Sentik ® Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine Home – Office : I found this coffee machine is easy to use but most importantly of all makes lovely

Fantastic, nice sized, for a quick fresh cup of ground coffee. Had a similar sized one for 25+yrs which packed up. This is brilliant can make up to 4 espressos or 2 mugs for coffee latte and milk frother works great. Style of machine looks good, along with the rest of my stainless steel kettle and toaster and not cumbersome like some of the well known makes.

First impression was did not look very substantial but actually it works well, good value for money.

This was an affordable machine that delivers the best quality coffee. I am very impressed with this product.

Jug broke but was quickly rectified a new one was sent, can’t fault that, and great coffee maker.

A good enough bit of kit, but one thing not included in the instructions and that is essential if you want hot espresso; warm the carafe and cup before turning the machine on. I fill the carafe and cup with hot water and empty the carafe and put it under the funnel just before the coffee is about to come out. You can tell by the noise when this is about to happen.

Nice small coffee maker,worth it,good quality.

Despite some mixed reviews (indicating leaks) – i have never had a problem and the ‘frothing mechanism’ is excellent. A coffee made and enjoyed at home – but with the same feel as if bought from a coffee shop(no queues, over-priced pastries or miserable baristas either)would highly recommend.

Great little machine, have been using it steady since we purchased, would recommend, so good so far.

  • Excellent little machine, great latte – first attempt!
  • Coffee maker
  • essential instruction for good espresso

Sentik® Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine Home – Office (Silver)

Indulge in a perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte in the comfort of your own home with this stylish 800W espresso machine from Sentik. Capable of making four espresso cups (240ml) of coffee in as little as five minutes, the modern stainless steel design will add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. Its single illuminated dial is easy to use and its 3.5bar working pressure is ideal for rich tasting coffee – there’s even a frothing function for making delicious cappuccinos and lattes. The drip tray, filter holder and filter can be removed for cleaning. Measures W32 x L20 x H33cm

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The worst excuse i have ever seen for a coffee machine it came in a plain box no safety standard codes i didn’t dare plug it in in case it blew up and to add insult to injury it cost me £13 to send it back it should not be on sale dangerous .

Excellent product and delivery.

I found this coffee machine is easy to use but most importantly of all makes lovely cappuccino. I didn’t find it a problem measuring the water as i used the graduated jug provided before it was filled with coffee that soon filters through.

Makes excellent expresso so you can develop to latte or capuchin et al to order. If i have a slight criticism (which is not insurmountable) the barista (steam jet) is on the left-hand side. Now i’m right-handed and sometimes get in a tangle when heating the milk. Would have been 5 stars but for this.

Really good little coffee maker.

Hi,works fine, quick delivery, the only missing items is it does not state the guarantee life of the product within the users instructions please would you provide this information my return.

It’s a lovely little machine, and easy to understand.

Makes a good cup of fresh coffee.

  • Excellent little machine, great latte – first attempt!
  • Coffee maker
  • essential instruction for good espresso

Sentik® Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine Home – Office (Silver)

Ok not bad but makes a great cup of coffiee.

This was bought as a gift but looks brilliant.

Most definitely worth the money for what it does. Easy to use and produces good coffee. I’m also very impressed with the milk frother.

Love the machine, perfect for making just one cup of coffee. Excellent service from e-bargains. Totally recommend for any coffee lover.

Looks good -is a present so have not used it yet.

Really easy to use looks great makes really good coffee.

Reasonably priced, works really well.

This is a well working coffee machine that makes good expresso coffee quickly from ground coffee. The trick – as is usually with similar systems – is to avoid over-packing it with the ground coffee (water will have trouble getting through), not to overfill the water tank (it will just leak cold water through your ground coffee) and to properly tighten the cap. The machine creates high pressure steam so it’s important to keep the top cap tightly sealed. All systems i’ve seen use a seal or gasket to achieve this. The seal in this system is unfortunately not a simple ring of rubber (that would be easy to replace), instead it’s a complex circular shape and is made of silicone. Silicone is soft and provides a good seal but is destroyed much faster than rubber gaskets. As i have not been able to get hold of a spare gasket/seal for this system, it became junk after about ~200-250 runs, or about 10-11 months of use.

Bought as a christmas present, machine didn’t come in the box as advertised – came in a horrible plain white box.

Instructions good be made a little bit clearer, one of a number of faults is clearly water tank not visible as amount of water in tank you have to use water glass in hope you do not over fill clearly not satisfactory, control unit should have a better point of just ware each system starts (stops)most clearly due the price and a lot of effort is a fairly good buy.

I am very impressed with the performance of this machine, and i hope it stands the test of time, it makes very good espresso coffee, latte and capuccino, rapidly and very quietly unlike the racket of pump action machines. Weighing the pros and cons, it is very good value for money. Having said that, a couple of things one needs to know. The brand name does not appear in the front as in the illustration, i have no worries about this but it makes me wonder if it is a fake or counterfeit. The instructions are dreadful and there is no manufacturer name or service phone number where you can phone for spares or service, i verified this with the seller as i wanted to buy a spare glass jug, he apologised for not offering or stocking any spares, so you can buy it as a throw away machine when it fails. You can however buy a spare glass jug to keep in case it breaks, look online for a “glass jug for a delonghi bar 4fe/81se coffee maker” in amazon and it fits. One last important point, never put the filter holder in the dishwasher as it is aluminium alloy, the chrome coating will disappear exposing the bare aluminium to contaminate your coffee and leave your dishcloth grey and black from the residue. I am happy, my previous similar steam pressure machine lasted me 17 years, this is a good machine, and remember there are plenty of machines there for upwards of £200, so at this price you have to expect to get what you pay for in a number of ways.

The coffee machine has finally stopped working after14 months, having given some service and also some problems. We did not descale the machine until recently which proved too late to save it. Maybe regular descaling would have made it last longer.

Great price for an attractive product that gets the job done. I’ve read a few reviews saying these had problems after a while but i’ve been using it most days, sometimes more than once, for over two months without a problem.

Awesome little coffee machine.

Looks good but as it is a christmas present not tried it yet.

Pretty fiddly and i think it slightly burns the coffee, but surprisingly sturdy construction for the price, and the steamer works very well.

It looked good, but have not used it myself as a present for my father.

How like and can drink one strong cofee evri morning.

Features and Spesification

  • 3.5 bar working pressure – Single-knob control for function switching, on and off
  • Carafe with water level gauge
  • Frothing function for making cappuccinos
  • Removable and washable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Size: 20mm (w) x 200mm (l) x 332mm (h)