Severin KA 4805 4-Cup Coffee Maker – Good machine for solo or couples.

Bought as a gift for son in law – he likes it so i am happy.

I bought this item because it was a smaller capacity and i am extremely pleased with it. I drink 2 x 250 ml cups of coffee in the morning and that’s me for the day. There is still capacity for at least another cup. The filter papers needed are size 2. I buy melitta brand size 2 from tesco – about £1. The machine itself is small and compact yet looks more expensive. The hot plates stays hot but the coffee needs a few seconds in the microwave after adding milk. A thoroughly worth while buy.

Great product good hot coffee. Let down by a poorly designed lip on the jug so it’s impossible to pour coffe without it spilling everywhere, the fuller the jug the worse it is.

Just the right size for a couple of cups of coffee. Will recommend this product.

Excellent with exceptions – no filters included to kick off using this and the jug has the very annoying habit trait of dribbling coffee when pouring into a cup. Shame otherwise a tidy piece of kit.

Quick and very easy to use, so simple and easy to clean toodefinitely worth the money and a great purchase.

This coffee maker does a good job, it doesn’t take up a lot of room and i would say its perfect for two people. It only takes a couple of minutes to finish (less than 5 minutes). For a perfect ‘two mugs of coffee’ fill just below number 4 so you can add some milk. Be careful when you’re pouring (hold the lid down) as it can spill. There’s no filter included but its a small price to pay for a perfect cup of coffee.

It’s compact and does the job, but i do have two minor grumbles – the jug drips unless poured slowly and carefully, and condensate from the lid of the water tank drips down the back when this is opened.

Gave it 4 stars was very happy with it but after only 5mths it’s stopped working.

Love this little coffee maker. Simple to use and easy to clean.

Was very easy to set up and use. Delighted with the size, as i am the only coffee drinker in the house.

Excellent, just my cup of tea, ups sorry coffee. Ideal for my requirements and area of the work bench top as i use it in my workshop to save me going to the kitchen which is upstairs. Gives me two decent (1/4 litre big cups) although rated as a four cup model. Paper filter easily discarded and coffee granules recycled onto the garden. Thank you for excellent customer service reply too susan.

It looks elegant but it is very small. While it says it is a four-cup coffee machine, i was surprised to discover that the coffee jug can accommodate only two mugs of coffee. That is not much for filter coffee. Here are the specifications for the Severin KA 4805 4-Cup Coffee Maker:

  • Swivel filter 1×2 with non-drip valve
  • Automatic switch-off
  • On/off switch with pilot light
  • Hotplate
  • Water level marks on the glass jug

This makes good coffee but- the jug drips when you pour- it does not have an integral filter you have to buy papers. The ones amazon recommended are too big and you have to trim about 2cm off.

Best cup of filter coffee i’ve had.

Perfect size and easy operation, makes great coffee. Great to have ability to fill water from either side – as a south paw that’s been useful.

Very good, small-scale coffee-maker.

Excellent small coffee maker. Most filter machines are far too big for one person and this is ideal for smaller kitchens or just for making a couple of cups. The coffee is served hot and it is easy to use. The only thing that has stopped me giving it five stars is that the holder for the filter paper is just not quite the right shape. It takes number 2 filter papers but unless the filter paper is fitted very precisely the water and coffee grains can spill over the side and some coffee grains can then end up in the jug underneath. Do not however let this put you off because this is an excellent machine at a good price. Just be careful when fitting the filter paper.

Love this little coffee maker. It’s compact and works like a dream. Yes it can spill if you pour quickly when it’s full. I just pour gently (finger on lid) and a little slowly and voilà- problem solved.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great little coffee machine.
  • Just my cup of tea, Ups sorry Coffee!!
  • Lovely little compact coffee maker

Not to bad but like my coffee piping hot, but the hot plate only keeps it luke warm.

1st class little machine, looks quality.

Good value for money, does exactly what it should, and switches off after the alloted time. Discription could have included size of filters, it didn’t, so i guessed. . Wrongly, but i’m cutting them to size.

Exactly what i was looking for,brill.

Excellent little coffee machine for personal use. Just what i wanted, there is only me in our house that drinks coffee this is perfect, glass jug pours well and is good thick glass, this is opposed to the cheaper machines, worth the extra few quid. Update now six months old and the filter door will no longer stay shut, the catch is worn out already so reduced to three stars as a result.

Bought this particular coffee machine as it works well with a smart plug. This means you can leave the power switch flicked to the “on” position and as long as you remembered to fill it up with water and coffee granules the night before, just activate the smart plug via the app on your phone to have it make coffee for you when you’re ready for it. In terms of its coffee making abilities it makes nice hot coffee very easily and keeps it hot on the hot plate, which then turns off after about 30 mins. Please note paper filters are required (size 2). I found this much easier to clean as a result of not having to remove and clean a permanent filter. The used paper filter just comes out taking the used coffee with it and goes in the bin leaving nothing behind. It is advertised as being a 4cup coffee machine, but i’m sure you know by now the cup sizes are always ridiculously small when they measure these things – realistically you can get 2 good sized mugs of coffee out of it. Perfect then for a household with 2 coffee drinkers – probably need a bigger one if there’s more or you than that. The machine looks nice and is also quite compact, build quality of the machine and the jug are both good. This coffee machine is also extremely quiet when making the coffee – we are switching from a tassimo machine which can be heard all around the house, you can’t hear this at all unless stood right next to it.

This was bought for a gift so can’t comment truly.