ShuOne KVM Extender 100m PoE 4K USB2 – Four Stars

Fast delivery and works we’llnot sure if sensor is rain proof when putting batteries in battery cover seems poor fit this could let rain in so i have put tape over the joints to prevent water ingress.

I’m sure some people receive defective units but mine works great. I put the sensor downstairs in my place and flip the switch so it’s silent during the day. When i go to bed i turn on the switch so it beeps if anyone passes by it. When its turned on it beeps every time someone passes it. I’m gonna get a sensor for the garage. Hopefully this thing will keep working as good as it does now a year later.

Had to mask out lens to reduce detection area and stop false alarms but working fine now. Wish i had bought one years ago.

Just put the batteries in and work out where you want to put it, and away you go. It chimes each time someone goes through the infrared sensor. It works, and was a reasonable price, and i’m happy with it.

Excellent however false alarms go off in direct sunlight.

Bought the mains adapter at same time to cut battery cost. You still need batteries in the sensor.

Good product well packaged and delivered on time, thank you.

Lets me know when anyone is coming up the drive, as well as when my dogs go down the drive. Bushes can set it off so you will need to play around a bit with where you position it, but once you have it right it is well worth the money.

For the price paid i can’t complain. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Use it for driveway and it works brilliantly. The outdoor unit i’ve sealed up with waterproof tape just in case, hides the unit better too since it’s white and sticks out on the front of my house. Takes some attempts to find best location.

Much better than the one system units you may not hear in your garrage.

Everyone should have one of these – if would reduce the amount of thefts from sheds or cars in half over night. The product seems well made and is easy to use. The batteries cost about £8 but should last a long while. I reduced the area of the sensor using sticky tape and a cheap matt black spray paint (£5). The new colour blends in better against a gate post (screw provided) and if placed 4/5 feet off the ground will not be set off by wildlife. I have a 50′ drive way and it reaches the receiver in the house – no problems. There has been heavy rain this week and it has survived it :-). Put it in on your driveway or in your shed, car, caravan, whatever is left outside when you are tucked up asleep. Far better this, than waking up to find someone has liberated you of your belongings.

Arrived on time and exactly as described – would only be better if you could switch off the outside monitor when not required to save the battery.

I ordered this product because of vandalism to my back window and wanted an alarm inside my house to alert me if someone entered my garden without cables needed to be drilled into my house wall. Its a great product with an alarm that will wake you even if you are a deep sleeper or set it to low flicking the switch. Here are the specifications for the ShuOne KVM Extender 100m PoE 4K USB2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【Support Full USB2.0 Extending】 Users can use all kinds of USB device such as U-disk, U-key, USB camera, USB earphone/microphone.
  • 【One-to-Many】It can work in video broadcast mode, send video data from 1 sender to 253 receivers. can be used as a point-to-point mode.
  • 【One Forward Audio Channel】 embed external stereo audio or microphone on sender side and broadcast to receiver.
  • 【Ultra Low Latency】extend and distribute HDMI signal via Gigabit IP network ultra-low latency<50ms with keyboard/mouse reverse control, which meet high-end customer's requirement.
  • 【Application scenario】Can be used in high-end home, office management, control center etc.

Will be triggered repeatedly by summer sun and bushes, shadows, leaves etc.

Easy to use and works very effectively even in severe weather. It does state that it may not pick up vehicles with cold engines but this is not the case, it is very sensitive and acknowledges any vehicle, person or large dog/animal that breaks the beam – definitely recommend this product. We use if for a long farmyard drive way and could not be happier with it.

This is great, just what i needed to protect my property just as long as it does not face the sun you are home and dry, yes it is fully weather proof as well. I placed it in such a way that it protects my drive. This is a great product for the price and would recommend it to anyone.

The driveway sensor is a great way to accomplish the goal of having an alert when you need it, for a small price , to my suprise the system is very reliable and has the sensor has an excellent sensitivity. The alarm is too loud and overbearing with the ability to have volume levels. Buy it, it works well and is a good value. If you want to monitor a large area, i would not recommend this unit. My cats have learned to run to the kitchen window when the alarm goes off so they can see what is outside. We searched all over for similar products that didn’t receive good reviews and cost a lot more money. This product earned its great reviews by doing what promised. We would buy this item again.

Obviously, i have only had this product for a very short time, but at the moment i find it to be very good, with a clear loud warning when activated.

Orderr was received on time and is as good as described.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for a back alley or enclosed back yard as well
  • For the price – very good indeed
  • Good alarm but could be better.

Excellent bit of kit with a good loud buzzer and good range. I use it in a hotel back entrance with the master unit in reception so we can tell if someone is coming in there. Works superbly even through the walls. Needs three batteries as does the second unit unless you use a transformer.

This is a great security product. Works as expected- used for security to put in places i could not always see while working– has decent range. It alerts you when someone comes onto your property. Good product to help notify insiders to people or animals outside. I would recommend this product to others who want to know when someone or something is outside. Would order another in a future date if needed.

This is a great little device. I have used it in the garden to detect the presence of animals. It is very sensitive even over 15 metres especially in a straight line which makes sense for a driveway alert. The batteries are still working fine after more than 3 months. Although c cells are specified for the alarm (indoor) unit i found it easily accepts the more common and cheaper aa cells. Good purchase and good service.

Simply brilliant product and features. I have a council lock up 15 metres away from my house and it transmits a beep in my house with no worries. If anyone goes in my garage, i will know about it.

We have a clothes dryer in out garage which requires door to be left open to allow expelled moisture/exhaust. This leaves garage contents unprotected. This device is simply brilliant in resolving problem. The sensor, in the garage, picks up any human activity and sends signal to the base station located in house, some 25 metres away. It has two sound levels low and high. On either it cannot be missed. Of course, it also act as an alarm should the secured garage be subject to a burglary.

This was good but had to return it as i purchased the wrong one. Received a replacement very quickly, though.

Have bought cheaper, inferior driveway alerts before and have found them to stop working very quickly the ideal security,. Wireless safety alert device works great. I’m able to hear the alarm at a good distance , product does exactly as it is supposed to do and is easy to assemble. Has proven to be very effective.

After reading all the pro and con aspects of the driveway patrol sensor andreceiver kit i think it is worth the purchase price. I am using it as astorage room buzzer so i know when someone enters my store, and it worksmost of the time. Put the batteries in, aim the sensor andviola, it connects. In this installation the sensor is 100′ away throughtrees and the wall of the house, and still there is no problem. Item was aspromised, i like it and it is very reliable. I was fortunate enough to haveboth sensors work fine. I’ve read some do, some dont. I plan on getting apower adaptor. That’s the only thing that’s not included and should be.

Great as a shed alarm, let’s me know if anyone goes in there.

Excellent delivery serviceproduct easy installation and works fine.

I bought this to put at the back of the house where we have two sheds full of ‘overflow|’ from the house and garden tools. We already have good coverage from cctv but needed an alarm that triggers if anyone is around the back. I mounted it quite high so that pets etc would not trigger it and also pointing at one of the sheds (around 3mts away) initially it triggered too often and i think this is due to the wide range catching movement through a fence. I made a ‘mask’ which directed the sensing ‘beam’ more straight out as i wanted to catch any human passing by and the unit is performing admirably (a few false alarms but only on sunny and windy days) i would rather have a false alarm that a missed alarm :-).

We have a long driveway and it let’s us know when visitors arrive.

Brilliant piece of kit, glad i got it.

Magic for me, with the sender at the front door, the device is activated 20metres down the garden, might even move the sender to the driveway entrance it seems so responsive.

This alarm is working great after much experimentation finding a good location. I have hearing difficulties and needed to know when there was someone at my door. And the flashing lights are ideal for this purpose. Initially i was getting a lot of false alarms but by placing the sensor between blinkers to narrow the beam these were eliminated. My only criticism and the reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is the fact that there is no swivel on the sensor and the beam cannot be raised or lowered. This would have made setting up a lot simpler.

I have used it as a alarm for my backdoor.

Excellent value, good working order and very quick delivery.

I am so impressed with this alarm. After having a motion sensor alarm, with lots of false alerts, i was reluctant to shell out more money for another alarm that might not live up to advertising. I hate not knowing when someone drives in. I have not had a single false alarm to date. It only goes off when a car enters my driveway-just as described. All in all, a very good product. Didn’t have to run any wiring for the unit everything it said about it, is true.

Alarm is not very loud and once activated only beeps for a few seconds.

Does exactly what it states it does. I can’t understand where some of the bad reviews came from. If you follow the simple instructions, it works great. If a vehicle enters my driveway i am alerted—works great–zero false alarms , having a confident warning of vehicles on the driveway is very satisfying. They want eight more words but what more can you say about something that works perfect.

Only thing is i’d expected the external sensor to have an electrical socket for use with adaptor (as the description says), but found only the internal alarm has a socket. This means i can only use batteries, unlike the previous make i had, which i used an adapter with & never had to worry about batteries.

Works really well, i’ve got it in our garden next to our cabin,sometimes windy days set it off but it’s no big deal. Certainly worth having one for peace of mind from potential dodgy people out there.

Great price, versatile easy to use product, quick delivery. The units are attractive, weighty with the batteries, and do the job. I have the sensor in the garage to sense that my wife is home so i can go out there to help her inside. (she uses a wheelchair and needs help up the ramp. ) the alarm receiver is in the house. I keep it on low, the high setting is too high. Instructions gave recommendations on how and where to mount for the most effective and accurate use. The set up was very easyit worked the first time and has been working great ever since. Also an added feature is a light flashes with the audio single so when i am operating a machine i can see the light flashing i take the receiver and set it in front of me when there is noise in the shop. I can see the flashing light at each machinenot sure if the more expensive sensors have less false alarms or not, but i would, and have, recommended this to some of our neighbors.

Arrived promptly and works well, as advertised.