Shure SRH840-E Professional Closed-back Studio & Hi-Fi Headphones : Better than all the headphones I have ever owned and listened too

Awesome & outstanding headphones, 100% recommended. Comes with locking coil cord. The only thing that i don’t like is the external wires attached to the speakers, they can be caught on things quite easily and could snap. For sound quality i gve them a 5 star rating.

You won`t find better headphones for the price. They may be heavy but they`re not designed to wear them on the street, but for studio.

Took a while to get them (thanks to hdn), but boy were they worth the wait. Very comfortable although they don’t look it. Reasonably neutral, accurate base. Go for it, can’t go wrong really.

Excellent sound quality and very comfortable to use when recording tracks – able to distinguish vocals clearly and different elements.

I compared these directly side by side with audio technica ath-m50’s and although these shures had better mids and highs, they couldn’t touch the m50’s down low. Apart from that they are very very well constructed but do look a little odd when you wear them – i would recommend the m50’s over these, but only because they are cheaper and have a better bass. I would choose these shures if you a. Like a bit more clarity and b. You don’t wear them in public.

Really pleased with headphones, great sound but i expect an even better sound once bedded in. Nice quality, comes with re-placement ear pads, great price as were around £200 not long ago. I bought the replacement straight cable as well (£16. 99) as coiled cable is a bit restrictive. Fits nicely on head and is very comfortable. I would recommend these as a very high quality item at a very good price.

I have been using these headphones for a while and i have to say, they are simply amazing. The lows are so strong and highs are very sharp. Mids are amazingly hearable and when you put these bad boys on, you really think the music you’ve been listening to for years is new music, you won’t recognise them. I’ve been a user of headphones for a long time. I started with my dad’s old headphones that were brown and looked like pilots’ headphones. I’ve tried many headphones, but the shure headphones win by a mile. They are quite light, very grippy and comfortable, the color is pure black, they have l/r indicators (colourful ones actually), the cable is long and the build is absolutely top notch.

If you are in any doubt about buying these then i would say don’t be. The build quality is fantastic and the clarity of the sound is just mind blowing. I feel as though i don’t want to take them off. I have a very wide variation in my musical taste and i am just amazed at how much i have been missing out on over the years, while listening to some of my favourite tracks i am now hearing instruments that i never knew were there. I don’t think they are too great at the really heavy thumping bass tunes, they can handle it but i think there may be better out there but for rock/classical/folk/dance/electronic they are absolutely fantastic.

  • Well worth the money
  • Amazing Headphones
  • Srh 840

Shure SRH840-E Professional Closed-back Studio & Hi-Fi Headphones, precisely tailored frequency response for rich bass, clear mid-range and extended highs, detachable cable, collapsible, black

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Didn’t expect much for the price, was i in for a surprise?sound is a+mazing. Comparable to my old £300 pair. Bought after a very good discount for a spare pair of headphones just to have them as my new main drivers. Pros:nice crystal clear sound +++deep bass ++can go pretty loud with descent amp. +price +++cons:headband of hellits as soft as wood. Only reason my score is 1 star shy of perfect is the headband. In my opinion better than audiotechnika 50s.

These are outstanding headphones. I tested them thoroughly in different conditions and with the wide range of music genre(from classical,jazz,r&r,swing to heavy metal,r&b and club music),and the result was always amazing natural sound. You will be able to hear every single detail recorded in the song,that otherwise you won’t ever hear on your speakers. I even managed to pick up some mistakes made by some producers. The sound is so great that i had impression i was sitting next door to real musicians. Also there was no any pain or headache after hours of listening to the music. These are top quality built headphones though some wiring could have been designed better. With the respect to my old bose headphones i can only say that shure srh840 are the best headphones i ever owned. They simply have heart and soul.

Looked for ages for some good headphones for both ipad and piano playing, i can safely say these are a very very good choice as i type i’m listening to stanton lanier bread of angels and it sounds amazing.

The headphones just ooze quality. They are reference headphones made for professionals who wear them for hours at a time so you know they are going to be comfortable. The sound even straight out of the box knocks spots off my £30 toys and when i crank them up i get pure music at loud volume instead of a load of muggy muddy distortion. They will sound even better when they are burned in. Incidentally, i was pretty ignorant about the burning in process and got the following helpful reply from a forum elsewhere when i asked about the process:”when a product is new any moving parts will be slightly stiff, headphones create sound through use of a vibrating diaphragm which moves thousands of times in just a few seconds. The diaphragm is designed to keep this up for years (10 – 20 if you’re lucky) and i believe not being used to this movement the sound produced is a little “hard” at first. Comparing a brand new, just out of the box headphone to the same model with a few hundred hours listening time bares this out. The new headphone has a certain lack of subtlety and normally seems to have more treble and less bass – as the new headphone gathers more listening time an increase in sound stage is normally noticed too”. I listen to a wide range of music including, rock, folk, jazz, blues, ambient, world music and classical. I also use headphones on my electric guitar amplifier and everything sounds so much cleaner and crisper.

If you want cans to look cool/good buy beats but if you want them for a fantastic sound then look no further than these, a great sound.

Great all round sound, very balanced and do nothing wrong. They pick out a lot of detail in your music and i can see them being equally good in the studio or for general listening. One of the best headphones i have. I have the senn hd 650, yamaha mt220, akg k55, philips shp9500, philips x1, meze classic 99 and many other £100+ sets and say the sound of the shure 840 pips them all as it is just such a good all rounder. Bass is tight and very well controlled. It is accurate and although reaches good depth, it won’t satisfy bassheads imo. Mids are detailed and airy, have a slight warmth and instruments sound very natural. Treble has the same accuracy and is never bright. Even with the slight warmth, nothing is missed from your music.

I’ve had these for some time now, almost a year, and i, as well as others, are incredibly impressed with these monitor headphones. I’ve tested these through the various types of genres; dub-step, metal, rock, dance, trance, djent etc, tested on surround sound and films, and played with the frequencies within all types of media. They re-create frequencies insanely well especially the bass, and don’t fart and break up at all, however for common sense reasons i haven’t exceeded the volume threshold of pain for testing, that would be just stupid. . For the bass line junkies out there. My god these things tickle your ears when you turn up the bass (physically and literally speaking) seriously buy them, burn em in, turn up the bass, and drop that beat, you shall not be disappointed. . They are fantastic for mixing and mastering, provided you have a good reference track (a song of similar properties) in your master, and the 3d sound from panning and surround sound is incredible, close your eyes and it really does emulate room position very well. For those like me, who cannot mix and master on monitors for location and noise purposes, these headphones are a life saver, if lost or stolen i would instantly replace these with another set. They provide clear lows and crisp highs and and fantastic for fine tuning tracks, such as eliminating noises fom mixes or fine tuning frequencies, panning etc. Basically well worth the price i paid.

I must admit, in the first few days i had these ‘phones, i genuinely thought about sending them back. The sound was rather tinny and lacked bass. However, taking on-board the numerous comments regarding the burning-in of headphones, i left them running non-stop for a good few days, maybe 4 or 5 days in total. The sound quality has significantly improved now to a point where i will definitely keep them. Potential buyers should be aware though, these are studio quality monitoring headphones, ie: they reproduce the music as it is – no change, no extra bass etc. If you are used to listening to your music through a set of beats by dre ‘phones, the shures will sound very different. Designs like the beats intentionally enhance the bass frequencies, creating their own ‘sound signature’ if you will, and in fairness customers must like this particular approach as they certainly seem popular. The shures just give you the music straight, so be aware that poor quality files will sound exactly that – poor. I have found that the best way to get a superb sound through the shures is as follows: from the laptop – via a dac (m2tech hiface 2 usb on my system) using high quality flac files played via jriver media centre with the equaliser set to rock. The rock setting introduces a little more bass without negatively effecting the overall sound.

  • Well worth the money
  • Amazing Headphones
  • Srh 840

Shure SRH840-E Professional Closed-back Studio & Hi-Fi Headphones, precisely tailored frequency response for rich bass, clear mid-range and extended highs, detachable cable, collapsible, black

Excellent is the only way to describe these headphones. First impressions are always important and on taking these out of the fine packaging my thoughts were wow. Included in the package with the headphones were a detachable 3 metre coiled cable, carry case, 6. 3 adapter and spare pair of ear pads. Build quality/construction is top notch as is the comfort when you put them on. Sound quality is also top of the tree, at first they sound a bit to bright, however, 2 days of burning in (listening) bring forward an excellent sound-stage. I was fortunate to compare these against the grado sr60i and the sennheiser hd598 headphones, i thought the grado’s were poor on build quality and the sennheiser’s were lacking in the sound department, therefore the shure srh840 got my votei bought them from amazon for £142, this was a huge reduction from their normal selling price of around £200. In conclusion, i can definately reccomend the shure hd598 headphones.

Excellent i use for music production, quality is great, especially for the price, highly comparable to many more expensive high end headphones.

I have owned sennheiser hd-25, hd595, hd 239 and listend to the beats, all the sony headphones and a pair of the bottom of the range grado’s and i can safely say these are the best headphones around. But you will need to be running these out of an amp. A laptop, iphod, iphone or whatever will not be good enough. I run mine from my beresford dac plugged into my computer. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

These are so clear and dynamic, with really good musical bass. The notes have musicality and natural air / acoustic freedom and space around them, not veiled in any way, unlike several sennheiser, not overly bright in the treble. I’ve owned beyerdynamic dt880, hifiman he500, audio technica ath900, and sennheiser hd599, as well as testing hd600, hd650, and b&o p7s, and after living with all these i chose to keep the srh840s as these were clearly and definitively the best overall for my prefered music – rock/funk/trip hop/alternative. Close second best of those for my ears were the dt880 premiums that i rather regret selling as they were almost as good musically, much more comfy. And slightly less fatiguing over long sessions in their presentation.

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