Severin CM 2198 Crêpe-Maker : Five Stars

Bought as a christmas present for my wife. Don’t look at me like that, she had it on her wish list. Really does make cooking the perfect crepe a doddle. We made our “pancakes” using this on shrove tuesday.

Had family over for lunch and decide to do some blueberry pancakes after. I was able to stand and talk with the family while making them at the dining end of the kitchen and the family were served hot, fresh pancakes straight from the pan. It is very responsive, turns temperature up or down very fast, gets omeletes, eggs, drop scones done lovely.

You can tell when first using this product it is not the most well built piece of equipment but it does the job and it hasn’t failed me yet, definitely worth the money. The heat slider at the front is a little iffy, best get it where you want it and leave it there for the rest of time, i found around 4 did my crepe mix well, and 4 it shall stay. You may also want to turn it on, let it heat up, clean it off then use it properly, gets rid of that dusty/electric smell.

Just used my pancake maker last night and it lives up to its reputation, brilliant.

I bought two of these, they are both very good but one came with a small chip in the top of the non stick surface.

One week in from purchase – absolutely brilliant. The kids have even mastered the art of crepe making too. This machine has really been put through its paces this week with friends visiting – theyve gone home to buy one now.

I bought this as a present for my 16 year old daughter’s birthday. It is very easy to use and creates evenly cooked crepes of drop pancakes. I visited paris soon after i had given this to her, and bought a brilliant tefal crepe turner, the one provided is a bit too thick.

The product very good and it does heat very quick and make good pancake, but the spatula no use at all far to thick. Would recommend the product.

  • More than just crepes
  • Severin Crepes Maker
  • Great Crepe maker

SEVERIN CM 2198 Crêpe-Maker

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We enjoy crepes bought from festival stalls and am hopeless at cooking pancakes in frying pan at home. The crepes this makes aren’t as big as the crepes you buy at festivals, but they are still dinner plate size, and so larger than a frying pan pancake. A tiny little booklet gives the crepes recipe, which is different to a pancake recipe, and you have to let it stand for an hour before using it, but it works really well. It is tricky to do the swirly thing, that is obviously a skill to acquire, but even after only having used it twice i am getting better at it. The wooden implements supplied are fine for swirling and flipping, best to soak them in water before use, stops the crepes sticking.

I had a few concerns : maybe too small/ not enough power / brand and in the end i am using it for few years now and still do once a week for pancake or other flat cooking. I am really happy about it and the regulator looks to be cheap but it works great depending on the hit you want to put. I will buy it again as i have only used a different brand at a friend place but was not as much pleased and it was more expensive.

Makes great crepes without the need to use messy greasing first. Cleans easily and heats quite fast.

Simple to use, no sticking of the crepe, takes less than two mins to make one, easy to clean, wish i had purchased one sooner. Great little machine with no lights and bells, just an on off switch, temp control and a plug. Wooden utensils included that do the job just fine.

Great item, good price and excellent quality. I am oppening a business and i got these.

This crepe maker is excellent – simple to use, quick, simple to clean with a basic easy to follow tasty recipe. Spreading the mixture onto the hot plate takes a bit of practice but at least it has sides to stop the drips. The only bonus would have been a ladle or small measuring cup to know the right amount of mixture to pour to make the perfect crepe, however it’s not rocket science. Level 4 heat works best for me.

This crepe maker is very easy to use the the crepe and omelettes off it are amazing very happy with our purchase.

Great product, easy to use and to clean.

  • More than just crepes
  • Severin Crepes Maker
  • Great Crepe maker

SEVERIN CM 2198 Crêpe-Maker

Highly recommendedexactly as described in the advert & exceeds expectation in terms of appearance & robustness & cannot fault it for the money paid.

I got this for other things besides crepes. It is neat, compact & lightweight. I do scotch pancakes, or bigger american pancakes. It heats up quite quickly & there is a bit of trial and error to get the best temperature for whatever i’m doing, but once that’s sorted i know what heat i want in future. The utensils that come with it are really complimentary & the wood in time will get rough & scratch the surface, so i purchased a ‘profi plus crepe dough distributor’, from amazon, which works well & you don’t get sticking problems with it. I got a swedish spatula that’s specifically for crepes from my local cookshop as amazon didn’t have what i wanted. With crepes & pancakes i scrunch a piece of greasproof paper & with a little vegetable fat on it, i give a quick, light swipe over the top.

Bought this as a gift for three grandchildren rather than easter eggs as they all love pancakes. Rating on one i bought a while ago for other grandchildren and who have had great use from it.

Can put anything with them chocolate banana syrup lemon juice or just sugar for a fantastic pudding or snack. Quick delivery great gift idea.

Came on time, didn’t expect it to be that big.

This is very handy for parties and whatever- not great to keep clean – but works well and proves very useful as an item.

Features and Spesification

  • Non-stick coated crêpes pan, Ø approx. 30 cm
  • With wooden spatula and wooden crêpes turning stick
  • High-quality plastic housing
  • Variable thermostat
  • On/Off switch