Sharp R843 Combination Oven Microwave – Easy to use

Good looking , quite hard to get in to understanding the controls , use a short cut haven’t yet figured it out. ,very powerful better for a younger person to understand rather than a pensioner that hasn’t had computer lessons.

Good solid combi microwave, sleek and modern , user friendly. I am extremely happy with it.

The convection oven can give food a cardboard effect as its simply a microwave with a fan. Good automatic function for cooking pizzas. Microwave function is ok as expected.

Good microwave so far only let down had it a month and one segment on the display is faulty so the timebis wrong. When you open the door it comes back on strange.

Getting to know my lovely cobi-oven. Lovely as there is only me, but i could probably feed more.

Very easy to follow (learn) and well laid menu buttons and works quite well. The base (legs) could have had a bit more grip to hold on to the kitchen platform though, but the handle makes it easy to open the door without dragging the unit outwards.

Happy it’s got a doublessing gri’ll as all the latest models only has a top grill. Not as many auto functions as my last one. Potatoe setting does not brown them as they cook you have to grill the jackets after. Not as easy to use as last sharp model.

Easy to use, cooks everything perfectly. I like the fact you can adjust the times for cooking easily.

Works well just like the one i had before that finally gave up the ghost after 20 years. Slightly different in operation to the old one but you soon get used to the new ways. It seems to be just as well built as the old one.

My big oven broke, as i live alone i thought i’d try this instead. As it’s placed on the worktop i havet got to bend down for the oven.

We are very size restricted in the space we have in our kitchen for the microwave, having researched many microwaves we decided on this one as amazon list the depth as 39. 9 cm and we have 40cm maximum. It arrived today and the actual depth is nearly 50 cm so it would not fit into our microwave slot. We thought of returning it but as the microwave appears to be exactly what we want we decided to totally rearrange our kitchen to suit. We are initially very impressed with the microwave unit and the convection oven appears to be spot on to our requirements. If only amazon had got their act together with regards to the dimensions. Having said that i notice that a number of the descriptions of microwaves on amazon have silly sizes listed and one of the main questions appears to be, ‘what are the correct dimensions’. The true dimensions of this are 51.

Ok for most things but when grilling anything it takes forever because the food is too far away from the grilling element and i fail to see what good is the bottom grill element particularly when the turntable tray has to be in place when using. Wouldn’t buy another one like this.

Very pleased with this microwave bought to replace a 20 year old panasonic had it a few months now only thing that i can find negative is that there seems no vents for steem to escape so always land up with water inside after cooking rice,and vegetables which is why a 4 rating very easy to program. Here are the specifications for the Sharp R843 Combination Oven Microwave:

  • 900W Combination Microwave with dual Grill
  • Convection oven & 1200W dual grill for versatile cooking & baking
  • 10 Auto Menu options to simplify cooking
  • Kitchen Timer and Child lock
  • Stainless Steel cavity

Quite a large oven externally and internally. Not the most user intuitive combination oven i have ever owned and study of the manual needs to be carried out and followed but that is no easy task. The rotary control feels weak and flimsy so have little confidence the oven will still be working at warranty expiration. That said once you have worked out how to use the oven it works well on all operating functions although on microwave only the interior appears to steam up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not Bad
  • Brilliant. my big oven broke
  • the grilling element and I fail to see what good is the bottom grill element particularly when the turntable