Sharp R372KM 25 Litre Solo Microwave – Great price, and well it’s a

Smart looking, easy to use and easy to clean.

I needed a new microwave for several reasons, and due to illness wanted one that was easy to use. This one ticks all the right boxes. The push button to open the door is easy to press. The touch pad buttons are superb to use. It was bought to replace a much loved and old sharp microwave which still does the job well but i struggled to open the door with the handle. Looking forward to years of use from this one which is great value. I can totally recommend this if you are not sure which one to get.

I do cook a lookt using microwave so this is one of very important items in the kitchen for our family. This is solid build easy to operate mw, button opening door is a must be, no more spils trying to open the door. Really solid and worth every penny as its perfect for a house or work. I do recommend buying this model.

I bought this to replace a very old samsung. It does everything i want with a minimum of fuss and i’d give it 5 stars except that the window is very dark so that it’s hard to see what’s happening in the oven — important if one’s trying to bring liquid to a boil and catch it before it boils over.

I looked for a new microwave for a while, and needed a mid sized one, and this fits the bill perfectly. My previous microwave was also a sharp so it was easy to use. Take a dinner sized plate, with plenty of room.

Decent size, i like the color combination and the interior which doesn’t look like it will rust easily. And not forgetting, it does its primary job (heating up food) very well. If i had to criticise anything it will be the touchscreen button which could be more responsive but that could just be me still trying to get used to it. Put simply, if i had to buy a second microwave, i will go for exactly this same one.

This is a family sized microwave and i’m really impressed with how easy it is to use. It’s also of really good quality and feels like it will last for many years.

Bit larger than i expected but fast, nice and quiet and cooks food evenly. Would certainly recommend for any kitchen. Nice and heavy so it doesn`t try and run away when the door is opened.

Bought this to replace a very old microwave. Delivery fast, packaged well. Great price, and well it’s a sharp, they having been making good stuff for a long time. Simple to use great product.

Great microwave for the price, only had it a few days and all seems fine. The only complaint i have is that it arrived with a dent on the inside of the door (see picture). It looks like the glass turntable had his it with some force, probably down to the delivery people. I’m assuming this won’t have any detrimental effects to the microwave, if anyone knows any different i’d like to know?.Other than that i’m happy and will update this review if anything changes. I purchased the black one which looks very smart, you can still see the food through the dark door when the microwaves on (read a review where someone said they couldn’t). Some people have said it’s got a really noisy door when closing?. It sounds like a microwave door closing, it’s really not a problem lol.

I bought this to replace my 20+ year microwave that eventually gave up with puff of smoke and smell of burnt electronics. I was not after something with any extra features such as a combi oven just a basic microwave and this fills that role. The only issue i have with this model is i find the buttons on the control panel difficult to get to operate needing to push harder that i would expect and not always in their centre which is why i have marked it down but i may have just been unlucky and others may not suffer this issue.

As soon as i opened the more than adequate packaging and extracted the unit i was sold on the look of this machine. It looks so stylish – i keep expecting to be able to watch the news on itplenty of preset options and easy to program, even i can do it. Very pleased with it and amazon’s service as always is hard to fault.

After a couple of months of use, no problem. It is very big and powerful. The design is neat and modern. Here are the specifications for the Sharp R372KM 25 Litre Solo Microwave:

  • Touch control
  • 900W
  • 11 Power levels
  • 8 Auto Cook/Defrost functions
  • Child Lock function

Ok, good, it fits my plates in, others don’ti can’t be bothered with complaining about lumpy, heavy items, but as asked to do review, the clock keeps gaining in timeit is really steamy and makes worry that level of moisture will get through the internal holes into the electrics. It uses more electric as in faster rate than boiling a kettle or using dishwasher, meter clicking away – huh. Yikesit is 900 watt but has it’s favourite shaped plates / vessels ie some will take extra minutes to cook the food, than others, which is weird as had previous same make, less wattage that seemed to heat same every time, in less minutes. When first got this was worried as the door to frame appeared to have a graded gap around, you worry about leakage, so not perfectly lined up. I don’t know, 21st century products are never up to scratch. That said, this is what i wanted in make and size and digital.

Very pleased with this microwave by sharp. For the price paid it does the microwaving job with different power levels very efficiently, as can be expected of sharp microwave ovens. If it grilled or toasted it would be perfect. The start button microwaves for one minute. If you want different levels it can start at 10 seconds if that’s all you want. Personally i use the one minute start button for quickness and open the door to stop it, then press continue or cancel until the food or drink is hot enough.

Would recommend this microwave ,bought this model to replace a smaller one,does everything just right as per the instructions.

I like this microwave because if its:* simple operation, i’ve not opened the user manual and i don’t intend to. * adequate (900w) power* large 25 litre capacity. The turntable is 31cm (12 inches) diameter so a dinner plate fits in easily. 20 litre microwaves commonly have 25cm turntables (10 inches), significantly smaller. Tip from the old timer: microwave turntables are usually interchangeable between different brands. * clear control layout* keen pricingit’s all it needs to be, it’s probably all need if you don’t want a combi oven.

Elegant looking and does the job. I particularly like the style of this microwave, as it doesn’t have the ugly handle sticking out to open the door. You just have to push to open. Jutting out handles get dirty, more cleaning required. It is excellent value for money. . The only problem when ordering was the dreaded prime, it was a sage to get out of this. I must say when i see prime not on amazon, it does put me off.

The only, minor, frustration i have with it is that every time i use it i have to set the power level. It’s a cheap microwave and i’m never going to use it on anything but max, it should be possible to set this as a default.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • All It Needs To Be
  • Basic microwave all I was after
  • Absolutely brilliant.