Severin Induction Milk Frother : Excellent little machine

I don’t know how it compares to similar products, but it isn’t as good as a steam pipe. It is quiet and warms a mug of milk in a few minutes. There is froth on the top when you pour but it doesn’t last a huge amount of time on top of coffee. This was with semi-skimmed milk. I’d expect better results with full-fat. We got this so we could have warmer coffee in the office with frothy milk. It does the job and you get about enough for four mugs so long as you are using about 3/4 coffee / 1/4 milk. However, the effort to results ratio is great as you just fill it, press a button and then leave it until it is ready.

Easy to use, heats the milk perfectly and creates wonderful froth. Easy to clean and can go in the dish washer. Also great for making hot chocolate. Mine arrived with a uk plug so i’m not sure where the comments came from saying it has a continental plug.

Read plenty of reviews before deciding on this product. Easy to clean which was what i wanted.

This works so well makes lovely frothy milk and add to any of the nespresso coffees and it makes a delicious cappuccino all you do is pour in the milk put the container on the base, press the button then after a minute or so wonderful frothy milk. Even better it can all go in the dishwasher. Froths enough milk for a mug too unlike the aeroccino.

I bought this because my nespresso aeroccino stopped working properly and was always difficult to clean. This is really good, first because it heats milk up very quickly, second because it also froths cold milk, and third because the jug is detachable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Whilst there is a small downside in that it is noisier than my other one, i would definitely recommend it.

Consider getting the better version with options to choose the heat of froth.

Fantastic little machine for frothing milk. Does perfect smooth froth for cappuccinos and hot chocolate. It is so good that i have just bought a second one for another member of the family.

Speedy delivery and very easy to work. Heats and froths milk and is easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher.

  • Good product, bad seller
  • Nice foam, easy to clean, a bit loud
  • Works very well.

Severin Induction Milk Frother Silver, White

Product Description, What’s the best way to amazing frothed milk? Cheat. Make fantastic frothed or hot milk, with half the hassle. The induction heating principle eliminates the usual cleaning issues with frothers. The milk container is separate from the heating element, so you can just pop the attachment in the dishwasher. Durable and quiet, induction technology is the revolutionary solution to quick and easy cappuccino and latte foam – go froth and conquer with the SEVERIN Induction Milk Frother! Designed in Germany, this SEVERIN product is guaranteed with a 2 year warranty.

Box Contains, 1x Induction base 1x Milk container 1x Stirring head – serrated 1x Stirring head – smooth

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Does what it says on the tin very pleased with it.

I would have given it 5 stars as it works well but it came with a european plug which i had to change to uk.

We’ve had this for a month so far. Our family uses it multiple times a day. Pros:- simple set-up – just put the magnetized spinning thing in the bottom of the cup- simple design is easy to use – just push the button twice,. – easy to clean – we just hand wash and drip dry – but could go in the dishwasher i think. – we were able to scour the cup with a scouring pad when needed after we used it incorrectly- nice foam, thick and lasts quite a while- nice temperaturecons:- if you forget to add the spinning thing, it will burn the milk (we have done this twice, luckily you can scour it perfectly clean)- at max level, you get less foam and more milk than i’d like. At min level, you get the perfect foam/milk mix in my opinion. – you cannot adjust the temperature – hotter might be nice sometimes. (i haven’t tried running it twice in a row on the same milk. )- it’s a bit noisy, but nothing extreme (not like a blender or anything like that).

Works perfectly, supplied with standard uk 13amp plug. Only problem my wife and i have, is that we like very large cups. Would certainly purchase higher capacity model if available. May possibly purchase one for daughter and son in law as they also think it terrific. Have been using this product every day since christmas. Will update review if further information relevant. March 2015 update, machine still perfect, it will in fact heat and froth almost a pint of milk, sufficient for adding instant coffee orchocolate, for a single largish cup or simply topping up two good sized cups of percolated or filtered coffee. You need to experiment to find what suits you. Has been in use every day since purchased. Ours has been totally reliable,my wife loves it.

Bought this as i am fed up with over complicated espresso machines that are useless after a year in service, despite careful cleaning. I now use a coffee press and severin for the milk, simpler easier and less fiddly cleaning. The sever in produces about enough frothy milk for two capuccinos, that’s just right. For us, any more and its a case of rinsing with cold water and doing a second batch, so if you’re looking for larger quantities of frothy milk, probably best to go for the larger model. Overall, very pleased with the severin, excellent build quality, clean design, and very effective.

The first severin frother i received was faulty – it would only heat and froth a small amount of milk otherwise it wouldn’t work at all. After informing amazon, i was sent a replacement within a day and this one – well what a difference. This is a great machine for quickly producing enough fine foamed froth for two decent size cups of cappuccino. The stainless steel milk jug is easy to clean and if you prefer to add hot frothed milk to your espresso rather than using a steam wand, then this could be the machine for you.

It is rare to find something that does exactly what it says it will but this product does not disappoint. Beautifully engineered and dishwasher safe. Reassuringly expensive but then i have paid for it several times over in what i’ve saved on going out for coffee.

Never heard of this make and was a bit nervous of buying it, seems like there is only one distributor in the uk. Severin is an old german make that i believe the manufacture in china. I was unsure that the quality would be up to a german standard but was proved pleasantly wrong. It’s a high quality item and it works brilliantly. Previous to this i had one of those damned nesprsso machines that suffered from the classic burnt spot and then refusing to heat. Because this is inductive heater it will not burn, there is no non stick coating to come off and the stainless steel cleans dead easy with a rinse. Heat is good, just right for coffee, not too hot as to burn the milk. Froth is good and with a bit of fiddling can be extra thick, i heat the milk up with the frother attachment, then let it settle for a second , then froth it on the cool setting for about ten seconds, this froths the milk entirely, without leaving a layer go froth on top and unfrothed milk below. It is noisier than the nesprsso due to the cooling fan, but it is minimal. Only pain with it i have found so far is the magnetic frother can have a tendency to flip off the pole when you put the pot in the unit, i suggest adding the milk after the pot has been placed, otherwise you will find yourself fishing around in the milk for the frother.

  • Good product, bad seller
  • Nice foam, easy to clean, a bit loud
  • Works very well.

Severin Induction Milk Frother Silver, White

Great product shame about the adaptor but i guess i could cut the plug off and fit a new 13a one. Perfect frothy milk every time, even with skimmed milk so really healthy too. Great for milk shakes too as it has a froth without heat setting only complaint, the jug could use more of a defined pourer. Small complaint really but that’s it.

I have been using for over a year, amazing product, designed for ease of use and cleaning, my best purchase ever.

Enjoyed this from first use – bit addicted now. Just ccan’t wait for the next instalment – come on kate.

Consistently delivers perfectly frothed milk.

I have a nespresso machine with a steam attachment that i usually use for hot chocolates and lattes. This works great but it’s loud and i have to stand over it and hold the cup the whole time which can be annoying when guests are waiting. This frother is not too big, i have left it out on my work top for now and it looks quite smart. It has 2 little magnets, one serrated and one smooth for if you want your milk frothed and heated or just frothed or just heated. For a hot chocolate you pour in the milk, press the button and that’s it. Not particularly loud and when it’s finished you’ve got hot frothy milk to stir your powder into. Cleaning is easy as it goes in the dishwasher. As long as it keeps on working as well as it does now i am very impressed and would recommend to anyone.

Makes really nice frothy milk and is super easy to clean, no more burned milk pans, but i wish it would heat the milk to a slightly higher temperature.

Bought as a present, very easy to clean, makes good froth very quickly. For cleaning i pour water and dish soap into it and spin it up for a few seconds. No need to even get the sponge wet. One downside is that it’s quite large, but otherwise, it’s perfect.

I am hoping it will pay for itself over time as i won’t need to buy the latte’s and cappuccino’s in boxes. So far i have had coffees and hot chocolate with excellent results. It looks good sitting on the worktop and is easy to use.

Have been using this for a year now without any problems/complaints. Has proven an excellent purchase. Would recommend without hesitation.

Having tried two other milk frothers and both only lasted one or two months before they packed up and stopped working i plumped for this one. It is easy to clean and produces a good hot milk with froth. It’s perfect for a latte but not enough foam for a cappuccino. The container can just about do two lattes in one go. It would get 5 stars except it comes with a eu plug and the seller has opened the box to fit a uk plug adaptor (at least it does supply a three pin inc a ground). However i am not pleased the box is already opened on arrival and the seller does not declare this on the advert. I complained and the seller said they would add this information and they still have not. I will now make amazon aware of this. It’s your choice – the one with a uk plug is about £10 more expensive but at least it is in warranty and unopened.

I’m updating my previous review because this machine now works brilliantly well. Severin were very helpful and sent a replacement frother head, however i think the issue before was my fault. You need to switch it on before you put the frother head into the jug. It’s been brilliant and has been used and abused ever since with no issues. I may have to buy the bigger version as the demand for latte and hot chocolate is growing in our house.

This isn’t the first milk frother i’ve used – the first was a well-known make (sorry, amazon’s reviewer rules prevent me from saying which) that lasted all of a couple of months before something inside it fizzled out and it just stopped dead. That frother used an ordinary element to heat the milk and this also caused some problems with burned milk sticking to the bottom if the inside wasn’t cleaned meticulously after every use. Hopefully avoiding these issues, the severin does away with a traditional heating element and instead uses induction to heat the milk. The severin comes in two main parts – the base containing the motor and induction unit, and a simple brushed steel cup with a spout and a press-on lid, that sits inside it. The cup has a “mounting protrusion” (as the manual calls it) indent in the bottom, on to which one of the included coin-shaped plastic frothing heads is placed before use, the heads using an internal magnet to stick to this protrusion. Two heads are included, a cog-style one for both heating and frothing milk, and a smooth one for just heating. When the machine is switched on the heads spin inside the cup and through science or magic (i’m not sure which) this produces lovely frothy milk that can be poured or scooped out as desired. When not in use, the heads attach to two prongs on the back of the base using the same magnetic attraction. There’s no denying that, although large, the white plastic and brushed steel severin is a very classy piece of kit that would go well with any modern kitchen. Using the severin is as simple as fitting one of the heads inside the cup, putting the cup onto the base, pouring milk into it and pressing the large `on’ button on the front; using induction, the whole steel cup heats up to warm the milk rather than just a single element in the base as on other frothers.

At last hot milk that makes any coffee taste that much better. Instructions are poor though. Once you get used to putting the magnetic stirring tool in the correct way, its fanatastic and fast. The mil comes up very hot and frothy in minutes. I use it every day and friends are buying now having seen it in action. The jug goes in the dishwasher so its easy to clean.

If you want a mountain of hot froth then this is the machine for you. One of the heating rings was accidentally thrown away, i contacted the vendor and by return of post a spare was mailed to me, excellent service.

I purchased this product to replace an aeroccino machine as i found it impossible to purchase a replacement agitator for the aeroccino. The severin is a vastly superior machine to the aeroccino and cheaper. Because the base of the severin is cooled in operation it is slightly noisier than the aeroccino. It produces hot milk at the correct temperature and a large amount of froth. As the milk is heated by induction and agitated, it never scalds and, as the jug is detachable, it is easily cleaned. I found the aeroccino occasionally scalded on the bottom of the milk container making it very difficult to clean. The only drawback to the severin is that the machine arrived with a continental plug and no adapter. I had an adapter but this was unsuitable as it was not earthed. The severin must be earthed. It was necessary to change the plug.

Ordered item on 8th may and arrived from germany 15th may, thats with a weekend in the middle, delivered by parcel force. Packed very well, easy to set up, instructions very easy to understand, the unit came with an adapter so you can use it in a uk socket, works no problem there. Its easy to use, just put your little frothing disc into the base (the one with the serrations makes froth for a latte or cappuccino, add milk to at least the minimum mark, put the lid on top and just press the button. It both heats the milk and froths it coming to an automatic stop when its ready. If you want no heat to the milk just hold the button down for three minutes. Easy to clean, the jug removes from the base unit so you can run it under the tap along with the disc and the lid. The difference this unit has to others is you can produce enough frothed milk for one cup or for more in one shot, the nespresso ones only make enough for one, bit of a pain. Well pleased with the result. I want to add i have written this review on behalf of my parents from what they said and told me as it was a gift, this is because i live in the u. And have the same unit only by breville and hence thought they would enjoy one. I spent ages comparing and these units came out way above the others. Ordered through amazon using seller at that times foto-koester, very good service no messing around and problems at all, week later its now on sale by someone else, wierd but thats the way it goes. Highly recommend this product as i am a very avid coffee drinker and maker and love a proper coffee.

Over the years we have used a variety of milk frothers. Unfortunately they have either died (a hostess one – which was adequate but not very good) or they have become unusable because of scalding on the bottom (nespresso aeroccino x 2). Whilst nespresso customer service was excellent we despaired of getting another one after having two that scalded on the base in a ‘hot spot’. We have now had this one for over two months and it’s excellent. It takes slightly longer to froth the milk than the aeroccino and we find it is a little noisier and to my mind the froth isn’t quite as ‘hard’, but, it is very solid and well made and it does make an excellent froth. Perhaps best of all you can put all the components (apart from the base of course) in the dishwasher and clean them to your hearts content, and there has been zero scalding which was the bane of our lives before (perhaps we should get out more?). I was interested to see that a couple of reviews have said that the milk stopped frothing. This has happened a couple of times to us but both times it was because the frothing disc had popped off the bottom. We initially couldn’t see had happened because it was hidden by the milk but both times we have reattached the disc and it’s then frothed the milk with no trouble. Also in regards to one of the other reviews we did not have to change anything about the plug that the machine came with, we plugged it straight into our uk socket and it was absolutely fine.

Like previous reviewers, i too have had the nespresso frother which, after a year, stopped working. The severin (which at the time i purchased was only £10 more expensive) is far superior. It takes longer to heat the milk but the frothing jug also holds enough to easily heat enough milk for two coffees, so the time difference really is negligible. The smooth frothing wheel really heats the milk well but doesn’t produce a huge amount of ‘foam’ but enough to satisfy. Whereas the notched wheel produces a lovely ‘foam’. Much hotter than the competition and the lovely stylish jug is soooo easy to rinse out, ready for the next coffee. My only grouse, and this is a supplier issue, is that the machine arrived with a european plug and no adaptor. I called amazon who, as usual, stepped up to the mark and sorted the issue in a day or two.

Features and Spesification

  • detachable stainless steel milk frother, 360° connector for easy use
  • induction technique
  • suitable for frothing 100 – 260 ml or heating up 100 to 500 ml of milk
  • interchangeable attachments, magnetic storage
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • low noise operation