Sharp R322STM Solo Microwave : Great

This was an attractive look which caught my eye with a stainless finish, furthermore it’s 900 watts and 25 litres what more could you want most microwaves are usually 800 watts and only 20 litres, would definitely recommend👍🏽.

This is replacing the same model we have had for years so confident it will be ad good.

Excellent microwave would recommend very easy to understand instructions and easy to use.

It’s almost industrial sized, so not for a small kitchen but having used many microwave ovens over the years, it’s good to go back to one that is easy to use and big enough to take a full-sized dinner plate.

Had same model for several years and saw no reason not to buy another.

I’m pretty pleased with this. It is a bit on the large side but it has a a clear display, clear buttons and a nice chunky door handle. For 900w it doesn’t seem to be the quickest but then again it is relatively cheap and it gets the job done even if it takes an extra 20 seconds. I noticed for the first few uses it had a slightly off putting smell but that seems to have cleared. It gets rather heavy (and sometimes heavy handed) use in this household but it seems to be standing up to it rather well.

There isn’t anything i don’t like. The magnet for me initially was the inside which was so much bigger than my previous microwave. One of the things that i would never have dreamt i’d use it for was baked potato but, i’ve used it and was pleasantly surprised,also love the colour.

Prompt delivery, a good size microwave that has a great range of programmes, pretty light in comparison to my old one, but works very well indeed. Great size controls, good display and does everything that i would expect a microwave to do.

  • Reliable and smart
  • Good product and good price.
  • great product

Sharp R322STM Solo Microwave, 25 Litre, 900 W, Stainless Steel, 25 liters

Product Description, The Sharp R322STM is a premium quality microwave with a robust stainless steel finish. Both stylish and practical, particular attention has been made to the sleek design of controls and traditional side opening handle. The large easy to read LED display, kitchen timer and 8 auto cook menus make this microwave simple, reliable and easy to use.. Microwave power output 900 watts.. 8 programmes.. Defrost option.. General information: . Interior capacity 25 litres.. Child safety lock.. 31. 5cm diameter rotating turntable.. Size H30. 6, W51. 3, D42. 9cm.. Weight 15kg.

Box Contains, 1 x Sharp R322STM, 1 x Manual

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Good, does all i need, happy.

Very good product just hard to clean as magnet for fingerprints so must try to clean everyday.

This is a very good microwave, and gives you different power settings which is most useful.

  • Reliable and smart
  • Good product and good price.
  • great product

Sharp R322STM Solo Microwave, 25 Litre, 900 W, Stainless Steel, 25 liters

Features and Spesification

  • Microwave power Output 900 watts.
  • 8 Programmes.
  • Defrost option.
  • Interior capacity 25 litres.
  • Child safety lock.