SKULLCANDY 50/50 2 : Sub £20 ? You’d Be Mad Not To !!!

These look nice & were comfy to wear also sound was good but they didn’t last long before sound only came out of one ear piece, i bought another set not from amazon but from a shop the same just a different colour & the same thing happened after about 4months. So got some sony ones instead & two years on they still work well.

So they arrived about a week ago. I used express delivery and they were here in 2 days. The item also contains a tin case for the headphones, however it’s pretty hard to open so i just got the stuff out of it i needed and threw it away. The sound quality is excellent, and i’m glad i bought them. They were on offer for a tenner and i snapped it up, and i’m extremely happy that i did. Some reviews are saying that they break easily, so i’m being careful and not stretching them or anything, just to be sure. I have found that while doing exercise they fall out when i’m running, which is annoying but i just have to push them really hard into my ears. Overall, they’re probably worth the money, but if you really have the dough to spend, get a really good set.

Earphones were a christmas pressie for my neice which went down really well and she was very happy with them.

These earphones are perfect and that’s not an overstatement. The quality is fantastic; my third pair of sks, outstanding basses and amazing highs. In fact all of these qualities go together in one great price of almost 20 pounds. I’ve owned beats before and the price is about 10 times as much but these skullcandys and 10 times better.

We bought these for my daughter for christmas, she loves them, the sound is really good, and she finds a lot of other earphones uncomfortable but these are not. They also look good too and come in some lovely colours we chose the navy and chrome which are quite unusual, all in all a very successful purchase thank you.

They are extremly great only problem is they stop working after a while, on my 3rd pair in a year.

These are sooooo nice and comfortable and i couldn’t believe how quick they came.

Very good svs, and product as described.

  • These look nice & were comfy to wear also sound was good
  • I can see few faults.
  • brilliant for the price

Skullcandy 50/50 2.0 In-Ear Headphones with Mic – Athletic Purple

Colour Name:Athletic Purple
Product Description, Supreme Sound delivers Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs Click here for a larger image
Skullcandy 50/50 2.0 In-Ear Headphones, The unruly 50/50 bud, a composite earphone that is half mic, half bud and all boom. With superb fit and a beastly 11mm driver, the 50/50 pumps bass deeper than your bag of kickflip variables, and sounds richer than your dirty uncle. And unlike a sketchy 50/50 varial heel-flip, our 50/50 polycarbonate backside mashes the aluminium frontside in perfect symmetry. The Skullcandy 50/50: composite bud, killer odds.

About Skullcandy, Skullcandy became the world’s most distinct audio brand by bringing colour, character and performance to an otherwise monochromatic space; revolutionising the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. From the award-winning, optic-inspired Roc Nation Aviator headphones to the evolutionary fitting FIX earbuds and a roster of the world’s finest athletes, musicians and artists, Skullcandy continues to redefine world-class audio performance and style.
Ergonomic design for the ultimate fit Click here for a larger image Skullcandy is committed to innovative designs, ensuring your favourite headphones perform according to your needs. The ergonomics of Skullcandy product features are engineered to perfectly fit the anatomy of your head and ear. Skullcandy’s unique design solutions conquer industry and user problems. Skullcandy has developed a number of headphone collections to enhance end-user style and keep you true to your core.

Supreme Sound Tuning, Skullcandy is committed to delivering true, premium audio and their new Supreme Sound tuning gives your favourite music the full range of attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. Created by a team of the world’s leading acoustic engineers, Supreme Sound is the exclusive audio experience only Skullcandy can deliver. It is engineered to the consumer’s playlist to deliver the best possible tonal balance of bass, vocals and highs.

Bass, Vocals & Highs, These three audio components encompass the entire audio spectrum and are the foundation of the Supreme Sound Experience. Through Supreme Sound, Skullcandy has defined the way bass, vocals and highs should sound in all of their products. Consumer headphones often deliver suppressed ‘muddy’ bass or exaggerated ‘boomy’ bass. ‘Attacking Bass’ packs a sound that is punchy and powerful.
Designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy Click here for a larger image
Natural Vocals, Conventional headphones can sound tinny and hollow like they are being pushed through an AM radio. Supreme Sound creates a warm and smooth listening experience so you can hear every inflection in your favourite songwriter’s lyrics, as if you were standing beside them.

Precision Highs, Typical headphones in the market create a harsh or dull sound that can be fatiguing to the ears; however, Skullcandy engineer their headphones to produce clean and spacious highs, not piercing or muted highs like you may have heard in other headphones. Supreme Sound delivers perfect highs for the final element of an amazing audio experience.

Box Contains, Skullcandy 50/50 In Ear Headphones With Mic

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I was quite impressed with these earphones initially but after 4 months there was no sound in the left ear. I bought another pair to replace them but i wont do it again.

The sound is perfect and i have no complaints, it is easy to use use with my ipod becauase of the volume control and mic. I got these as a replacement to the skullcandy fix which had similiar sound but less bass. The packing is nice and it comes with a metal case and the eartips are kept together with a cable tie so you won’t lose them. The earphones feel strong and are comftable in my ears. The earphones have a flat cable unlike the fix which means less tangling. They seem built to last although they come with a two year warranty.

I purchased these as a replacement to my iphone earphones, however, these surpass the iphone ones in every way. They are more comfortable, reduce the surrounding noise levels, and the sound that they produce is simply fantastic. Will never go back to using the apple style ones again.

You want these they have amazing sound quality amazing base (especially for earphones) and they block out all other sounds.

Unfortunately the volume buttons dont work on my galaxy s4.

Really good earphones, love the colour and the fact that it has different size earpieces (i use the small one).

Good all round headphones do the job well. Bought as i have had skullcandy before and been pleased.

I am very happy with these headphones, the sound quality is like nothing i’ve ever experienced through in-ear headphones, and i’ve been though a few sets. Found these after looking on the gadget show website and these came 1st out of their top 5 headphones under £50 competition and was particularly happy after finding them for such a good price. Product wise, its very good quality, comes with three different sizes of bud so you can customize it, the case is cool as well, but what is the best are the mic3 buttons. They only work with ipods and iphones, but they are used to pause and play songs, change track, volume, and take and end calls. Its a very nice bonus, as you can do everything without even taking your ipod or iphone out of your pocket, but if you don’t have either of these, don’t be put off, the sound will be the same high quality you just won’t be able to use the mic3 buttons, which like i say, are a bonus. Overall, brilliant headphones and very highly recommended.

  • These look nice & were comfy to wear also sound was good
  • I can see few faults.
  • brilliant for the price

Skullcandy 50/50 2.0 In-Ear Headphones with Mic – Athletic Purple

Teenager chose them, so must be alright.

Have already posted a few times on these, so yes it does make me look like an addict now. – good value – good sound – usually with own bag / pouch – i’ve found the 50/50 to be the best ones for me.

Great quality, fast shipping, no problems here.

Fits well in the ear and very stylish.

Ordered these skull candy 50/50 earphones for my holiday expecting them to be average for sub £20 phones. But, seriously, they are superb for the money and i would highly recommend them to anyone. Starting with the comfort (well i am 46 ) i find the buds really comfortable and unlike others i have owned, they don’t irritate after 20 mins or so. There are 3 sizes of buds to fit all lugholes sound : really good – the bass tone, a key feature of this product, is really rich without drowning out the higher ranges. The sound is clear and focussed at all volume levels, and the buds do a great job in reducing background noise. I honestly didn’t expect them to sound this good for the price. The packaging states the phones are made for iphone, with audio controls and phone controls available. I have a nokia windows phone which didn’t work with the audio controls, but to be fair, that’s not why i bought it so no minus points there finally, there is a nifty little tin to keep the phones in, and they really do look great . So for less than £20, jump in – they really are a bargain.

Had skullcandy earphones before and the sound quality always impresses me. The fact that i can also pause, play , skip tracks and adjust volume is and added bonus, mind you doesn’t seem to want to adjust the volume on my kindle fire, but does on all apple products.

Lovely item for xmas, good price and well packaged.

Good but didn’t last longer than 3 months. The bass and sound quality is decent yet it’s not worth the price,because you can find a pair of sennheisers or sony for way cheaper and find better or the same quality with more longevity.

Decent sound quality for the price. They do tend to fall apart quite quickly though. I never had a pair that survived more than 3 months, but then again i am a pretty heavy user. I would perhaps give 5 stars for sound quality, but i’m giving them only three stars for the excessive and wasteful packaging. Skullcandy should take a long hard look at themselves and ask whether repeat customers really need all this plastic. A simple small sleeve of recycled card case would do nicely, thanks.

These are really good headphones with a nice wee casei like the volume/pause button on it and this is why i bough the headphonesoccasionally this button sticks but not oftengood for the pricewould recommend.

Buds easy to change and fit. Microphone function appears not to work and there are no instructions in the package to troubleshoot the problem. Appear not to be compatible with a sony xperia phone.

Love the sound and they work great.

I absolutely love thees the sound quality is really good plus every other kind of skullcandy headphones i have owned have broke after a few months but these have survived a year and are still not broken.

I had the same headphones and lost them so just wanted to get a new pair and they are very very nice.

That’s all i can say about this product. Although, the sound is fantastic but i had to give it to someone because it really didn’t feel well with me.

– great bass on these headphones. – even the biggest ear buds are too small. And choosing another ear buds will mess up the bass- cable feels too plasticy and flimsy.

I was more than pleasantly surprised with these headphones on my galaxy s3. The mic on the hands free works great. They feel sturdy enough and not bad sound. I’ve had much more expensive seinheisers but they broke with in 4 months £60 down the drain. Hopefully these will last that time for the price.

Great headphones for the price.

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  • Supreme Sound delivers Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs
  • Mic3 delivers complete control of any IOS device
  • Ergonomic design for the ultimate fit
  • Travel case keeps your assets safe
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy