Severin JG 3523 Yoghurt Maker – Still going well

Very easy to make indian yogurt .

Works really well, making excellent yoghurt using only plain culinary yoghurt as the culture. Also looks attractive with the different coloured lids and stainless steel finish. The built in timer is a useful addition.

Yoghurt maker is so simple device, that it’s hard to make it bad. This device has digital timer with loud beep and automatic turning off, and is keeping the temperature well. However, for some cultures you may want / need up to 24 hours of incubation, and this device only allows to set timer for 14 hours maximum. For most cultures it’s ok, but some, like acidophilus, would benefit from another 10 hours.

I haven’t used a yoghurt maker for decades and i can’t see why i have delayed so long. I decided on the timer model. The display isn’t that clear for my bad eyesight, however it’s one less thing to worry about on time. After it shuts down, the jars need to cool anyway before they go in the fridge, so you could set it off in the evening. I much prefer having the small pots to a large bowl as you can eat them as individual portions straight from the fridge, and keep the culture free from stray contamination. Probably the versions with more spare jars would be better (without timer) as it’s hard to juggle the last pot so you have some culture for the next batch. For using normal milk, just guess about a litre and a half from a fresh plastic bottle into a pan and heat to between 60 to 80 centigrade. As far as i can find, this reduces the chances that the yoghurt will separate out later into whey and solids. Let it cool to between 43 to 49 centigrade- here’s where a yoghurt thermometer which just has these temperature markings helps. I added a sachet of powdered bio culture instead of a dollop of plain yoghurt on the first batch and stirred with a whisk.

The product arrived within five days of ordering. After a month , i can confirm the colours of the yoghurt jars are cheery and keep their vividness. The yoghurt maker is simple to use. It is a pleasure to make yoghurts that one has confidence in that it contains a good healthy dose of the healthy happy bugs. I have tried using several types of milk dairy and otherwise. To date i have not been disappointed. Each yoghurt making session has worked out great. As i tend to like thicker yoghurts -i have set the easy to use timer for twelve hours each time. There is a gentle set of beeps that alert one that the time instructed has been completed and the machine us switched off. I have placed my confidence in thus yoghurt maker and it is holding up to the trust i have placed in it.

I bought this jg3523 when my old jg3516 broke. The jg3523 is a much better unit, and makes very good yoghurt. The old jg3516 had no temperature control (in fact no electronics at all – just a single heater coil from the mains attached to the base of the unit – and was over heating to above 50 deg c. The yoghurt used to be watery because of this). The jg3523 is the only model from severin that has the microprocessor control to maintain the temperature at 40 deg c, which is the ideal temperature for yoghurt culture to grow. I made sure from severin that it had the microprocessor temperature control before i bought it. As expected, it makes good thick yoghurt. I like my yoghurt a bit on the sharp and sour side so i set the timer to the maximum 14 hours. The only complaint i have is that the bottle caps do not screw on to the bottle as well as in the old unit – may be due to the fact that the unit is made in china unlike the other models which are made in germany.

I bought this for health reasons. For the very first attempt, following instructions, i used a teaspoon of organic greek yogurt in each jar, added organic semi skimmed milk which i had heated and then allowed to cool, as per instructions. Turned out delicious, i couldn’t believe how easy it was. The second attempt i experimented with cold organic uht milk, and i didn’t like the taste so much, yet again the texture was excellent. Both times i left the yogurt for longer than suggested, because i like a thicker set. The instructions say to put the yogurt immediately in the fridge, so i did, and it seemed to thicken slightly more, which was great. 7 jars for a single person are plenty, there is enough for a week. I really like the colourful jars, and although this machine was a bit more expensive than similar ones, i purchased an amazon used/customer return one, which was in immaculate condition, saving £15.

Pasteurise the milk, let it cool a bit, but it in the pots then in the maker and set the timer for 7 hours. Makes perfect natural yoghurt every time. We always buy one shop-bought organic yoghurt as a starter, but in theory you can use a bit of the last stuff you made. The device does have a timer and turns itself off after the time that you set.

Used several times now and perfect yoghurt each time.

Promptly received and in regular use.

Very good and makes good yoghurt but if you are going to make yoghurt regularly then think about one that makes the yoghurt in one big container instead. Using this one means you have to wait till all 7 pots are empty till you can make the next batch.

Here are the specifications for the Severin JG 3523 Yoghurt Maker:

  • 7 glass jars with lids in different colours
  • illuminated LCD display
  • timer function up to 15 hours
  • transparent lid with handle
  • easy to use

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Still going well
  • Delicious yoghurt and easy to use.
  • Excellent Yoghurt Maker