Sharp YC-MG02U-S 20L 800W Digital Touch Control Microwave : Good value

Microwaving a bit small but efficient.

Fits nicely in my small kitchen, and looks good.

Bought to replace failed unit , works well with touch controls.

The timer dial isn’t accurate enough. Spend the extra couple of quid and upgrade to a digital timer. Apart from that, great microwave.

Excellent , could of done with a cook booknothing.

So pleased with this purchased it was a great price and it’s got a large oven space the door was a bit loud at first but it’s now fine just needed using a bit.

Lovely item, but still getting used to the idea that i can put metal trays inside. Something that a conventional microwave just would not be able to do.

  • Why must it beep so much?!

  • Really large and even cooking/defrosting

  • Newer model, easy to use

Sharp YC-MG02U-S 20L 800W Digital Touch Control Microwave with 1000W Grill – Silver

From the manufacturer




Sharp believe, that to be different, is to be bold.

Our latest products feature innovative technologies and creative designs for a remarkable user experience.

  • Market leaders in technology and design
  • Delivering the best solutions for customers and their homes
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Sharp Combi 800W Digital Microwave Oven & 1000W Grill


The SHARP YC-MG02U-S is an 800W microwave with a 100W grill and a digital touch control panel. It’s contemporary look will compliment your modern kitchen.

The blue LED display functions as a clock when the microwave is not in use and can also be used as a kitchen timer.

Easy to use with 11 power levels and 8 automatic cooking programmes.

Also features a 1000W grill that can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with the microwave for a perfect “browned” finish to your cooking.

  • 20L Capacity
  • 800W Microwave
  • 1000W Grill
  • Touch control panel
  • Easy to clean
  • Internal Dimension: 306mm x 304mm x 206mm
  • External Dimension: 440mm x 324mm x 258mm


Cooking Programmes

  • Popcorn
  • Jacket potato
  • Pizza
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Drink reheat
  • Plate reheat

This microwave is a great option if you are looking for an appliance for a small household.






It features a 20 litre cavity that can easily hold a large sized dinner plate and fits the 220mm grill rack.

Touch Control

The digital touch control panel makes selecting your programmes easy and along with the rest of the Microwave can be easily wiped clean.

Glass Turntable

Comes complete a 255mm removable glass turntable which is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

LED Display

An attractive blue LED display functions as a clock or kitchen timer when the Microwave is not active.

Sharp Sharp Sharp sharp Sharp Sharp
Capacity 20L 20L 20L 25L 25L 28L
Cooking Power 800W 800W 800W 900W 900W 900W
Panel Manual Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
Grill 1000W 1000W 1100W
Levels of Power 5 11 11 11 11 11
Automatic Programmes 8 8 8 8 8 8
Child Lock
Eco Function
Turntable Size 255mm 255mm 255mm 315mm 315mm 315mm
Ceramic Enamel Cavity

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Good looking, so easy to operate that you don’t even need instructions (although there are some). Does the job and grills too.

First i’ve had with a grill. Brilliant producttop quality.

Our old microwave, a sharp 23 lt, ‘died’ of old age. We decided to go for a 25 ltr and so bought this model, which also has a grill. It arrived sooner than expected and it didn’t take long before we were trying it out. It is worth reading the instructions before using it. We have not tried the grill out yet. It is bigger in size than our previous one but we are very happy with it.

Really happy with the purchase, easy to clean, the grill is fast and the combi programs makes everything easier and faster. Fits in small spaces, looks really good and is lighter than my previous ones.

A good looking microwave with timer and grill options which i have yet to use. Power strength is fine cooking most vegetables in 2 to 3 minutes. Easy to use with a good instruction booklet.

Product does what it is supposed to do in replacing an old miucrowave that died.

Lovely cheese on toast with no mess. Not sure i’d use the grill function for bacon or sausages (how would you clean up?) but fab for general browning. The only slight reservation so far is that the off/on control knob is hard to turn, relying on a strong finger grip and a rather slippery knob. However, the controls are easy to understand. And if one overturns them accidentally i gather it’s ok to push them backwards.

It’s a microwave, what to say?.

  • Why must it beep so much?!

  • Really large and even cooking/defrosting

  • Newer model, easy to use

Sharp YC-MG02U-S 20L 800W Digital Touch Control Microwave with 1000W Grill – Silver

I bought it as a present for my daughter and she is delighted.

This is a powerful microwave it seems to heat up food a lot quicker than our old one and the bigger size for fitting full size plates i’d helpful.

We are very happy with the purchase. The owen is very efficient and perfect so far.

Easy to use and very good product.

Does everything i expected and more. I wanted a 25 litre microwave as i found that i couldn’t fit some of my cooking dishes in to my old 20 litre. I bought this ahead of christmas to sort this problem out ahead of lots of cooking for friends and family. I didn’t expect i would use the grill as often as i have, great for reaheating food that would be crispy coming out of the oven.

Smaller than my previous 25l but bigger inside, easy so use and understand instructions.

I wish i’d got the bigger one though as this is a little small.

Liked the modern appearace and roomy capacity. Also ceramic coated interior v easy to wipe down. Didn’t like constant bleeps for every touch of keys nor the, sometimes, non responsiveness of the touch keys. If the door is left open to let moisture dissipate the interior light never switches off and the top of the microwave actually heats up alarmingly from the bulb if you forget to shut the door. The touch keys are hard to locate by feel alone as not raised or lit rendering the logos and text quite feint and closely grouped to easily read. As others have pointed out, having to always press microwave power level before setting the cooking time became a chore for me as i felt the 30s interval, instant on button would likely, eventually, wear out either the panel or the mechanism itself. There were many other aspects that frustrated rather than delighted me and my overall opinion was that it was too quirky and unintuitive. Finally, the reason this review is in the past tense is because the display started to intermittently fail after just 5 months and upon contacting sharp was told they no longer make or support this particular model themselves. They gave me the number of the servicing company that does support it who, after explaining the display issue advised me to return for a refund which i have successfully instigated through my amazon account via online chat.

Find it fast and quiet, havent used grill option yet. Only minor complaint would be that there are a cuple of bleeps about five minutes after using it.

Bought for an elderly parent and delighted.

Although this is a well made & good to look at product, it is very confusing & to be honest, a nightmare to operate. I think its going to take a long time before i get it to do what i want, when i want.

Exactly as described and you can trust this seller with refurbished items i would suggest.

Like the coffee and dinner plate images.

Easy to use as you would expect. Does the job, no touchpad, which i like.

It does what you would expect.

Nice microwave, lots of options although don’t know why before each use you have to select the power option.

Prosgreat defrosteasy to usehuge insideeasy to cleaneven heat in foodconstakes longer than my previous microwave though the heat is more evengrill is terrible – it doesn’t do anything, no effect even after extended recommended timeoverall, this microwave is an amazing buy for the money, so long as it lasts ok. We’re happy with the capacity, the even cooking and the thorough defrost. With other microwaves it’s easy to just blast and go and you have to be very cautious not to leave things too long whereas this one seems so steady and reliable, for example i defrosted 10 sausages and within 20 all were evenly and completely done without scalding and mushiness which is great. The digital display is really easy to use – simply press the times you want in increments of 10 minutes or 1 minute, or in 10 seconds. I think the size may actually help with the cooking as there’s plenty of space inside. I’m really happy with this and glad i went with the reviews that make this the top seller.

Easy to use ,replacing my old one which broke.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Microwave – this 800W microwave has a 20L capacity and comes complete with 8 Automatic Programmes and 11 levels of power
  • Capacity – with a 20 litre capacity, It can easily hold a standard sized dinner plate and it comes with a 255mm Removable glass turntable that is dishwasher safe
  • Cooking – Features 8 cooking programmes: popcorn, jacket potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, reheat drinks, dinner plate Plus time and weight defrost
  • Features – 1000W grill with grill only, grill & Microwave or microwave only setting. Full touch control electric panel, digital clock & kitchen timer, Eco function & Child safety lock
  • Design – modern handless design in a sleek Silver finish, complimented by a black door window & control panel with a blue digital LED display. Flat, easy to clean design