Severin KM 3916 – Five Stars

Excellent product makes coleslaw in seconds.

This electric slicer is a great little machine i do a lot of homemade cakes desserts and general cooking and have done a lot of research to find the right machine for me, it works well with a number of different graters/slicers the only problem is it does get clogged up if you use carrots or cabbage but as long as you keep it clear it copes well. Have used a number of times and it seems to cope with what i have thrown at it, to be honest i think this machine is a lot more robust that the well known brands. I would recommend this machine to everyone you just have to find what attachments works for you, very easy to clean all comes apart and the best part is all the attachments are all stored in one compartment so you don’t loose them in your top draw.

Well worth the money and a great gadget. It gets used in a busy kitchen and handles well.

Always used drum graters before and this makes life much easier.

I bout this as a christmas present for my parents and they love it, small and easy to use.

Too many bits so sent it back. Most severin products are superb.

Was delivered promptly and has been in continuous use since. Is easy to use and easy to clean.

This is the best i have ever had,i grate a lot of carrots,one of the worst for jamming,this machine does not jam up. It seems there is enough space between the blade and casing for the lumps and gradually they get mashed up also. The machine also spins at a steady pace which i think helps. All in all it is first class,strong and well made,easy to assemble and clean.

Good bit o kitchen equipment.

Not very powerful with cheese and very slow.

Grate even potatoeseasy to use, very intuitive. Seems strong and we manage to use it with no break for 45 minutes grating potatoes and onions. Well made and easy to clean. Easy to store and does not take load of space.

Strong enough to cope with carrots, parsnips and celeriac.

Five stars*****thank youvery much. I’m very happy with the product. Here are the specifications for the Severin KM 3916:

  • Powerful 5-in-1 multi grater, easy-to-use and easy to clean
  • 5 sets of interchangeable stainless steel blades for slicing, grating and shredding
  • Practical feeder chute and carring handle
  • Place saving storage of the stainless steel in the pestle
  • Non-slip rubber feet

So far i have only grated lots of carrots, beetroots and potatoes but this works very easily. You need to cut the vegetables in smaller chucks (around 5cm length for carrots for example) and put with the attachment. Looking at the picture i thought it would be smaller but works great so that is really the point.

Love using this machine great cheese grating option.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Best !!
  • helpull and well made.
  • very pleased with it