Silicon dust Silicondust HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO Network DVB-T/T2 TV Tuner that works – Hope the next version is better

I was hoping to be impressed with this product and indeed i am. Plex is able to detect the product and initiate a scan of available channels. From this, you can select the channels that are worth listening to and ignore the others. Plex then creates an epg (electronic program guide) from which to navigate which can be done from the smartphone app, as well as a firetv remote control.

I got the box to add tv to plex etc. I ran with plex but took my server upto 100% cpu but can view the recorded channels over plex or live viewing. So i brought the year package from homehd and it didn’t work which after various friendly mails got nowhere so following direct mails they came back to say they can’t sell to uk right now. Still no reply to say it’s sorted and now passed by return date. It is good for watching live tv over network to ipads/pc etc.

Bought to use with plex running on my synology. Works very well only pain is that it does not transcode the video, that has to be done elsewhere.

Bought this for a friend, he set it up straight out of the box using the cables provided. Combined with plex it loaded the channels available to him and now he can stream to any of the internet connected devices, if you have a compatible nas the recording of live tv is super easy. The picture quality 90% of the time is perfect however there is some interference every now and again. Could be the aerial, could be the device – we’ll never know but it’s not a problem.

I read the reviews for this before ordering and was a bit unsure if it would work well with plex. There are 1 star reviews saying how bad it is as well as 5 star saying it works well. My experience is that it does work well. I also read it runs hot – well mine doesn’t. It was slightly warm to the touch after initial set up but right now it is only a couple of degrees above room temperature. The mains adaptor is cool too. I use plex (dvr and live viewing anywhere) and the hdhomerun software (live and lan only) for viewing. Slow channel change was mentioned in another review. The hdhr software changes channel pretty quick and not far off using a tv. Plex takes about 5 seconds but not really a problem as it is not about flicking through channels.

I bought this to use with my plex server, so that i could enable to dvr function. Setup was as simple as plugging in the power, aerial and network cable. No sooner had i logged into my plex server, it had found it on the network and off it went. A few more minutes later, i could watch live tv on the apples server and few of the other devices around my home. Plex dvr has been happily recording the soaps for the wife on series link and she can happily now watch them in any room of the house. One piece of advice, though. When setting up the homerun with plex, set it up to “transcode while recording”. It will use quite a bit more disk space, but i’ve found a few plex clients on some smart tvs stutter every now and again when playing back recorded content when this setting is “off”. Setting plex up this way ensures everything plays back smoothly regardless of the client.

Love it, works so well with my nvidia shield. Up and running within 20 minutes and now it just works.

Fantastic network tuner, i bought this to add dvr abilities to my plex media server. Receives a strong signal from an indoor antenna with very few glitches to picture/sound, only occurs in really bad weather. Could probably reduce glitches further by fiddling with the aerial, but hasn’t bothered me enough to do it. The pictures on the listing show a standard satellite connection, so i went out and bought a connector before it arrived. When it arrived, it had the normal tv aerial rather than the pictured satellite connection :).

Great for emby or plex or just the homerun app. Means i can watch live tv anywhere i want to.

Works great with hdhomerun app but this doesn’t work remotely which was my aim. Works remotely with plex but plex is too unforgiving with signal quality therefore end result is jittery unwatchable live and recorded tv. Plex is constantly updating and i have noticed improvements over the last few months so fingers crossed 🤞.

Pugged in and worked no fuss. Connects to my nvidia perfectly to give extra channels.

I spent 2 years using pci-e tuner cards and having very mixed luck with a home tv server, missed recordings or channel dropouts. I bought this in a last desperate attempt to get live tv working in plex so i could have a consistent look and feel across all devices. I plugged in the aerial, power and network cable and within seconds i had all the channels that the other solution couldn’t pick up combined with plex it means full dvr functionality on 4 tuners and library support. I wish it had 1gbps network interface rather than 100mbps to utilise the throughput on my home network but so far i haven’t hit the limit but it would be peace of mind.

 both my daughter’s have tvs in their bedrooms, but don’t have aerials and they’ve been on at me to get one fitted. So decided to look at what other solutions were available and this seemed ideal. Setting up is very straight forward, pretty much plug and play. I have had to connect the unit to my router using a powerline adapter. You do need to log onto their website in order to search and load up what channels are available in your area. This again was straight forward and generally a one-off. We have 5 smart tvs in the house and none of them were able to access/find the ‘myhomerun’ app – 4 are slightly older and one in under a year old. However, all were able to access it through their respective media streamers. This isn’t a good ui, as you have to go into folders to find where the channels are, in order to select one, rather than having a programme guide type set up. All our tvs are connected to the router by powerline adaptors and we have fibre brioadband, with at least a 70mbps download speed. Here are the specifications for the Silicon dust Silicondust HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO Network DVB-T/T2 TV Tuner that works:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4 tuners which work with Free-To-Air broadcast HDTV (DVB-T and DVB-T2) across the UK from your digital TV aerial
  • Send HDTV via your existing home Wi-Fi or wired network to the widest range of smart Devices
  • Pause on one device and resume on another with multi-user, multi-device, multi-room seamless viewing. Use Our Slice view EPG to choose your channel and plan your viewing
  • Increase your number of tuners by adding more HDHomeRun products
  • Works with our DVR software to enable you to schedule and record HDTV that you can watch on smart Devices around your home
  • Trial DVR available on Homerun website
  • Works with Roku, Android, iOS, Windows 10 and FireOS.

Really easy setup and configuration. The open protocol allows for wide compatibility across devices from windows 10 to fire tv.

There are lots of reviews for the hdhomerun, both good and bad. Most of the bad reviews seem to complain about issues that are outside of the control of the unit. To summarise, there are three issues that can influence the correct functions of the unit, and they are signal strength, network and software. Signal strengththe built-in tuners are quite sensitive but may not be as good as your tv. They need a good strong signal from your aerial. If you are in a weak signal area then consider getting an aerial amplifier to boost the signal. Networkthe unit connects to your local network via an ethernet connection. Each tv channel can use up to 6mbps of network capacity, so if your network is already congested you may run into trouble. It’s well recommended that you plug the hdhomerun directly into your router for the best results. Softwarethe quality of live video and/or recorded video does depend on the software you are using.

Just connect the one aerial feed, connect to the internet via a network cable and just set up with plex as a tuner – use the plex app on all devices and cut the cord.

Simplest product ever to use. You hook it up to aerial power and network then go to the web address included. Once there you hit tune and wait a few moments. Once that is done you just need to install the app on whatever device you are using and it just works. I have plex and android tv as dvr and they both detected the network tuner and all channels immediately.

Quatro installed very easily to plex running on a synology nas. Use with web browser, windows app, android and ipad. Requires a plex pass (one free month included) – worth the lifetime subscription in my opinion to get a solution that ‘just works’. Nas may not have enough processing power for real time viewing. Plex tv guide great on pc and ipad (grid format), rather rubbish format on large android phone (now/thumbnails). In use for 6 weeks now and works reliably. Had a bit of fun with the guide disappearing – required a manual refresh – but hopefully that’s fixed in the latest plex update. Rubbish channels can be disabled in channels list against the device in live tv and dvr settings. Unlike hardware pvrs it looks like the recording has to finish before it can be played back.

I was a bit hesitant to buy this item after reading other reports about it ‘running hot’ and various other issues – but i really needed to upgrade from the hdhomerun connect dual tuner which i had been using happily for the last 18 months – as i needed the quad tuners. Okay, it does feel warm to the touch, but thats okay – so do many electronic devices. The important thing is that it works, and i get the programmes recorded as required. 5 stars from me for another great silicondust product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Impressive device

  • Silicondust HDHR5-4DT HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO

  • HDHomeRun Connect Duo

I’ve been tempted by the hdhomerun devices for quite some time but never really set aside the budget for it. This came up on offer for £69. 99 (at the time of writing) and finally took the plunge. Setting up was an absolute breeze; plug in your antenna and ethernet cable, find the ip address for the device from the router admin page and then navigate to it which will then get you set up. This has found all the expected channels in my area and the quality is very good. I did initially have an issue with nearly all of the channels being unwatchable. I read online about some people requiring an attenuator. I bought one without knowing if this was even related to by issue and luckily it turns out that this was exactly what i needed. After this was connected i have all channels (the hd ones have stopped working since adding the attenuator but were the only ones working without it, so i think i just need to spend some time adjusting this). From what i’ve read the requirement for an attenuator isn’t all that uncommon, and at only about £5 it may be worthwhile picking one up with your purchase if you want a quick set up.

Have this hooked up to my plex server for live tv and it works ok. Sometimes the picture goes a bit jaggy but to be honest i don’t know if that is plex the tuner or the reception. I don’t get it on normal tv though so i doubt it is the reception. It was easy to setup so no complaints there.

Simple to use and good instructions online. I use it with plex so haven’t tried the hdhomerun software.

If you run a plex home media server and you are looking to add live tv and tv dvr features then get one of these, either the dual or quad tuner. I went with the quad tuner and once you’ve figured out that it just auto-joins your network and you need to go to hdhomerun website not a local ip to set it up you’ll be fine. You cannot really set it up without a pc or os x client, don’t try setting it up via ios or android. Once it’s scanned for channels you can then see it in your plex media server and decide which channels it should add to the live tv guide. It will then go and present a nice tv guide (think sky+ tv guide) with icons for all channels, synopsis on the program, you can click to live view something on now or you can set it to record once or series (like sky+). I setup a dedicated folder to store my tv dvr recordings in and i’m one step closer to cutting the cord with sky. Note: you will still need to pay for a uk tv licence with this as it can broadcast live tv streams.

Recording tv from the guide is a two click affair.

After years of struggling with media centre, mythtv, kodi and a range of cards from hauppauge and others, plex and this 4 tuner box is a welcome reprieve. Finally a cord cutting dvr solution that just works. The units basic web interface and app are ok but teamed with plex and its groundbreakingly good.

After 20 years of giving hauppauge devices (in my opinion the main competitor to this device) i have invested in this and am really pleased. The latest attempt to try a hauppauge device, the wintv-dual hd, ended with no channels or a few channels that broke up, despite living in a very good signal area. This device picks up all channels and excellent signal strength (85%, matching my tvs signal strength exactly). The 4 tuner version is worth it, especially if you are using plex dvr or similar as most server based dvrs don’t include automatic padding of recordings, so say you add 2 mins to the start and end of each scheduled programme to ensure you catch the start and end, if you record 2 programmes at the same time, fine, but if you then want to record another programme straight after one of them, you are potentially using 3 tuners at once, hence the bonus of 4 tuners. The other bonus of this device over a usb device is that you can watch channels on any device on your lan/wifi network that can access a dlna server, as this is built in to the box. So i have a tv in the bedroom attached to my network by wifi, you can open a channel like a video, and you are watching live tv, really easy and good for tvs that don’t have the hdhomerun or app that works with your dvr server or any access to an aerial or tv signal. Nothing to setup once you have tuned it in using the quick start guide included, and it just works.

Got this to get freeview tv in a room without an aerial point. It detects all freeview channels inducing the hd channels. You need to have your main tv aerial point near the wifi modem as it connects to the modem via an ethernet cable. Once connected you can watch on up to 4 devices connected to your network. Each device can play a different channel at the same time. The hdhomerun app works well on ipad, iphone, win 10 pc and android tv boxes. I use it with fire tv stick (not 4k) although the quality of the non-hd channels is not as good as the other devices listed above, but i like the convenience as i have the fire tv connects to the tv already. I also use ethernet connection via a powerline adaptor, rather than wifi, but it works via wifi too. The hdhomerun app does not work on fire tv stick 4k, but can be watched via the mozaic tv app.

I have had this for quite a few months now and it’s been brilliant. Connected to plex server on my mac-mini it’s been the hub of all my media, so much so appletv has been reduced to the plex app, netflix and prime. The only thing that hasn’t worked flawlessly and is actually an issue with plex server and not homerun is the ability to remove adverts, it’s chopped out many scenes from recorded tv shows, so much so a 25 minute episode might end up less than 10 minutes longyes, changing up and down channels is a bit slow in plex, but using guide view is fairly quick, and in the native homerun app it’s just as fast as switching channels as any tv app/service. Picture is excellent (obviously depending signal), picks up more channels than my samsung tv can using the same antenna and recordings appear identical to the original broadcast quality. Recordings in plex are easily editable if you wanted to manually chop out adverts etc using 3rd part software. Again using plex, you can log into the server and watch live tv and recordings on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, definitely a bonus when on holiday. 6 months on i’m still loving this little box.

This unit is much better that the earlier version it replaced. The link between the router and the unit is of higher quality than the previous one, resulting in improved stability and quality of picture.

My initial experience of this box wasn’t great, however that rapidly turned out to be the app i was using. As these guys done make a native app for appletv, you have a couple of options but the only one in my opinion worth getting is channels. With that the combo is epic, live pause and up to 90m rewind. Sits quietly, doesn’t get hot, hasn’t crashed. Only wish is that it came with a usb power supply.

I bought this to use with my plex server running on a nas box for a dvr. It was easy to set up with an initial firmware update. Entering my postcode brought up the correct freeview listing for the hd homerun ipad app. There is no free app for an apple tv put you can buy one. It runs well with plex but the freeview channel listing was not correct and i had to adjust it. It records well (i have a plex plus membership) but live tv play back takes a while to buffer from my nas so to watch live i use the ios hd homerun app. The device runs warm but is silent and not obtrusive. It has met my needs and i would recommend it. An upgrade i would like to see seems to be only available in the us versions, a hardware transcoder so that it would be easier to stream hd channels.

Despite reading some bad reviews on this, i decided to purchase anyway and so glad i did. One review mentions running plex on an i7 machine and this runs slowly. I have an amd a8 which is way inferior to an i7, yet i don’t experience the same problems. Channels take no more than 5 seconds to change with no buffering at all. Other reviews mention getting hot??. All electronics produce heat, i’d say it gets warm, not hot. But certainly nothing to worry about. The only problem i had was interference from my network homeplugs but certainly not the homerun’s fault.

A fantastic unit, badly let down by terrible hdhomerun software app. However if you use a dlna player, the unit streams hd over your wifi network perfectly.

I’ve been using one of these for about 8 months. I was surprised by how compact the unit is. The only issues i had were with my own attic antenna and the silicondust support team were excellent in helping me find a solution. I had too strong of a signal and too much interference, both solved by inexpensive (just a few £) components added to my coax that were suggested by silicondust support. I use the xbox one hdhomerun app to watch tv at the opposite end of the house, streaming over my network, no cabling.

Big improvement over the older connect model which i also had. Works a dream with nvidia shield. Great sensitivity with freeview. I use it mainly with freeview hd channels. Used with plex it’s a really useful option. I use plex pass to use their dvr feature. Removing adverts & recording multiple channels works well. Remote access via plex seems a bit more hit n miss but that’s more of a software/net issue,rather than a hardware fault. Recordings done using the device are very crisp & detailed & contain very little noise or blocking.

I bought this to use with plex, it’s easy to setup, plug in an aerial, an ethernet cable and the power cable, quickly run the channel tuning and it’s done.

Excellent product, works brilliantly with plex. I use this as my main tv now and record everything on my nvidia shield with external hard drive. I have my hdhome run connected to a lan extender instead of direct from the router and still the service is not affected.

Robust little unit, it just works. Web interface is a little basic which only causes issues when you want to reset it. That might not seem a big deal but it’s the kind of piece of equipment you hide away so getting to it to reset it is a problem. How often does it need resetting i hear you ask. I think that depends on the software you use to access the channels. Sometimes software doesn’t release the channels and you end up with both tuners busy therefore requires a reset every so often. I can’t blame the equipment but it certainly would be made easier if you could reset through the web interface. Not worth knocking off a star but something to be aware of.

I bought the hdhomerun quatro about a year and a half ago. There are plenty of good reviews and when it works its good. I use with the nvidia shield 2017 on plex and it integrates fairly easily. Initially it worked quite well but then i started getting a lot of pixellation, i have a strong signal near to me so assumed it was that. So i purchased an attenuator which didnt help at all. I then reset the device and my network switch and that seemed to work, for a while. A few days later when the weather is bad it started pixellating again, this time the network tirck didnt work. For information the picture on my tv using the same aerial with a splitter is perfect. So i assume like other reviewers said that the hdhomerune is really senstive. Anyhow, i have played with it for long enough now and it just isn’t stable enough for me so i will try nd find something else.

Plug it in, download the app and away you gothe unit was so easy to setup and provides flawless digital tv signal across wired and wireless networks. Integration with plex was also extremely easy.

Having just had our sky tv bill almost triple, we decided it was time to stop paying the corporation just to be able to record terrestrial tv so i invested in the hdhomerun connect quatro. I’ve been considering it for a while (as we use plex extensively at home on a variety of devices including iphone’s, ipad’s and a sony bravia android tv to name but a few) and as a plex pass member, the hdhomerun boxes come highly recommended by plex to enable the dvr functionality to provide live and recorded tv to plex. Setup was an absolute dream; plug it in (power, ethernet and an tv source), visit my. Com and you are automatically directed to the setup page for your new device. Within 10 minutes, i was watching live tv on my iphone and via my sony bravia tv using hdhomerun’s native apps (which are free across all platforms). Another 10 minutes of tinkering and i had plex talking to the device, all my channels added to the dvr section for live viewing (including 8 days worth of epg data for free as part of my lifetime plex pass) and recording. Both individual and series link options are available as well as advanced features such as pre and post padding and commercial removal. It all integrates beautifully with plex and means all those plex clients around the house (and when we’re out and about) can now make use of live tv and can schedule and watch recorded tv as well – all transcoded where necessary by plex itself. It’s a tad expensive at £150.

It’s a decent idea but i found this to be frustratingly sluggish when changing channels, recording also glitchy – i was using via plex running on a high spec machine that otherwise behaves perfectly.

I love this product it does exactly what it says on the tin oh my god i can watch tv anywhere in the world no matter where i am absolutely love it and i’m using it through plex.

With a failing youview box i was looking into replacing it and i liked the idea of having something that could record and allow sharing across multiple devices of the recordings. As i already had a plex server up and running and the hdhomerun being supported it is a great addition to my setup. I can now record all free to air tv shows and have them automatically upload to my plex server which are then available across multiple devices. The epg is a bit slow at updating at times and there are some issue with recordings when you have different episodes of a show on the same day but ultimately it is working well and will be a great replacement for my youview box. I did however need to get a booster for the tv signal as it was too weak for all four tuners to get all the channels but once i plugged it in the quality is great.

This has enabled us to get all our freeview channels (including hd) on our apple tv.

I use this as a tuner for a plex media server in the uk and the two work reasonably well together. The review is mostly in that context. I only played around with the free version of the manufacturers own software so i did not try its dvr capability (that costs extra). The bundled free software is okay, but not great: it lets you play live tv on another device and has an okay interface but not a great one. I would not buy this device just to use the free software. So firstly this tuner ‘just works’ with plex – it really was easy to set up. The server just finds it on the network and sets it up. There are issues with plex’s own dvr software, especially how the guide works and updates. Most of these are plex issues so i will not mention them here. I have a few of negatives about this device:there is almost no detailed documentation with it.

Lots of device playback options. Its a pity you have to pay (a lot) for the dvr service. Would be nice to have a free option that uses the free to air epg.

I think this does what it’s meant to do but it totally failed to achieve what i wanted. It works straight away when plugged into your network and is great for streaming live tv to mobile devices & laptops. However, watchout if you want to use with smart tvs. I bought plex pass to enable live tv but th app on samsung tv doesnt support this. Probably more to do with app support than the homerun but if you want it for smart tv use beware.

The hd home run app works well enough and appears to change channel quickly enough. But when used with plex and amazon fire stick for viewing, the channel changes are slow. 4 tuners mean lots of recording options.You have to realise that this product is a freeview runner only and needs some kind of recording pc or nas. Hd home run offer a dvr solution but it costs a bit much. This is my second, the first being a duo, 2 channel version. Sensitivity of the duo might be a tiny bit better but nothing to choose that older model over this new 4 channel version.

I use this with plex (requires plex pass subscription), it works flawlessly. Plex detected it immediately on the network. Glad i bought the quad tuner version so i don’t need to worry about resolving clashes. I can now stream live or recorded tv to any plex client, anywhere in the world.

Quatro: 4 star because of high priceproit has worked well since i received it a month ago. No overheating problems reported by others. But there are few alternatives.

This silicondust hdhomerun connect quatro is an excellent tv tuner. The software used for watching tv is very basic but if used with the likes of emby or plex then it is absolutely brilliant. I am using it in conjunction with emby with emby premier subscription and it is a great combination. Recording 4 channels at one time is no problem and streaming over the network works brilliantly to xbox, windows, ipad and android with no problems.

4 tuner version and it works very nicely. It’s a really small box that sits beside my router and connects via a network cable. I use it in conjunction with the channels app on appletv and dvr on my pc and it’s flawless. Tunes really quickly and perfect picture. It needs a good signal quality from a rooftop aerial to work. I did manage to get some channels before i got the aerial engineer out but they weren’t reliable. Also watch out for the aerial cable you’re using between the hdhomerun and your aerial socket.