Signature Microwave – Retro microwave

Very good, and very easy to use.

Excellent productgood value for monyfast delivery.

This nimble black microwave is ideal for those looking for a simple, well presented microwave. In an age of digitalisation, signature’s 17 litre black microwave fails to innovate, sticking to fiddly knobs that don’t quite indicate how long the item has been in the microwave for. There’s a marker for every 2 minutes which is fine for food that needs a long cook but for those who need a quick 30 seconds/1 minute, this microwave is more trouble than its worth. Still, there’s a separate knob for the intensity of the heat which does dissipate some of the issues with the top button. Upon arrival i would estimate the microwave cost around £40. A simple, no-nonsense microwave but at £70 this just isn’t worth that unless you want a small, nimble microwave. The black is shiny and looks good but £70 is incredibly steep for what this is.

Love it, great colour and works beautifully. A little small but not a problem.

This is an ok microwave for easy and simple use day to day. Thing is tho’ it’s a bit at the basic end build quality wise and it’s also a bit pricey for this black version, like £13+ more expensive than the same thing in other colours (at time of writing feb 2017). Why should black be so much more?.On the very positive side it’s almost made for non-tech people. It really is simple to set up and use. It’s not big, so would suit a smaller kitchen or bedsit. Overall, despite the simplicity, i find it hard to recommend this model as there are better looking/built models around at better prices and from better know brands. Shop around a bit and you’ll see. But if you do want a small and simple microwave then this would suit.

Lovely retro looking microwave perfect for the small kitchen.

Easy to use, looks great, works well, arrjved on time.

Basic , very easy to use but efficient.

Except for the colour it’s just a simple easy no frills microwave. If you don’t want anything complicated it’s fine.

The microwave is adequate for my personal , home use. I do not use a microwave every day. The size is great, not taking up too much valuable space in my small kitchen. It’s easy to use , and has a the settings i require. My only disappointment is that it does not have an interior light .

Lovely colour, nice simple microwave. Perfect for the occasional soup/veg heat.

Excellent microwave, good value. Here are the specifications for the Signature Microwave:

  • Rapid and thorough heating with a powerful 700 W
  • 17 L capacity, ideal for smaller spaces
  • Six power levels and a defrost setting offer a wealth of cooking and reheating options
  • 30-minute timer, for added convenience
  • Easy-clean removable glass turntable tray; 2 years guarantee

This item started sparking and. Won’t refund my money until the item is returned (which i. Organise) so i have nothing to.

Works fantastic and i love the colour.

Cute microwave that works well and has good setting for defrosting etc as well as different levels from low to high. We got this as a wedding gift as it matched our other items. It’s a good size without being huge and doesn’t smell awful after using strong smelling foods.

I found this to be very basic and slightly small to get a normal size plate in into the small space.

Small inside but ideal for a single or even a couple. I am surprised at the power rating and hence why it lost 1 star. Most microwave food packets now give times for 750, 800 and 900 watts. I went through the cupboard and discovered that around a third of packets of rice, quinoa and tings like that had a time for 700w. To be fair it’s not rocket science. If you have a time for 750/800 watts then add 20-30 seconds on the time. Other than that it was good for what it was designed for. The build quality is pretty light and simple but then i have a sage bread maker, one of the best on the market and that feels as flimsy as anything, so if you don’t mind a bit of a ropey build and not the latest power then it’s fine.

Good quality and simple to use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Plain and simple
  • This item started sparking and. burning whilst in use
  • Five Stars

This is a very basic microwave with a ‘twist’ timer. It looks great, nice black surround and black glass door insert. The timer function is obviously not as efficient as a digital timer as you have to use a certain amount of guesswork but it is easy enough to use and i have managed to cook or reheat all manner of foods with great results.

Really lovely item and easy to use delighted with it adore the trendy colour.

We do not have a large kitchen but over the years we have found that a microwave is something that we do need to use fairly regularly and as such when we looked to get a new one it was really important it was not too large given that surface space is at such a premium for us. This little microwave is far more basic than others we have owned but this means we found it simple to operate and easy to understand. One thing we have found is that this is not a powerful microwave, you will need to make sure to add some extra time for cooking items. Not a massive issue but worth noting as if you want high power this won’t be for you. Overall i would say that if you are after a good basic microwave that is easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen then this would be ideal. As it is available in a range of colours you should be able to find one to fit well into your kitchen. It is also reasonably priced meaning you won’t break the bank.

Simple microve no fuss,no bother.

It’s a cheap product what do you moaning people expect.