Severin Jug Kettle – Best for taste

I wanted a steel kettle because the ones with plastic seem to all taste plastic. I drink herbal teas and green tea so the taste of the water is really important. Something seems to have changed with plastic kettles because after talking with friends i found out that many have trouble with the plastic taste. This kettle has two downsides, it takes longer to boil and it is very noisy. On the other hand the tea taste so much better. And that was the main thing. The metal sides of the kettle do get very hot so beware, but overall i am very happy with my new kettle and will never go back to plastic ones.

I bought one of these a few months ago as i have a personal blend of tea created by my son a master tea blender and it is essential in order to achieve the best flavour that the water is at the correct temperature and definitely not boiling, this kettle is perfect for it.

Nice product and fast shipping, but thermostat is not very accurate.

Does the job that the prestige didn’t which was to boil water. Like the look and size of it and has the added bonus of a variable temperature control. Bought as a gift and its much appreciated.

This is a very good jug-kettle and if needed i would buy another. However i would like to see a numbered dial behind the switch, this would help when resetting the same tempature.

It gets too hot so if you touch it when its just boiled you burn yourself. Not twin walled, in other words. Also a bit small, whih was what i wanted but its the same width as a bigger on which defeats the object.

Easy to clean and has a comfortable handle.

I got this as a replacement for my existing thermostatic kettle which is getting old and probably due to konk out soon. Not best pleased with it really – the kettle i have switches off when the water reaches temperature, but this one kind of goes into standby mode and switches back on when the water cools. So if you get distracted and forget about it, it will continually switch on and off , i assume until it boils dry and the safety cut-out kicks in. Not really what i wanted, but i really like having a thermostatic kettle for herbal tea and for the hot-water bottles so i will hang on to it as a standby, but i will be giving it away if i locate a kettle that works like the one i have at an affordable price.

I wanted to get another kettle with temperature control to reduce electricity usage – we had a morphy richards intelliboil before which is no longer available – and i’m glad i purchased this one. It is really lightweight and a very good pourer – the water does not dribble down the front. A really good feature is that the inside is made of a continuous sheet of stainless steel meaning there are no joins of metal – just a rounded curve between side and bottom – making it much easier to descale. The only feature that it brought it down from 5 stars is that the thermostat is not fixed so you have to play around with the temperature knob at the front depending on how warm the original water and it never seems to reach the same temperature at the same setting again – it would be better to have set temperatures to click on. Having said that the other features more than make up for this and i’m happy overall.

My wife wanted our replacement kettle to have a variable temperature control so that water heated for making coffee would be heated to a few degrees under boiling point. I researched what was available and other brands and models seemed to have shortcomings. This german jug kettle (shipped from germany) seemed the best value and we are very satisfied with it – but not delighted – as it does take longer than our previous kettle to reach the required temperature. The simple thermostat control seems to work well but setting the temperature you want is of course a matter of trial and error.

It takes a while to fully appreciate how good it is. No smells from heated water like other kettles we have used.

It would have been useful of some indication of the temperature, also it takes a while to come to the boil, but i am quite happy with it.

Little smaller then usual kettle but its perfect for my small kitchen. Its very good to clean as heating coil is hidden. Here are the specifications for the Severin Jug Kettle:

  • powerful, detachable jug kettle
  • stainless steel housing
  • concealed heating element
  • cordless on power base unit
  • thermal safety cut-out

Could do with indicator for water levels and is a little bit noisy. Variable temperature control doesn’t seem too consistent but i like it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best for taste
  • ok, but it has faults. it gets too
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