SKULLCANDY Fix 2 : Like them

I bought these a i previously owned a pair of skullcandy headphones where the cable wrapped around my ear and they never fell out and thought these would be the same due to the name ‘fix’. Unfortunately they’re not – the cable runs straight down like a normal in-ear headphone. Sound quality is still really good but i’m disappointed as they don’t stay in as well as my previous ones.

Purchased those the second time for myself.

Happy with purchase and service.

Sound is ok & the cable is long but the issue i have is with the volume buttons. They don’t work with my samsung s3 even though someone wrote a review saying it works with android devises. They only thing the button is good for is stop/starting the track.

So the sound from these are pretty good (have heard better though), with no distortion at higher volumes. They don’t fall out like many other in-ear sets. Good base and general wide frequency ranges. Just a couple of things that i don’t like much though. 1) they do hurt my ears after just a short time. For them to be very secure, they need to dig into the bottom rear of your ear. This does give some discomfort. 2) the supplied case looks great but could do with being just marginally bigger. You need to really wrap the earphones up into a tight bundle to get them in the case. This makes it easy to get into a tangle when you remove them.

Controls don’t really work with samsung phone except to pause a music track and end a call. Not as loud or clear as hoped but perhaps comfort makes up for that.

Fantastic headphones and work a treat for answering calls whilst handsfree.

The earphones deliver nice sound. The skullcandy logo on the buds isn’t so much my thing, but tolerable. The main reasons i bought them was because they were supposed to stay in your ears even when running and fit into your ears well. With other ear phones they were constantly changing positions in the ear of falling out when i was running. These deliver splendidly, they don’t move at all unless i want to remove them, when they come out easily. Also, they are easy to put into the ears and are virtually unnoticeable when in. They are designed into your ear, so that i have laid down on a pillow without noticing them. I can absolutely recommend them.

  • Worth the price tag, but not much more.
  • A little disappointed.
  • Good pair of inexpensive earphones at the price I paid £15.

Skullcandy Fix 2.0 In-Ear Headphones with Mic – Athletic Orange/Grey

Colour Name:Athletic Orange / Grey
Product Description, FIX Technology is a new dawn of patent-pending ear bud design. Engineered for a FIXed in-ear fit. Revolutionary Engineering. Evolutionary Sound.
Skullcandy is committed to delivering true, premium audio, and our new Supreme Sound tuning gives your favorite music the full range of attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. Created by a team of the world’s leading acoustic engineers, Supreme Sound is the exclusive audio experience only Skullcandy can deliver. It is engineered to our consumer’s playlist to deliver the best possible tonal balance of Bass, vocals, and highs.
BASS + VOCALS + HIGHS These three audio components encompass the entire audio spectrum and are the foundation of the Supreme Sound Experience. Through Supreme Sound, we have defined the way Bass, Vocals & Highs should sound in all of our products.
ATTACKING BASS: Consumer headphones often deliver suppressed “muddy” bass, or exaggerated “boomy” bass. Attacking bass packs a sound that is punchy & powerful.
NATURAL VOCALS: Conventional head-phones sound tinny or hollow – like they are being pushed through an AM radio. Supreme Sound creates a warm & smooth listening experience so you can hear every inflection in your favorite songwriters lyrics.
PRECISION HIGHS: Typical headphones in the market create a harsh or dull sound that can be fatiguing to the ears. Skullcandy harnesses precision, clean & spacious highs so you can enjoy those snappy high hats.
Skullcandy became the world’s most distinct audio brand by bringing color, character and performance to an otherwise monochromatic space; revolutionizing the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. From the award-winning, optic-inspired Roc Nation Aviator headphones to the evolutionary fitting FIX earbuds and a roster of the world’s finest athletes, musicians and artists, Skullcandy continues to redefine world-class audio performance and style.

Box Contains, Skullcandy Fix In Ear Headphones With Mic

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Arrived as promised within 24 hours. These are not the best sounding headphones butthen for the price your not going to get dre beats. The main bug for me is, they look very plasticy and cheap. They also dont fix in my ears, but then that could just be my ears. So i’ll be buying a different pair and just keeping these as a backup set.

They cut out ambient sounds 4. They come with a storage box that actually gets used. Certainly worth paying a bit extra for them.

Good sound qaulity for the price – quick delivery.

Have already posted a few times on these, so yes it does make me look like an addict now. – good value – good sound – usually with own bag / pouch – these particular ones i didn’t find fit me as well as the others, but, i don’t think that has anything to do with skull candy, i have weird small ears. However my other half loves them.

Great present for my bf’s son.

The product was as described it was delivered very promptly and was as good as expected.

I bought these to replace the stock headphones that came with my lg g3. Firstly these are for iphones so the volume control and microphone won’t operate on an android phone. They do allow you to pause and skip tracks though which is all i need. They headphones are resistant to sweat and manage, mostly, to stay in place. I say mostly as i do tend to remove and wipe the sweat off around halfway through my 2hr gym session. They are also considerably louder than the stock g3 ones and the sound quality is much clearer and more dynamic. Perhaps a little heavily weighted towards bass but i sorted that out by changing my media players equaliser settings. Overall i think these are great for the price and ideal for using at the gym.

The headphones meet all the expectations, its as described. I don’t rate it with five stars as the description was not correct. A part of the headphones i was very interested in the carry carbon case (i travel a lot and they usually get tangled in my handbag) and unfortunately it was not included. I bought new ones of another model and i had the same issue.

  • Worth the price tag, but not much more.
  • A little disappointed.
  • Good pair of inexpensive earphones at the price I paid £15.

Skullcandy Fix 2.0 In-Ear Headphones with Mic – Athletic Orange/Grey

Brilliant, my son would reccommend them to anyone who likes to listen to loud music or who likes to escape from their mothers nagging.

Bought it on an offer at £15 in september 2014. Its been good and i’ve used it a good number of times. Its my cheap run-around earphones and still in perfect condition. The shape holds it in place well enough, a good choise of earbuds helps to hold it better and isolation which is adequate although not perfect. Doesn’t suffer from too much cable noise. Comes with a handy case which i use to keep it in. Although they are not my main pair, i’ve just bought a set of foam buds (inairs air2) for this and the spare sennheiser cx500 and sound as well as hold and isolation were improved a little. I think the overall quality fits at £25-£30 range no more. They are now £40, and at that price i’d give it a miss. I’d pay a few quid more and buy the sony mdr ex650 which at £50 are touted as a very good sound for the money.

This is my second pair of these. The first pair would fix so tightly in my ear that often the plastic ear pad would come off the headset when pull accidentally from my ear. I lost the pad on my first pair and didn’t have the other sizes any more so bought a new pair. These don’t fix as tightly but still provide good sound quality, mic and remote both work well.

Brought it for my friend as a christmas gift, checked the sound quality, excellent, light weight.

I bought these for running but the sound is so good i use them all the time now. As other reviews say, better sound than headphones costing several times as much. And noise isolating so most sound blocked out on flights (i’ve used noise cancelling sennheisers costing ten times the amount but these work ten times better).

For a cheap pair of headphones the quality of these is very good. The sound is well balanced and the mic and attached control works well. Would recommend if you don’t want to spend to much for a decent pair of in-ear headphones.

Yep great, stays in my ears, only annoying thing is the buds keep on coming off so i super glued them to my headphones, now its fine. Not sure if you’re meant to do that but ah well, works good. I can run with them or whatever and they stay in well, they have different sizes for the buds so im sur eyou’d find one that works well.

A little bit plastically but the quality is excellent. There are my first skullcandy earphones and the acoustic is very detailed, the bass is good. So they have replaced all my other earphones.

Cheap and affordable and do the job. I would highly recommend these as its been more then a month and the product works perfectly well. The bass isn’t that great but well worth it for the price.

Purchased to mainly use at gym. I wished to isolate the noise from other users/music and not have to worry about them falling out. I have had them for a couple of months and found they do stay in ear without any problems so excellent for that. The noise isolating is good enough for the gym but on a recent flight they did little to isolate the engine noise and i found i needed my ipod on full volume to hear, not to be recommended i understand. That may be affected by the size of the buds used, i found the larger ones rather uncomfortable so use ones that are not so tight and, i assume therefore, not so effective?. The lead is very thin and too long for me, i use them with my ipod in my pocket and still have too much lead to tuck out of the way. The length and thickness of the lead mean the cables frequently become tangled, something i really hate. I have found that if i wind them carefully and then do the reverse when about to use them they are not too bad and the small case supplied does keep them in place well. Finally the quality of the sound is not as good as i had hoped for. Still very acceptable in gym/travel use but not significantly better than my standard apple phones.

0 there is not much difference at all.

Volume buttons do not work on android phone. Stays in the ear during sports activity for the best part. For the price, these are a good buy.

Fairly good quality headphones. They are certainly better than any original headphones that come with your music player and the added bonus of having a mic and controls is worth paying £25 (price at the time of purchase). However, the only downside is that they are actually quite flimsy and i do not envisage them lasting more than 6 months. I would give the sound quality 6/10, the bass is not too deep but is certainly noticeable and there is a hazy quality to the playback. These headphones would only be suited for someone seeking to step away from the standard headphones which come with your music player (ipod headphones etc). It is a nice step up but anyone who has spent more than £50 on a pair of headphones wouldn’t take a second look at these. I for one have purchased these headphones on a punt and will be using them at the gym as i have a lovely pair of bose ie2 headphones which are awesome.

Decent headsets but didn’t cope so well with 6 months of teenage usage.

Im not happy because dint bring the carbon fiber travel case , only a simple bag :/.

I love skullcandy headphones but these look cheap and cheerful in reality when the images make them look quite slick.

Full functionality and good price.

Bought as a present, was a big hit.

Features and Spesification

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  • Supreme Sound delivers Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs
  • Mic3 delivers complete control of any IOS device
  • FIX Technology means ear buds won’t fall out
  • Ergonomic Design for the ultimate fit
  • Carbon Fiber Travel Case keeps your assets safe