Severin Induction Milk Frother 700 ml – My frothy coffee has been immeasurably improved!

Not having used a milk frother before, very pleased with results but heat setting could be a little higher for my liking.

I bought this item because i recently purchased a stovetop espresso maker and needed something to heat and froth milk (i don’t own a microwave). I went for this as it seemed good quality, it had great reviews and i thought an induction heater would help prevent milk burning to the container like other milk heaters and so make it really easy to clean. It has exceeded all my expectations:+ stylish design+ not too big (about the size of a standard kettle)+ quiet during operation (one reason i bought this was after sending back a horrendously noisy bean-to-cup machine and this runs very quietly indeed at 6:30am)+ very easy to use; switch it on, press one button to select temperature, hit the start button, that’s it. + very easy to clean – all i tend to do is run it under the tap, all the milk residue comes off, job done – that simple (the only time there is ever slight residue needing a washing up brush is if i heat the max amount of milk without the frother head). You can even put in dishwasher, but tbh even that is overkill. + heats quickly; 2-4mins depending on quantityone thing i did spend some time deciding between was this size and the smaller size – i am really glad i went for the bigger size:+ minimum froth amount is 100ml – just the right amount for one person if using an espresso machine+ max amount if frothing is about right for two large cappuccinos if also using an espresso machine+ max amount if not frothing can get me 4 latte’s if used in combo with a 9-cup bialetti stovetop espresso machine+ this machine is only a little wider/deeper than the smaller version and a bit taller so it uses as much counter-space so makes sense to have more capacity (right?)+ this machine has adjustable temperature, the other does not, i find that with a very hot espresso 60 degrees is just right so nice to have that optioni have read one or two reviewers saying it doesn’t make it quite hot enough. I honestly have not found this a problem. I like hot drinks and find if the max setting of 65 degrees for hot milk is just about sippable – if you add a very hot espresso to that for a nice coffee then it is too hot for me and i turn it down to 60. Overall, this isn’t a cheap machine but it is super easy, really nice quality and just works.It is so much easier than fiddling around with a steam pipe and combined with a stovetop espresso maker is ideal for great lattes and cappuccinos.

Good, strong and solid quality. Does exactly what is says on the tin.

I am not normally too fussed about kitchen appliances, but i have grown to really like this device. It has a solid dependable feel, is simple to use (and to clean), and makes perfect frothy milk every time. All you do is put the milk in and turn it on. It gives a discreet beep when your milk is ready. So much easier to use than trying to use the steam pipe poking out of my coffee maker. It was a bit expensive, but i have a feeling it will grace my kitchen for many years.

In my opinion this is the best milk frother/heater on the market. I previously had a similar product from dualitt but capacity was tiny. But what makes this product superior to any other is how easy it is to clean.

The product is excellent, i’ve wanted it for ages to make chai tea and it’s brilliant for that and others.

So pleased we purchased as gives us a lovely cup of coffee everyday. Don’t like ground coffee so would not purchase ground coffee machine with frother machine included so this is perfect to froth and heat milk. You start off just warming milk then add your coffee by removing small inner section of lid, and if you fancy as a treat some baileys, then raise your temparature up to 65 degrees and provides you with a perfect cup of frothy coffee. Easy to clean and also dish washer safe.

Have quite a good expresso maker but it can be a bit of a pain when frothing milk. There is always a bit of splashing and it is a pain to remove the rubber cover from the frother then flush out the wand. Looked at several frothers but all suffered from low capacity or were difficult to clean. Fully automatic, whisk held by magnets and heating carried out by induction. Perfect every time and very easy to clean. It is expensive but it looks like it will last for years and has that ‘apple’ feeling of quality. If you buy a frother that has drawbacks, after the novelty wears off, it will end up not being used. This is a joy to use and i am sure it is the best one out there.

Well worth the money german made does everything it says temp. Settings are great you get a nice warm cupful of frothy milk large capacity is also great.

Quiet and produces good fine froth.

Do be sure to use either whole or fresh semi skimmed milk however – something to do with the protein.

This product has a large capacity, excellent ‘kitchen to table’ quality materials & finish and is very easy to clean. Here are the specifications for the Severin Induction Milk Frother 700 ml:

  • detachable stainless steel milk frother, 360° connector for easy use
  • induction technique
  • LED indicators to show temperature setting
  • lid opening to add ingredients such as chocolate powder or syrup during use
  • cold or hot frothing

I’ve used one of those hand-held wands before but i’ve never managed to get much frothiness from them. I decided to invest in a proper frother and this is just perfect; it makes a nice thick foam. It’s also easy to use and clean with thoughtful, apple-like little design touches.

We have owned several frother machines and find this one to be the best we have owned. The highest temperature setting is fine for lattes, etc. , the machine is quiet, and it looks fine in our kitchen. It’s light-weight and as everyone else has written – easy to clean. Also, the size is suitable for making enough milk/froth for more than 1 drink. However, it would have been helpful if the seller would have stated; ‘the plug is not a standard uk plug. I am giving this product 4 stars simply because i don’t believe the description of the product is accurate in that someone should have mentioned the ‘plug’ issue. Now, i know it’s not a huge issue, but is nonetheless and issue for some. Because if you do not own plug adapters, you will have to go out and buy one. I feel, when a company lists features of their product, they should also tell the public things like, ‘you will need an adapter plug for the uk (or wherever else you may live). ‘finally, if you are seeking heavy, froth, you may be a little disappointed. We have yet to achieve a healthy, fluffy, froth.

I’ve tried a few different ones and this is the daddy.

I bought this frother instead of the nespresso one because it is bigger, the nespresso frother is enough for one person almost. This one can do about 4 cappuccinos. It takes 3+ minutes to heat and froth the maximum amount. It creates s very good froth. Easy to clean and simple to operate. Overall it does what i need so i am happy with this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice machineBUT
  • My frothy coffee has been immeasurably improved!
  • Excellent