Sharp R82STMA Combi Microwave Oven – I am very pleased with my purchase

We liked the finnish it was great to use as well thank you.

Arrived at time, very happy , mostly use as microwave and as grill, especially as an older person so convenient and easy to use, size is also very good.

Very good microwave good delivery, yes i say buy this microwave oven.

I am very pleased with my purchase. So useful as an additional oven and grill ,does exactly as sharp said it would thankyou.

Worth every penny my wife loves it.

Many functions, not that easy to use, the back of the microwave sticks out quite a lot.

This is the third sharp microwave i have bought in 35 years and i have nothing but praise for sharp.

Excellent product,very pleased with microwavecombi oven.

Once my daughter explained how to use the controls, i fell in love with the oven and rarely use my rangemaster as the microwave is much easier to keep clean.

Because the instructions took a while to decipher and follow,and didn;nt think the grill was so good as my previous model.

Microwave came on time and well packed, i am very pleased with the style and functions it offers.

I have chosen this rating because although i think the product excellent the controls are more difficult to understand than a previous model i had. Having said that i am getting used to it but if somebody new was in the house i don’t think they would be able to use it before having it explained to them. Here are the specifications for the Sharp R82STMA Combi Microwave Oven:

  • 900 W Microwave Output power
  • 2400 W Convection
  • Top Heater 1400 W
  • 25 Litre Oven capacity
  • 10 Auto Menu options

Really good oven , easy to use but we are on the second one .

Took a while to figure out difference between micro and oven but not complicated.

So far so good with this new and smaller combination microwave oven bought as a replacement for three larger models (identical to each other and now, apparently unavailable) which died on me over the past few months. Large enough for us, and so far, like previous sharp microwaves i`ve had over many years, before the aforementioned disasters, works perfectly. Only one tiny quibble – the previous models had a very useful ‘short-cut’ button for exactly a minute`s operation – shame it couldn`t have been incorporated in this model – however, that`s really just a minor quibble. As i said – so far so good – and we love it. Another advantage is the nice loud ‘beep’ when it`s completed the job – even my very deaf husband can hear it from the next room. Another useful function is the facility to just press the ‘set’ button for an extra 30 seconds of power without having to completely reset the program in the event that things aren`t quite hot enough. I can thoroughly recommend it. Addendum: – i discovered, quite by accident, that the little ‘start’ button actually switches the microwave on for 30 seconds if pressed with no other commands. Even more useful, in my opinion, than the ‘short-cut’ button i was bemoaning the lack of.Not too impressed with the manual that comes with the machine – it seems a bit hard to follow and the print is tiny.

My requirement is for a robust combi microwave likely to survive in a motorhome. It appears to fill the bill with no quartz type grill and it is simple to operate. I have not yet had it for a significant amount of time. Would have liked an adequate flan case included but this would be asking for perfection.

We already have a much more expensive panasonic combi microwave oven, which we use all of the time. This is almost as good but it has slightly less capacity due to the turntable configuration. The thing i love about it best (sadly), is the ability to start it on high microwave for 30 seconds by pressing the start button and being able to add 30 seconds more every time you press the button again. It’s so easy, intuitive and time-saving. We haven’t used it extensively yet in combination mode, but we have found two of the modes to be extremely good for our purposes, if a little complicated in their programming. You have to select the mode which gives only a basic indication to its function the rest you have to look up in the manual. If sharp could fix this they’d get five stars.

I along with a lot of people that have bought a new combi oven, have found that their new oven is not a patch on the old one that they had for years. I have had this oven for 6 months and to be honest it is not very good. There is an auto setting for potatoes, but don’t expect nice crispy jacket potatoes because it is not going to happen. Why, because it uses 100% microwave and not a combination. I cook bacon on a microwave tray, the first tray full takes 3 minutes to cook. The second tray full takes over 6 minutes to cook. Porridge, the first bowl takes 2 minutes, the second bowl takes over 4 minutes to heat up. Admittedly my old sharp combi oven cost twice as much as this model, but i would sooner pay the price again if i could get a combi oven of the same quality. Over the years the combi oven has come down in price a lot, but so has the quality of the product. It’s not just sharp that has done it, it is a lot of the other companies aswell.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • good product
  • Micro wave

Have used this frequently now for several weeks,and am well pleased with it,i really cant find anything to criticise,firstclass product.

We’ve had the sharp r82stma for 4 years now and despite the audio indicator failing within a year and the plate breaking within 2 it has proved itself a competent addition to the kitchen. It’s now time to look at a replacement which is likely to be an alternative brand but to the same spec.

We have only had our new microwave for a very short time but, so far, we are more than happy with it. The size is perfect for our kitchen and the unit itself looks very smart. We previously had a sharp microwave which gave us years of wonderful service – hence the reason sharp was our choice again. At the moment we are still getting used to the different functions, but we are convinced that this item is the correct microwave for our needs.

Brillant replacement for the old microwave.

Round metal rail slips off glass turntable to easily and micro hasn’t too much punch but otherwise a nice oven; time will tell.

Nice build quality, and nice look, easy to clean, and useonce you get used to it. Only draw back is it tends to steam up a bit, which our lastsharp never did, so need to leave door open after use.

Does nearly all the things in the description apart from one misleading part, it does not cook from 40c, which is the main reason i bought this microwave (dough proofing), so look elsewhere if you need this function. Note to amazon: change your description of this item.

Love this microwave simple to use once you get used to the sheer variety of choices and a very good price.