SKULLCANDY 2010 Aviator Earbuds – : excellent sound, overpackaged

Without doubt the best sounding headphones i’ve tried so far, and i have some top-end akg hardware to compare them to that cost 4 times the price. Clean and accurate with a well balanced spectrum, not just blasting your eardrums with bass but good mid and hi range too. Massively overpackaged tho, which is why only 4 out of 5 stars. Still, if you can afford these headphones, you couldn’t really give a hoot about destroying the planet with huge amounts of packaging that just gets tossed away.

Firstly i would like to say that i’m not an audiophile and don’t know much about headphones but i can tell when something is quality. I just want to say that after using them for about 2 days i am thoroughly happy with these. First off was the packaging which as just lovely the box it came in is sturdy and will keep it safe not to mention how cool it looks. Secondly we have the carry case which was leather which i find a bit ott but oh well still nice to have it but be warned it will not protect the headset as it is quite thin with not much padding ( and don’t get worried if you can’t find the cables for the headphones it’s hidden in a little pouch which keeps them safe not like i think many people couldn’t find the headphone jack) the jack is a gold plated 3. 5mm and has a graded cable which is great as this means that it almost never tangles only if you tie a knot in it are you going to have a problem ( the cables red end plugs into the headphones for anyone wondering). Next we have the look of the headphones they look awesome they are really comfy don’t look out of place aren’t to big and surprisingly manage to look alright in the colour white. Finally we have the sound quality now i don’t know much so i would look at other reviews for more info on them but they sound beautiful ic an hear everything clearly there is no feedback or distortion on any volume level and they make bad recordings sound great. Proscomfy (they’re comfier than my razer krakens which are supposedly the worlds comfiest headphones. )the sound quality is greatthey look acei got them for £100 less (on sale at £50)and have the ability to make bad recordings sound ace. Consare your ears sweat profuselythe volume up button gets stuck a lot (might just be mine but oh well)overall i give them 9.

Much better sound than i expected vgv.

Good headphone with a good price. Honestly, i feel a little disappointed about the sound quality. Anyway, it deserve the money.

Daughter wanted a pair of these and she is very happy with them.

I already own sennheiser hd595s which i use with my e7 amp, and i wanted to buy cans which i can easily travel with as i am a regular commuter who uses public transport to reach work and back home. So, carrying huge cans with amps is a strict no-no. These are supposed to be a suitable replacement for that setup, and they don’t disappoint me in any way. I don’t listen to bass heavy stuff and prefer my bass to be moderate. The mids and highs shine on these headphones and the sound is nice and warm after a short burn-in. In my opinion these cans are good for any type of music except maybe hip-hop which overflows on bass. For them, there’s always dr. Also, these headphones don’t provide good noise isolation and there is even some bit of sound that leaks from these. These headphones seems to be durable except maybe the cord.

Wife loves them- had to replace the plug after a few months, but probably through misuse rather than quality- sound great.

Leful headphones good bass good price good looking good quality good color good headphones and i’m just writing this part because i don’t know what else to say.

  • Oh So Good
  • Beautiful look beautiful sound
  • Decent Headphones, but not for audiophiles

SKULLCANDY 2010 Aviator Earbuds – White

Product description, SkullCandy Aviator Over-Ear Headphones What are Aviator Headphones? These chic conscious headphones come with the celebrity endorsement of Jay-Z and Rocnation. Their style is an adaption of the aviator style sunglasses. Made to work with iPod and iPhone the Aviator bring a new meaning of ‘style’ to the headphone world. Why the Aviator Headphones? Stylish Design – Is that unique and stylish look important to you? If you answered yes then you are on the right page. The SkullCandy Aviator Headphones boast a stylish design that resembles that of Aviator sunglasses. If you look at the housing it is actually see-through! SkullCandy call it optics-inspired polycarbonate speaker housing and one thing is for sure it looks great! Comfortable during prolonged listening periods – Not only are the Aviator headphones by SkullCandy impressive in their stylish characteristics but they also rather comfortable. Prolonged listening periods are not a problem due to their being some luxuriously soft foam padding on the flip side of the Aviators housing. Pick up you Aviator headphones and stick them on your head they hug and grip your head securely while remaining incredibly comfortable. A Step Up in Sound Quality – The Aviators provide an appreciated jump in sound quality when compared to SkullCandys lower budget cans. The decent bass accompanied by bright mids and highs is impressive. For a set of headphones designed with style in mind the audio quality is more than impressive. Made for iPod – The handy integrated volume and track controls is designed for those iPod or iPhone users out there. Giving you the ability to skip back and forward turn up and down or pause and play your beats the Aviator Headphones are perfect for your daily commute to work. If you would like to activate full controls with an alternative device to Apples ‘i’ products check out the adapter kit ( here ) to see if your device is compatible. Portability personified – The SkullCandy Aviators have a unique folding .

Manufacturer’s Description, Skullcandy and Roc Nation combine to create the ultimate synthesis of street-level swagger and sophisticated class with the Roc Nation Aviator.
Constructed with the multifaceted listening experience in mind, the Aviator’s platinum sound technology is like having your own personal amphitheater, allowing the entire spectrum of the music’s production to be expressed.
Sound – Platinum sound performance, 40mm full-range enhanced audio driver.
Contour fit – Aviator inspired spring hinge creates the ideal contour fit with optimal wear and stowbility.
Detail – Optics-inspired polycarbonate speaker housing. Premium polished surface bringing a lens quality fit and finish.
Cable with Mic – Tangle-free, no worries nylon cable with skullcandy Mic3. In-line music and mic control for the day to day.
Stashable – Protect your investment. Foldable design nests into a plush carry case with internal organisation. Globetrotter- friendly,fold-em-and-bolt-ability.
Construction – Stainless steel, Aluminum, Polycarbonate.
Optimised for MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems, if you love crystal clear sound whilst listening to music, then these are the earphones for you.
Avoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times.

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Bought these for my 16 year old son – we got the white ones because they were the cheapest colour in the range and he won’t be using them outside home, but actually they look great. The sound quality is very good and they are comfortable on the ears for several hours at a time. The design is nicely different too – the eaar phone wire being covered in old-style woven material makes it much less susceptible to damage than plastic covered wire. Very good purchase on every level.

Quality of the sound is very, very good for the price. Would recommend to anyone wanting headphones that deliver a solid bass. Product is made to a high standard.

Is listening to john williams conducting the star wars trilogy live in flac on my new skulls, and i have to say i am mightly impressed. Very clear and no distortion so far. Very good on the noise isolation too, despite this not being a feature. Dare i wear them in the office tomorrow.

The first 2 months of my new skullcandy headphones were brilliant, until they broke. The wire had come loose inside of the cable casing. I tried to get a refund from amazon, but they told me it had been too long to get a refund, baring in mind that all skullcandy head/ear phones have a life time warranty. So i had to contact skullcandy them selves.They replaced them for me and they have been fine sincethis seller gets a 2* rating. The headphones (sent by skullcandy) get a 4. If they had a bit more base then they would be perfectthey haven’t got sound isolating tech, but it does block out most background noisethey are a lot more comfortable than dre beats. And just as good sound (apart from the noise cancelling).

Looks: sexysounds: crystalfeels: fantastici’ve put up with rubbish in-ear and earbud earphones for too long and i decided to treat myself to some proper headphones or ‘cans’. I spent an age umm-ing and ahh-ing and reading conflicting reviews, but after one late evening i bit the bullet and went for these skullcandy aviators (gold & brown). They come incredibly well packaged and it took a good fifteen minutes to get them out of the box, but this didn’t bother me as, unlike some, this signifies quality to me. Carefully extracting them i marvelled at how gorgeous they looked, reminiscent of the gold & brown rayban aviators that inspired the design. The cord is fabric to reduce tangling and is a good length (1. 3 metres) for connecting to your phone or ipod that you keep in your pocket. Unless you’re a giant the reach from player to head is fine, even for you lot that keep your device in your jeans pocket and your jeans round your ankles. Walking around with your arse out, seriously people. The control piece looks great and works fine with my ipod and there’s some limited functionality with my samsung galaxy s2 (pause works, volume control doesn’t). I’ve rediscovered music, honestly my collection has never sounded so good. I’m not an ‘audiophile’, so it’s difficult to describe it perfectly, but basically it sounds like each individual instrument is playing on it’s own layer, distinct yet in-sync. I’ve listened to some songs and it’s like hearing them for the first time. I mostly listen to guitar/bass/drum/front man bands, with a bit of dance and electro in the mix, swing, jazz and well pretty much everything in between. Couldn’t recommend them more highly. I’ve taken my first plunge into headphones and decided to do it properly by making a higher-end purchase (over £100 for headphones is a higher-end purchase to me, regardless of other pricier options) and with the amount of music i listen to, the quality of the build, the sexy looks and audio excellence i consider this a good investment. For the curious i also considered the sennheiser hd 215 closed back headphones with high passive noise attenuation,urbanears plattan headset – indigo,akg q460 quincy jones high performance foldable mini headphones – black,philips shl5905bk/10 citiscape uptown style headband headphone with universal mic,panasonic rp-htx7ae-c retro style monitor headphones – cream and marshall major mic headphones – black. And i might go back and get these skullcandy aviator headphones – black.

Truly amazing sound, perfect bass not exaggerated, clear detailed mids and silky smooth highs, no shrills, excellent frequency response, great for all genres whether your into michael jackson, meshuggah or mozart. I’ve been composing music for 30 years from multitrack, steinberg/guitars, logic pro, sonar etc. And i’d normally use beyerdynamic dt150, audio technica ath-m50 or sony mdr-7506 all superb but great for korg, apple imac, studer fostex or dedicated headphone amps like hifiman but i think 90% would be using their cans with a portable device such as an ipod, blackberry or android device, that’s where the aviators shine, the comfort levels are superb, better than b&w’s and for the price it’s a steal, the best pound for sound as far as compressed digital goes closely followed by the excellent senheisser hd218’s – i love the soundstage, spatial context and great transients – overall a brilliant combination of comfort and acoustics and although its often seen as a ‘street’ brand, it’s not to be compared with what every 12 yr old kid uses these days ie beats by dre which are really poor in comparison – i’d happily pay more considering the sound quality alone.

I came across those beautiful head phones in another high street shop in london and my boyfriend is using them already. As they were heavily discounted i thought its well worth to try them out, as also have been heavily praised by my boyfriend who was very jealous that i have paid about £100 less than himself. Since i got them i love them. Couldn’t imagine my life without them :)i am not a sound specialist, but can tell that the sound is pleasant and seems good quality. The look is simply unbeatable and the phones are adjustable for even small heads like mine.

Probably even too good for just play mp3 from the iphone. They look amazing and are very comfortable. The remote mic works perfectly with the iphone. It comes with a leather pouch and a cleaning cloath. Also the packaging is superb.

  • Oh So Good
  • Beautiful look beautiful sound
  • Decent Headphones, but not for audiophiles

SKULLCANDY 2010 Aviator Earbuds – White

These headphones are absolutely amazing?. You can hear so many different things at the same time with so much clarity. I also love the way it looks.

Features and Spesification

  • Skullcandy 2010 Aviator – White
  • Sound – Platinum sound performance, 40mm full-range enhanced audio driver
  • Contour fit – Aviator inspired spring hinge creates ideal contour fit with optimal wear/stowbility
  • Detail – Optics-inspired polycarbonate speaker housing. Premium polished surface bringing a lens quality fit/finish
  • Cable with Mic – Tangle-free, no worries nylon cable with skullcandy Mic3