back.

Love how the trays can be used in any order, rather than many steamers having a stack of trays that get smaller. The draining tray makes it so easy to move about without spilling hot water everywhere. The holes are quite large, smaller veg will fall through but the seal when in use ensures efficient steaming. By far the best steamer i’ve ever used.

Have used now for over three months almost daily. Plastic quality good to handle coping with high steam heat not brittle. In the beginning lid was slighty twisting but easy to fix simply clip down when first steaming for three minutes and sorted. Do not keep lid clipped down as advised in instructions. Timer markings are difficult to see but when steaming regularly you turn dial to usual place imagining clock face not a problem. Having seen other steamers at work think this one the best. Regularly steam 400g plus veg for one and enjoy result although huge dinner.

Pleased, looks good on the work surface. Only gripe is the timer dial isn’t clear, i need a small torch to set the timer.

I’ve tried lots of different makes of steamer and this compares well to most even though it looks very different. It fits and locks together well. It seems to be well made and certainly did a good job on our sunday vegetables.

Excellent, purchased this as my old steamer (different make) was quite furred up, used it several times now and i am very pleased with the results.

Perfect steamer for the family homeafter reading through hundreds of reviews for lots of steamers we ended up with this one & it’s fabbrought it to steam all my daughters veg as we’ve started to wean her & i wish i had brought one sooner. We steam mainly veg, fruit & potatoes but they come out tasting delicious, far better that boiling. So easy to use & quick to wash up. I hand wash mine as we only have a slimline dishwasher, just be careful when drying as the containers can slightly bend a little out of shape but goes straight back to normal after.

Arrived quickly and has been used almost daily for a couple of months. Slightly slower to cook than our old tefal one, but the trays are better quality than the tefal and will definitely last longer. Also the click-together design means it seals well and very little steam leaks out into the room.

Love this steamer, hardly any steam out put when steaming, the one i had before this made my kitchen like a sauna so very very happy now, more solid than my last one also, love how they all clip together for storage etc, would highly recommend this product.

I used the steamer for the first time tonight and i have to say i’m delighted with it. Very easy to use and makes food really fast. You don’t have to use all three layers and the fact that they are microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe is a bonus. I would recommend this steamer to anyone with no hesitation.

It’s so good easy to use good sturdy steamer basket are just the right size for 2 people very sturdy handles so feels very safe and easy to remove from base to serve food out off can’t fault is.

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  • Love how the trays can be used in any order
  • Steamer
  • Brilliant steamer