Shenzhen Jinshenda Trade Co., Ltc New upgrade Bluetooth earbuds : Brilliant for running and gym

Wish i’d have seen these before buying my apple ones.

Highly recommend this product. The aearbuds are very easy to use and fits perfectly in the ears. The sound is very good, i love the design and the presentation.

I was looking for a good earbuds to get rid of my old massive headphones for long time. Extremely comfortable, great sound quality, pretty good battery life, stylish design and excellent value for money. The battery case fits in any of my purses and is chargeable with the same usb charge cable as my mobile – what is really handy. The only thing i would suggest to improve in new versions would be the usb charge cable conector. It looks like the usb charge cable end is bigger than earbuds case entrance. My mobile usb charge does fit the case better. My friends’s birthday is coming up and i will get one for him as a gift.

I have been searching for years trying to get a convenient, light weight pair of gym headphones and i think my search is finally over. These headphone are convenient to charge, have a beautifully crafted hard case/charge station and well designed, secure in ear piece. The sound is good, but not high end, which is fine for the gym. I have yet to ‘burn in’ the headphones, by which time they may sound even better. Out of the box, you get a decent bass and mid, but that sparkly treble isn’t there, this may or may not come with sustained use, as i have found with other headphones. Overall this is an incredible buy, and great value, can easily recommend.

I like the sound quality and breathing light looks nice in dark.

The top came off and it’s very annoying but they are good.

I’ve had these a week now and all i can say is wow. The first impression is the great packaging and the solid build of the earphones in that lovely case that fits in your palm small enough you could lose it. Charging is usb so anywhere really. Pairing is painless and intuitive. Whats really cool is that once you take them out of their charging case they are on and paired. A ladies voice says ‘left channel connected’ ‘right channel connected’ on the respective earphone and thats it. I have an iphone so that controls the volume and the sound is magic. Deep solid bass, clear trebles, great mid range. Fits in the ear as is, no need for exchanging the ear plugs. Tapping the button on the earpiece once is start and one more time is stop.

Great sounding and even better if your player (android?) has an equalizer. Easy to pair with your device and each earpiece speaks when they connect. Wish they didn’t flash blue when connected, but minor gripe. Well worth your ca$h ladies and gents. I’m fussy about sound quality and these are the bees knees. One things for certain, bluetooth tech has come along way.

  • Perfect for gym
  • Great value for money!
  • Adding a new dimension to music

New upgrade Bluetooth earbuds with two mics built in each earbud, Bluetooth 5.0 earphones IPX5 Grade Waterproof, with charging case, Hi-Fi Bass noise cancelling for IOS and Android

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Bought these because the reviews were very good and the price was cheap. Had my heart set on airpods but couldn’t justify paying that much money. The quality of these exceeded the expectations, perfect sound, easy to connect, battery life is great and comfortable to use for long period. Have now purchased a second pair because my partner loved mine so much.

Good set of wireless earphones, look ok , sound reasonable, bluetooth connection works,.

The sound quality is absolutely fantasticlike it so much.

Good value, good quality and good outlook.

Nice quality earbuds for outdoors exercise and gym. I use it for when i work out, and the isolation is great i can barely heard other sounds when i’m using it, also like the design. Definitely will recommend to my friends, and it is very worthy for its price.

Great experiment of using this.

Left bud drooping out, now doesn`t work at all. I bought two sets, one as a gift, i can`t comment on second set.

  • Perfect for gym
  • Great value for money!
  • Adding a new dimension to music

New upgrade Bluetooth earbuds with two mics built in each earbud, Bluetooth 5.0 earphones IPX5 Grade Waterproof, with charging case, Hi-Fi Bass noise cancelling for IOS and Android

I’ve been impressed with these wireless earbuds. Convenient little case that can be used to charge them and as soon as you take them out of the case they’re ready to connect to the device. Pairing up with my devices with bluetooth was easy to do. The earbuds themselves are a comfortable fit, i’ve worn them when exercising and nice not getting caught up with a wire. The sound of the earbuds are as good as other earbuds i’ve owned previously.

This cylindrical-shaped earphone comes with a very beautiful bag, so you can take it wherever you go and don’t get lost. They are very well designed and the headphones are very good quality and are easily connected via bluetooth. I like this product, it is better than what i bought before.

I am very pleased with the purchase, i needed something that i could use whilst around the house so i could take calls whilst doing other tasks. It’s great on volume and the range is great. I left the phone in my bedroom amd went and put clothes out in the back garden and the quality was great. I will also be taking them to the gym as i feel they are quite comfortable in the ear, when i was trying out the music the sound quality was just amazing but i could move to far from the phone before it started to cut off. It fits the purpose of exactly what i needed and can pair up to my ipad when watching netflix or skygo. Great case, can pop in in ur handbag or pocket.

Fast delivery, great earpods.

Amazing headphonessound quality is perfect there are no issues with it at all,bass is fine, i dont like too much bass to be honest. When i go running they are perfect for it. Charging dock is so much easier than normal cable charging.

A long time ago, i wanted to have a good quality wireless headset, but it was very expensive. But this one is affordable,and this is a smart headphones. I got it on yesterday,after i try to used. It’s very light and the sound is superb,and it play 4 hours for the soft music. So i bought another one for my girlfriend, she is very happy.

I am extremely satisfied with this purchase here – great value for money with amazon prime and the next day delivery is a bonus. Bought this last week and i’ve been using the wireless earphones almost everyday – at the gym and also while commuting to work. If you’re wondering whether this works well with ios, fret not, as i’ve no problem connecting the earphones to my iphone 7 plus. The sound is great and the noise isolation is good enough for everyday use and commute. The battery is pretty great for such compact size – around 5-6 hours of usage a day and i don’t really need to charge the casing everyday. All in all, great product and this is probably going to be my top choice for christmas present giveaways this year end. Oh and did i say the casing looks really trendy too.

The design of the headphone attract me to give a try on it. When i first receive the headphone, i was like it looks gorgeous for me and the blue lights is my favourite colour. It is easy to pair with my phone and i use it to listen music when i go to the gym. Besides that, i use it as a bluetooth device while i’m driving. Both functions works well for me and i enjoy it a lot. Will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

They fit comfortably to my ears. It came extra pairs of spare earbuds. – the sounds quality is very clear and high tones. Even at high volumes the sound quality does not distort or change. – battery life is very long and the earphones can be charged up quite quickly. – they are perfect fit even for gym or out running.

What a stunning piece of equipment. I am a postman and these little earbuds get out through their paces every day and never fail to deliver. Very easy to set up, sound quality is astonishing and the icing on the cake is the charging case which is a thing of beauty. There are other earbuds out there for two of three times the price. Don’t waste your money, but these.

I bought this earphone after trying my friend’s similar one. I chose this simply because its design suits my taste. It was so easy to connect as it quickly connects with my iphone x as soon as i take it out from the charging case. The sound quality is very good and sound isolation is great too as i couldn’t hear anything else when the music is playing. I mainly used it at gym and it fits well and won’t fall. I am amazed by how much value this earphone offers. One minor thing i did realise is the touch-sensitive button. I sometimes mis-pressed the button (and the music stops) when i adjusting the earbuds on my ears. I need to press the button again to continue the music but this minor thing won’t put me off from it. In overall, i have used this earphone at gym for more than a week.

These wireless headphones are worth the price. The headphones are very comfortable to use. I have encountered the coolest wireless headphones so far, and their use is also very simple. I just opened them and then just searched on my phone and then finished. The sound quality is also very good. They are also easy to charge, and the battery can be used for 4 hours. I like this headset and use them to spend time while taking the subways, i really enjoy this way.

This is the product that my friend recommended me to buy as i was looking for a pair of bluetooth earbuds. I feel satisfied when i receive it because it has high quality of tone and low price (compare to the very famous brands). I’ll also recommend my friends to try, it’s a great product.

After reading a few of the lower starred reviews, i thought that i ought to wait a good few weeks to allow for any problems before writing my own review. I have had these earbuds for about 5 weeks now, and am so pleased with my purchase. I have never before owned noise cancelling earphones – and wow is it an eye opener. I’m hearing elements to well known songs that i had never noticed before, which is adding a whole new dimension. The earbuds are also super comfy, and very discreet. I work in digital marketing, so quite often plumb myself into my music and get on with my work. Would honestly recommend these to a friend, they come in a neat box, and i’m pleased with the battery life. Only one down point, sometimes the earbuds take a couple of attempts to connect to each other, but if you just pop them back into the charging tube and out again they normally sync no problem.

This set of bluetooth earbuds are great. I use them when doing exercises and they are not easy to fall. Also, it is fast and convenience to connect with my iphone x. The features of these earbuds are really better than other similar product. They are worth the price and i love them so much.

I got these to use in work and they are perfect. They replace my bluetooth headphones with a neck wire which weren’t that old but things move on fast. These ones are much better and it feels much more free to work out without a wire. They fit very snugly and do not move at all while i’m running. The sound quality is great and so far the battery life seems good too. The case they come in looks really smart.

The charging box broke after 2 charges. I am highly disappointed as i had only used them a few times. There is no other way of charging them either so they are no use and only a few months old. Not happy with the product at all. But he seller did give me a full refund no arguments.

I accidentally washed them with my clothes in the washing machine but afer a few days they were working again.

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