Shure SE425-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones : Great set of earphones

I had used etymotic earphones for a number of years but when my second set failed the same way as the first i realised i needed something else. The shure ones seemed to be a very good set with little chance of failing in the way the etymotics did, so i bought them. Having used them for almost a month i know they will take some damaging. A fine purchase if you like earphones as opposed to headphones.

These are my second set of shure earphones, the first are still in use after 10 years but they don’t work at high altitude anymore hence my purchase of these for plane journeys. . These headphones sound great. Three years of use from these now and they are still awesome. Lovely deep controlled bass rather than boomy. The rest of the frequencies are spot on as well and much clearer than cheaper £50 headphones. That said the difference in price is still quite high. One advantage is the exchange service that shure offer. If you damage an earphone you can unclip it and send it away for replacement. A £90 service but better than throwing a £200 set away.

Found it difficult to justify the cost but now are my go to phones (just wish the 535s weren’t so pricey else i’d upgrade). To get the best of these phones three things you really must do1. Be patient and run them in for a while2. Try the different supplied ends (foam or rubber) and find those that’ll give a good isolation from external noise3. Make sure to put them in the correct ear (they are left and right specific)the bass is never heavy but if you think the bass is light then it’s a good chance one of the three points above has been missed. Knocked down one star as could do with a little more weight to the bass.

These are an absolutely outstanding pair of iems. Sound quality is unlike anything i’ve previously heard with superb highs and mids however may be slightly lacking in bass depending on your personal preferences, however this is easily overcome with the aid of a small headphone amplifier which i would highly recommend if you wish to get the best out of these earphones. The sound is clear and natural and you will not be disappointed. The detachable cable is an excellent feature and something that is rarely seen at this price meaning that should your cable fail on you, and thankfully mine hasn’t yet, it can easily be replaced with minimum fuss. If you are not used to the wrap around style of these earphones then you may require a bit of time to become accustomed to it however after about a weeks use you would barely notice it. I would highly recommend these earphones for anyone who is an avid listener of music and any musicians looking to monitor their sound whilst performing.

I wear spectacles and this doesn’t bother and detract me from using. This is a very decent build quality and i doubt we will have problems with it. Excellent quality of sound and good noise isolation allows for a very enjoyable experience. If you compare this to seinheisser momentum (has them for 2-3 years and finally broke) this is far superior. I also bought bose in-ear noise cancellation and returned. It was useless as it kept coming out. All in all, would highly recommend. Unless you want to buy the next one up but it’s a lot more money so i compromised and went for this.

I used to own the se215 clear earphones and thought they were fantastic. Unfortunately i lost them and had to replace them. After reading lots of online reviews i decided that an upgrade was worthwhile. The se425 headphones are incredible and the sound and quality of the earphones is unparalleled. They feel much more durable than the se215s which i had over many years and received at 2 replacements throughout that time under warranty in faults. The 425’s are clearly much more durable and have so far lasted me very well. The sound quality is brilliant, richer and deeper compared to the 215s, the noise isolating is as good if not better than the 215s. I own a pair of shure 1540 headphones and honestly think these guys rival the sound quality and offer much better isolation when in ear, they’re a really great set of earphones and are very much capable of lasting many years.

I have just opened it, and my immediate impressions were that it’s very uncomfortable. I’ve 535’s, 315’s and 215’s over the last few years. (i’ve tried to may, as i’ve lost two of them) the 535’s are all-round fantastic, but pricey. The 315 fit comfortably, and still suonds pretty good. The 425’s are good stage earphones perhaps, but you can’t put them on easily if you’re in a rush as you have to wedge them in, and they hurt on the inner ear at times.

As my 425’s have just passed the 2 year mark i thought id write a review to feedback on long term use and warranty cover. These come with 2 year warranty and i’ve had my original pair replaced twice under warranty- both with cable/connection faults. I was unsure whether shure would replace the cable (in case they saw them as being consumables as opposed to covered by the warranty) but on both occasions my old pair was swapped out for a new retail boxed pair. The 180 cost is easier to take if you can be confident that they will last at least two years. This makes them comparable in price to my old sennheisers which i replaced every 6 months or so. The quality of the accessories with the newest pair seems cheaper than those previous (though i see their own brand foams now have wax guards) and the cables now feel softer. The originals being very firm and rigid cables. Both my faults occurred around the wired piece of the cable which goes behind the ear and it makes sense to me that the softer cable might be better. (the wire snapped/broke the plastic on my old pairs at this point). Warranty cover with shure was good.

  • Durable, quality sound for a moderate price, worth it!
  • Worth every penny
  • Worth the money and perfect listening experience

Shure SE425-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones

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I bought se215 2 yrs ago and they developed faults 3 times, shure were really good and replaced them every time. I had a driver fail twice and the cable once. The cable is very strong and i am heavy user, but still they managed to develop a fault. After the 3rd set failed after only 6 month i gave up on the se 215 model. Shure gave up on me as well telling me they were out of warranty (2yr) from original purchase. Fyi the cable is the same on all models to my knowledge. Anyway what do i think of my upgraded set. Well my work colleague has the se315 and i thought they were a good 20% better than my old se215s, but the se425 are in a different league again. Powerful, precise are the words i choose. A good 40% better than my old se215.

I mislaid my earlier set and upgraded to these. They keep external noise out, work at low volume and save my ears with a full frequency response. I have always made sure that my hearing is not overloaded so that i continue to hear the slightest whisper. These earphones have helped me to continue with this requirement.

Very clear sound and good low frequency delivery. The se425s give an enjoyable sense of space and reduce the intrusion of outside noises significantly without electronics. There is so much choice of earbuds it takes a while to find the best fit but the result is excellent – even spock could find one.

I don’t often write reviews for items but feel i must for these iem’s whilst i didn’t get them from amazon i did buy another pair of headphones from amazon i am a self confessed headphone junkie. The others were the akg 702’s, an open back over ear design. I had always coveted shure iem’s but they were always out of my price bracket, i had chance to buy these in an open box sale so did, at first they were disappointing, as stated by others lacking in the lower frequencies, however the midrange was something to behold, and the top end crisp clear and defined. This made me think is it my other bits that the shures are showing the weaknesses of. I was using a samsung galaxy s6 to play music fro amazon prime, and stuff i had transposed to the device was encoded mp3 at 256 kbs. As is the amazon prime music downloads. The samsung s6 has a pretty decent a to d converter chip, and plays music really well but its lack of sd card slot means the 64 gb gets eaten up quick. So i chopped the phone in for a htc 10 now this device is a music playback hero, ess supplies the separate chip and a separate amp provides so much more power my fiio mont blanc is not being used. It has an sd card slot capable to 2tb. So portable device sorted, headphones sorted, what to do with music files, after some many hours comparing, and googling i have discovered two windows media player 12 doe a stellar job of ripping cd’s, quick easy and all info metatagged instantly. I ripped to flac and windows lossless, perfect quality sound. Then using a free codec converter fre:ac transposed them to wma pro 10 at 44khz 16 bit 256 kbs. There is no way on earth i can tell the difference between the flac file cd or the wma pro file. I downloaded vlc to play the music as amazon music does not support wma.

Excellent earphones and fast delivery.

Still going strong with use every day. Easy to put in, foam ear things last ages. Can’t quite lie with my head on the pillow, as the fit is affected and sound on the pillow ear is lost, but this is minor.

In my spare time i am a musician and i think i have fairly well tuned ears. I own a pair of shure 535’s with custom moulds. So much so that i have ended up ‘keeping them for best. ‘ i bought the 425’s to use as my everyday set. If you want pure sound quality over and above anything else then shure is the obvious choice. The soundstage is immersive. The sound is neutral and detailed without any horrid bass boost features. The fit of the 425’s is perfect for me. I don’t think i’ll bother with customs moulds for these as the fit is so good.

The detail these headphones deliver is nothing short of amazingyou get your selection of great tips/plugs and can get a really great fit (or go and get your custom-molded tips from averysound). You can hear about the ‘neutral’ sound and great detail of these iems everywhere so i won’t re-iterate those in detail. I knocked off one star due to the high cost and due to low quality check. I received a pair where the right driver had an issue on some frequencies (either an issue with the crossover or a faulty installation of the driver). I needed to send the iems back and received a new pair which work perfectly but i would expect ‘perfect’ devices especially at this price point from the start.

  • Durable, quality sound for a moderate price, worth it!
  • Worth every penny
  • Worth the money and perfect listening experience

Shure SE425-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones

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