Shure SE215-CL-E Sound Isolating Earphones : Great Headphones

I go through at least one pair of headphones a year as they always keep breaking, losing sound in one of the earphones, apparently this is because the wire inside the cable breaks. So, i bought these a year ago, after googling ‘durable headphones’. So far, they’ve lasted longer than any other pair of earphones i’ve had. I should note, i treat them like s***, i tug on them from the bottom of my bag, even chew on them and they’re still alive. Main use is for the gym, they stay in my ears and are pretty much sweat resistant, sounds quality is decent too.

I bought these to replace my trusty old shure e2cs which were starting to fall apart after years of use. The bass is much firmer, yet the mid-range detail is still there. The sound isolation is also much better.

These are one of the best earphones i have ever had,on a par with my audeo perfect bass 012 for clarity and comfort. It takes a while to get used to the method of inserting them in your ears,which involves a bit of twisting but once in they are very secure and comfortable. Sound is excellent with good bass which is not over the top,great mids and highs with vocals crystal clear. Build quality is superb,they feel solid and well made with a nice thick cable. The extra plastic surrounding the wires near the earphones is for making a loop to go around the ears,this is a bit annoying really and i would have preferred a detachable option,but its only a small gripe. Overall i would recommend these to anyone wanting good quality earphones. These have become my daily use earphones with my akg q701 as my household headphones and in my mind is very close to the perfect combo for my ears .

Simply perfect, even having issues with other earphones of any type, like plugs popping out all the time, this set is fantastic, very comfortable and stays in from the first attempt. Volume is very high and the quality of the sound is stunning. Seriously recommend and worth the price, bargain.

I have been using these every day for a month and they are brilliant. The main reason i bought them was to use at work and they are fantastic. The sound quality is very good for the price but the biggest selling point is in how comfy they are. I regularly wear these for 7 hours a day and dont experience any discomfort. They also suffer very little audio leakage which means that no one around the office can hear them unless i turn the sound up to a ridiculous level. In general i am very happy with them and would reccomend them to anyone looking for a decent pair of in ear headphones to use all day.

I use these on my 883 iron and they are invaluable for protecting my hearing from engine and wind noise. As expected from shure the fidelity is top notch and comes with a wide number of interchangeable plugs to suit any ear. I especially like that the earphones themselves are detachable from the cable, so that in the event that you damage it you can simply just get a replacement without forking out £75 for a new set.

Great quality sound, come with foam tips for a bit more bass if that’s what you’re into. I think though that [consumer level earbuds are never going to be a bassy as over-ears. Great that you can swap out the cable for earbuds of this price point. Clear colour is interesting to look at and makes me feel like a secret agent when wearing :). ]

I bought these earphones to replace the standard ones supplied with my ld wireless in ear monitor system which i use in the band i play in. They took a bit of getting used to and were a bit fiddly to get in my ears at first but now i’m used to them it’s no problem. They are perfect for the band, they are comfortable to wear and provide a good quality of sound and although they cancel out a lot of extraneous sound, i can still hear well enough to carry out a conversation whilst wearing them, albeit a bit muted. In all i would definitely recommend these earphones.

  • This price range is tricky
  • Great Sound,Great Comfort,Great Value
  • Excellent sound

Shure SE215-CL-E Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear

Style Name:SE215 Clear
Product Description, The SE215 delivers detailed sound with enhanced bass. A detachable cable with formable wire enables easy replacement and a secure, comfortable fit onstage or on-the-go. Sound Isolating sleeves in multiple sizes provide up to 37 dB of isolation and a customized fit.

From the manufacturer

Sound isolating earphones deliver detailed, warm audio alongside effective sound isolation. They feature Dynamic MicroDriver technology and soft, flexible sleeves in multiple sizes to block 90% of background noise.

SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

  • Dynamic MicroDriver produces a warm, detailed sound with resonant bass
  • Detachable, durable reinforced cable
  • Sound isolating design blocks up to 37 dB of ambient noise
  • Fit Kit with various sizes of foam and silicone sleeves provides sound isolation and optimises bass response
  • Over ear configuration keeps cables out of the way
  • Gold plated MMCX connector with lock snap mechanism allows 360-degree rotation for comfortable fit

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These headphones really are excellent for the price. Bass is clear and punchy, although maybe not quite as much of it as i’d like – easily fixed with a slight eq nudge. Highs are clear and the overall tone is warm but not muddy. While a lot of the earphones at the £30-40 price point i’ve bought before only came with rubber tips, these also come with some very comfortable foam buds in 3 sizes, which i find much better. The sound isolation is very good, and while the cable-over-the-ear style can take a bit of getting used to, once you’ve got it how you like it it’s very secure and fairly comfortable. My only hitch was that the connection between the cable and headphone on the right ear became unreliable – sound would start to cut out when the cable was at certain angles. This happened after about 6 months, which, while not ideal, is longer than a lot of my other headphones have lasted. I can’t make too much of a judgement on the durability from one pair. In any case, after sending them back to shure, i received a brand new replacement pair within a week, no fuss. Good service and a 2 year warranty makes up for the fault with my pair, in my book.

So, i’ve been through quite a few different headphones for different reasons. I bought a pair of sound magic e10s, which sound quality is amazing, but i found the drums stuck quite far out of my ears, which meant any exercise / cycling mean a lot of fiddling to keep the seal / sound. My brother bought a pair of shure se215s and after my own research i came to the same conclusion. I agree with a lot of reviews here, saying they are ‘fiddly’ at first to get right, and you do need to get them right. Once you do, easy in and out and the sound is pure. Mids, highs and bass (i listen mainly to electro house, but have classical, pop, rap etc) i now actually have the volume turned down at least 25% less that previous headphones. Sound cancelling is great 60-70% i reckon without music on. At this price, just buy them. During my research the shure model above this one, ‘lacks bass’ so if you like hard bass, these cheaper pair are the ones for you.

Been gigging for a while with these now, i’m a solo singer and guitarist, the difference is amazing. Before i had these after a gig my voice would be sore and nearly gone, but using these has made a big difference, there’s no my strain and i can hear everything perfectly. They’re comfortable, clear sounding and affordable compared to other models. It’s a must for anyone gigging or even someone who want’s a decent set of earphones just for music, these are an all rounder.

I’m normally used to by over ears headphones, i was never really satisfied with in ears, they usually tend to never hold but these ones are amazing. It took me a little to understand how to wear them, but after reading the guide, the sound is great at all frequencies (basses and trebbles), the sound isolation beats several of of my previous headphones.

For £74 you can’t actually grumble, as these are a good little set of in ears for that price. The plastic wrap around the ear is not great, but does do a purpose, but i had the 115’s before and they didn’t need it. So not sure why these ones do, even if the angles etc are slightly different. Bought shure again as they are a good sound, and i listen to all sorts. Plus the last pair i had survived 5 years before needing to be replaced – i just hope i get the same out of these. Wires long, and that’s another feature i preferred on the 115’s, as that had an adaptor in the middle. I’ll need to wrap these up a bit, because i’ve got a good 30cm worth i don’t need – but i guess this is just my preference and not a major talking point.

Bought these to use as in-ear monitors as a trumpet player. Ended up also using them as my primary pair of headphones as so comfortable and sound quality so good. My first pair lasted 4 years constant use before the cable broke (could’ve just replaced cable but decided to go for a whole new pair and keep old earpieces as spares).

I consider myself to be a moderate audiophile, not so hardcore but i really do appreciate good quality sound as well as at good prices and this is what i found here. I have had these headphones for over 4 months now and i can’t say i have had any problems with it. The wires are incredibly sturdy and reinforced so as to not break due to tugging or twisting. The headphones themselves are detachable allowing for cheap replacement of the unlikely-to-fault wires instead of replacement of expensive headphones. They come with an abundance of different earpieces to fit a wide range of different sized earholes. At times they can be uncomfortable if worn in a slightly offset position but are comfortable at most times after hours of wear. These headphones are very balanced. They will deliver the bass, crisp and punchy, whilst giving you the highs and mids very clearly. The bass will never drown out any of the sound.

Firstly, these are fantastic headphones. The sound quality is amazing and is up there with the best headphones i’ve owned. The cable is a really nice material and doesn’t curl up like some annoying materials. There also the most comfortable headphones i’ve ever owned. If you set them up right (i’ll get to this) then you don’t even feel like your wearing them. The sound isolation is also amazing. Perfect for commuting or in loud areas where you want to zone out and just enjoy music. I bought them because of the good reviews on the bass and it is very clear. Now the reasons why it didn’t get 5 stars. They are a pain to ‘set-up’ to fit your ears.

  • This price range is tricky
  • Great Sound,Great Comfort,Great Value
  • Excellent sound

Shure SE215-CL-E Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear

The sound is perfect; they really are 80-odd quid’s worth of earphone. They could do with smaller fittings though; i have quite small ear canals and even the smallest ones provided are too big, so are a struggle to get in and stay there.

I bought these earbuds as i commute 3hrs a day and was weary of using stock apple or samsung headphones which i find uncomfortable and suffer from too much bleed from background noise. In the past i have purchased custom moulded silicone earphones so i already knew what ‘good looks like’ to make a comparison. After much deliberation i bought a pair of 215s and am delighted with them, i’ve found a comfortable fit out of the box and also purchased an aftermarket bluetooth headset which removes trailing wires which are an annoyance on a train. The earbuds block out all unnecessary background noise and sound quality is excellent with decent bass, mid and treble performance at half the volume previously.

My second pair of sure earphones, my last pair of lasted a couple of years then failed at the cable jack connection as most in-ears do – i’m hoping the new detachable cable will give me longer use of these – i am a fan of the ‘over-the-ear’ formable cables that work well to keep the earbuds firmly in the ear (at least they do in mine). The 215’s are good enough for general commuting use, not hugely detailed treble (which is probably better for your ears at the high ‘commuter’ volume) and sometimes a little flabby in the midrange, but with the correct ear-tips, base is clear and ‘thumping’ enough for everything from iggy azalea’s ‘fancy’ to kid ink’s ‘main chick’ and jess glynne’s ‘right here’. The lack of separation shows up most with acoustic tracks, sam smith’s acoustic version of ‘latch’ and sara bareilles ‘gravity’ suffer somewhat, but overall, these are amazing earphones from a trusted source for under £70.

For audiophiles on a budget, runners, musicians, or anyone who wants to experience their music without the cacophony of the outside world interfering, these iems are a must. None of that artificially enhanced booming bass here, just your music, as it was mastered. I find these exceptionally good for listening to classical and acoustic music with, but can also handle metal and hip-hop without a problem. The fit of these earphones may take some getting used to if you are more accustomed to earbud-style earphones, but once you work out how to put them in properly, they are much more comfortable and can be used for hours without fatigue. All in all, i would highly recommend these iems as the best in class at this price point.

Everything about the order went fine and the earphones are great so far. I wanted these since i break standard ones pretty quickly. The finish on these is ideal, with highly reinforced connection points and tangle free wire. Can’t fault them in any way.

The 5 stars are more for amazon than shure. The left side speaker worked intermittently and when it did, was half the volume of the right side. Next day replacement sent by amazon and the new pair are fine. Good sound quality and comfortable fit, i just hope they are durable. I’ll post an updated review after i used them as iem’s for a while.

These are the best headphones i have ever owned i have only used them for about an hour and i know that i made the right choice. They are built well, fit comfortably, sound amazing and come with all the accessories you could need. The sound is crystal clear and punchy throughout the entire sound range, and although a true audiophile would tell me these are rubbish compared to the se535 earphones it is like comparing a sporty vauxhall with a formula one car in both cost difference and what you would need to make the most of it. If i have one complaint it is that as they have replaceable cables you can’t choose a 4-pin plug with inline mic cable as this would make them the only headphones that i would ever use, even if wasting their quality on voice calls seems like sacrilege.

Ive had bose and klipsch, all though i was happy with those 2 headphones. I must say that these are awesome, love them. Worth paying that extra for a quality pair of in ear headphones.

It blocks ambulance sirensit’s really good for long flights or taking a public transport. Like with everything you have to get used to putting them in – but it’s well worth it because music sounds amazing.

I have owned loads of headphones and been a big fan of etymotic in ear headphones 2x er5i and 2x hf5. Having now bought bose qc15 for my main commuter headphones, i only use in ear for the gym. Unfortunately i lost my etymotic headphones a couple of weeks ago so having been looking now for a number of weeks. I was really torn in terms of sound quality i was after, i love the accuracy of the etymotic but getting base meant inserting them so far into my ears that i was prone to ear infections.I love the fully sound of the bose qc15 and of course the noise isolation and comfort. I also wanted good build quality given the gym use. Now finally to the choice, well etymotic hf3/hf5 was on the list, so was bose mei2i, and also the new bose sei2i. Almost all others were discounted due to the build or feel of the build and wasn’t looking to go much over £100. I initially discounted these due to the lack of control talk and a poor and expensive control talk add on. So decided i wanted comfort , healthy ears , and more accessible base, i went and listened to both bose phones.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • Evolved from technology road-tested by Musicians to perform in the most demanding of environments
  • Featuring sound isolating sleeves that block out up to 37db of background noise
  • The low-profile lightweight design makes the SE215 comfortable to wear
  • A formable Kevlar cable helps ensure a secure fit whilst an over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way.
  • Available in Clear, Black and White (with microphone)