Sephra Classic 18″ Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain – Easy to set up and use – a great hit !

This was first time use of the chocolate fountain. No problems at all with setting up or running the chocolate through. Used sephras own make chocolate that was heated in the microwave following instructions. Did need to ‘burp’ the fountain just once, but then chocolate ran smoothly. Was a great hit with the family at our xmas party. Put the left over chocolate in plastic tubs in the cupboard (apparently fridge makes it sweat and go white ) – hoping it will be reusable for next event in a few months time as was a lot left. Cant review on the noise level as the party was in full swing – but did not hear the motor when up close. No problems cleaning , poured out remains and then used kitchen towel for the bowl and hot soapy water for removable sections. Would highly recommend this product for large gatherings – but did wonder if i should have bought two smaller sized – then could have had 2 different chocolates on the go .

Used for our 25th anniversary party. Holds loads of chocolate and was able to keep on for 4 hours.

Much better then hiring one and a customer service is good.

Solid, quality machine which can take 2. I just pour the choc chips into the tray, turn on, melt for a couple of hours then turn on the pump. It has coped with a group of 40, but could be used for smaller numbers too. All the parts go in the dishwasher after a rinse (the chocolate is very greasy) and the bowl is easily washed with hot soapy water. You can melt the chocolate separately and keep it topped up for larger groups. Fantastic investment for a girls’ boarding house and saturday night treat with fresh fruit.

We have used it a few times for kids parties and it was well received.

I looked into hiring a chocolate fountain for my engagement party and the prices were pretty over the top. I thought its best to invest and buy one myself. I had the joy of setting up the chocolate fountain table, with strawberrys and sweets etc. The guests absolutely loved it. The kids were pretty much drinking from it. Its easy to set up, melt the chocolate and to clean afterwards. Initially i thought maybe it would be too small but this was easily enough for a party of 45 guests. Just a warning, the kids will get messy.

This is a great fountain quiet and separate heating and fountain controls would easily suit a 20-40 persons party full up with chocolate.

This was one of my finest buys. I chose it as a gift for myself, paid for by my husband for my 50th birthday party. Everyone loved it (especially the children) the belgian chocolate melted in the base, stayed warm and flowed really well. The chocolate itself was divine. I had read a review that oil was needed to make the chocolate flow. I just emptied the chocolate chips into the base, turned it on and away we went. A great buy and great value for money.

It was a great novelty at a recent kids party, it took two bags of belgian chocolate but this lasted the entire party, any remaining chocolate was used to make rice krispie buns. Tip* have a large basin of hot water and washing up liquid to soak the parts the minute you’re finished with it. You can’t wash the chocolate down drains so you need to tip the water in the garden.

Difficult to get it started, to form a proper curtain of chocolate really needs to be full to brim. Kids and grandparents alike love it when the curtain isn’t perfect it can be used as a fondue. Melted chocolate always a winner.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic
  • Get this one, a quality product !
  • Very steady to set up and kids love it!