Sharp R270SLM 20ltr Solo Microwave : Worth it!!

Very happy with this microwave i have only owed 1 microwave before this 1 and that was a lg this sharp is much faster that the old 1 it cooks faster and is more easy to use.

It does what it says it should as far as the heating goes, but more control over timing would have been nice. The timer only does 10 sec or one minute increments and is not enough. A clock would have been nice as well.

Its cheap delivered and a microwave. What more do you want?nice digital display, bit slippy on the counter but i have it in the corner so its fine.

I do not comment on purchases for commercial reasons i wish you would stop sending these requests or tell me how to get rid of them.

It is a bit small but fits a dinner plate. Very happy with the purchase and cheap as well s.

The oven is ok but the photo is misleading, as it seems that there is an operating clock. I wanted the oven to have a clock and i would probably have bought another model if i hadn’t been misguided by the photo.

Very pleased with the design, size, easy to use buttons do not have to read loads inorder to understand how to use. The only problem is the ‘bleep’ when pressing the buttons and sound it makes to tell you the food is done is very loud. Our dog runs and hides in the wardrobe upstairs every time it sounds. This is seriously limiting our use of our new microwave.

Really good, simple microwave.

  • Sharp,happy
  • Sharp R270SLM Microwave
  • It’s OK

Sharp R270SLM 20ltr Solo Microwave Silver

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Bought as a replacement for my parents, and works how a microwave should.

Explicit and easy to understand instructions. The buttons are very easy to read. Would recommend this product.

Shame no handle to hold on to, to open or close door. And no clock, which i can live with, other than that, all is good so far .

This is a small but good oven and looks good in my kitchen but will go with any colour scheme.

Compact but takes full size dinner plate. Well built, good value and looks smart on work surface. No grill but we just wanted a straight forward microwave and this fits the bill a treat. We have had sharp microwaves before and they seem to last for years.

Microwave works well enough, is easy to use, and to keep clean. The reason for only 3 stars is that i have just found rust on the inside front of the oven and the door now drops slightly. I am considering returning it to the manufacturer.

Been using it since the last one year and i cant fault even a single thing on it.

One of the best microwaves i have had and for some reason i go through one a year, love all the pre setting especially the frozen veg one and the speed defrost.

  • Sharp,happy
  • Sharp R270SLM Microwave
  • It’s OK

Sharp R270SLM 20ltr Solo Microwave Silver

Great microwave apart from it does not have a clock. It didn’t state in the advertisement that it does not have this feature. I assumed all microwaves have a clock.

This is a first class product. My first one was a sharp and lasted for ages. My second one was not and did not have the same lifespan so i went back to sharp.

I had my last sharp microwave for over 29 years and it never let me down in all that time, a good enough recommendation to getanother of the same make and i am happy with it. And i have a perfectly good kitchen wall clock.

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