Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphone : Nice headphones for the price

Really good quality, especially considering the price. It fits very comfortably, and the volume isn’t heard on the outside (unless you’re blasting your music) so that’s a real bonus too. The sound quality is out standing too. I would definitely recommend these headphones.

Good quality, sound is brilliant only fault is one of the ear pads fell off less that a week of me having them 🙁 other than that there good.

A crisp, yet warm sound from these extremely well priced ‘phones.

Excellent sound, easy bluetooth connection and the most comfortable headphones i’ve ever worn. The sound quality matches any headphones i’ve had and i wore them on a train journey of over 4 hours which is much longer than i’ve been able to wear any before. Not had any issues with them and no problems with battery life. Can’t wait to try them out on the beach on holiday.

I have had one of these for months and bought another one for my wife. I like these headphones as they look great, sound good and batteries last a long time. Usually they don’t run out of battery and i have to recharge thinking that is been too long and they must be almost depleted. Being able to use bluetooth + p2 cable is awesome since i can use it with my ipod and other devices that don’t have a bluetooth connection (or if you run out of battery but still want to keep using it). The quality is good and seems it is gonna last for a long time, except the the cables that run on its sides. They seems to fragile and being careful around them would be good advice. Also, this doesn’t come with a case, so it might not be safe to trow into your backpack when you are not using them. The sounds is good to me, although i wouldn’t mind a little more bass. But aside from that, the quality of sounds is very good. Bluetooth connection works good most of the time (it might get a little choppy if you have the phone in your jeans pocket and are walking on a packed street, but if i put them in my jacket pocket that’s not an issue) and the range is very good as well (it works even if i am several meters away from my laptop or phone).

Great sound and great battery life. Sound quality is really good like more expensive ones. Looks sturdy and quite comfortable for my ears. Connects to phone or tablet in seconds and does not loose connection.

Bought for granddaughter who loves them. Good sound quality and very comfy on ears.

Nice comfy headphones, sound great, easy and quick to connect to bluetooth and look cool. Comes with a headphone lead you can plug in if you don’t use bluetooth and a cable to charge them up with, unfortunately i could find nothing in the instructions with regards to charging or what the lights mean, maybe i missed that info. . You will need an adapter to charge with but have loads of these around the house so not a problem. My use for these was chatting on the iphone to a mate while wearing these headphones (yes they have a built in mic) via skype why playing computer games work a treat.

  • I do like them, but
  • Amazing Piece of Tech Recommend from my heart !!! Maybe i was unlucky .
  • Surprisingly good budget bluetooth headphones

Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphone with Tap Tech – Black/Tan

Colour:Black/Tan  |  Style Name:Wired
Product Description, Attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs through the powerful Rex40 driver. Full control of your music and calls with distinct TapTech feature and top of the line engineering for a great fit. With a sleek design, the best materials and your choice of colours the Grind is the ultimate hook-up.

Box Contains, Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphone With Tap Tech – Black/Tan

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Absolutley brilliant headphones. Comfortable to ware great sound. One of the biggest bonuses i find is thier strong aswell. 10/10 without a doubt also once you answer your phone and talk to people though them it’s always crystal clear. S so easy to set up with phone and you don’t have to use wireless if you don’t want to.

Can’t decide if i like the sound of these better than the uproar. These are better made nicer to look at, better battery and bigger plus you can plug them in if the battery is dead. Maybe the uproar bass is nicer and they are lighter. Prefer uproar for running and these for everything else.

These replaced my noise-cancelling earphones at the gym and although the sound is good when it’s quiet they don’t really cancel noise.

He loves to watch videos and play games on his phone, tablet and tv. This was an ingenious birthday present from yours truly. He can wear them for hours with no discomfort and the sound quality i would expect from a more expensive brand.

Biggest advantage of those headphones is comfort. (pads are very soft, good weight). In this price rage it’s very difficult to find anything better. And don’t forget the look – its exceptional. Sound quality is average, so if this is yours priority – check other options. Minor downside is short cable, but as it is interchangeable – no real issue.

The headphones have a good base. I am quite happy with the build quality. How ever wearing the product for a long period of time (2 hours or more ) can start hurting your ears as it does not fit comfortable on your ears.

I’m usually fussy about on ear headphones and have usually bought sennheisers or sony. However when i tested various bluetooth ones out i found these to be the best quality in this price range. I use them on the lowest volume setting and find that plenty loud enough.

Get alot of compliments about them.

  • I do like them, but
  • Amazing Piece of Tech Recommend from my heart !!! Maybe i was unlucky .
  • Surprisingly good budget bluetooth headphones

Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphone with Tap Tech – Black/Tan

Really comfortable for on-ear headphones, honestly i can wear these for ages with no issues, the headband also extend for a great fit on my fairly large noggin. Crucially these bluetooth headphones sound fantastic (despite not using aptx codec). Bass levels are spot on for me – not overpowering, but definitely pronounced (might be a bit heavy for some, highly subjective area i know). Battery life seems good too, they look great too – understated and cool. Really delighted so far, can’t recommend highly enough.

Ok, so i bought the garish colour because they were the cheapest and i need a set for the gym, these in no way dissapoint. I usually use a set of bose in ear which are 6x more expensive, worth every penny but no good for the gym. These are brilliant, good sound quality, great fit and the garish colour isn’t half as bad in person. Seriously wish i had of bought these sooner.

Ok sound qualityreturned product, not a comfortable fit, but is a personal thing, product was not faulty.

Got them at a great price and they are still going strong. Podcasts or music they handle all volumes without sound degradation. No crackles and no delay with them being wired. Devastated they seem to have phased out this exact design for something that looks a little more brittle in the new on ear models. Metal frame is light but flexible, cord is tangle free and not a plastic finish like some, it’s more rope like and itself a stylish feature, not just a plain and functional wire.

Skull candy grind black headphones5/5*a sound bargainthese headphones are highly reviewed and after looking at a lot of options stood out to me. On receiving them they were stylishly (and plastic free) packaged. In black they look subtle, with just the company logo in white on the band sides. They are lightweight for their size and feel well made, with easy adjustment. One noteable feature is the removable 3. 5mm lead which makes damaged cables no problem. They are very comfortable and feel light on the head, but grip sufficiently tightly. I feel i could wear these for a good amount of time, with little fatigue. The button to skip/repeat tracks and play/[pause works well. Also it has a built in mic and this allows you to also answer calls when used with your phone, but i haven’t yet tested this.

The foam leather is great on the ears and they fit snug.

Great cans in pink and blue for my kids.

Great clear quality sound from this wired o-ear headphone and comfortable to wear as well.

Purchased these headphones after doing some research online about the best over ear headphones under £100. The reviews generally stated that these are fantastic headphones that can compete with there far more expensive competitors, and i have to say they do not disappoint. Sound is great and they are comfy. My only complaint would be i get a bit of a hot head when i use them, but this is probably more down to my head than the headphones.

I bought them for work as my job involves use headphones a lot. They’re perfect and comfy to wear.

Superb for the price, honestly not far off my akg headphones in terms of sound quality, not quite as comfy. But i really can’t complain, they look great, fit perfect and sound great, well worth the purchase if your not a label person.

I haven’t listened lots so will probably update this after extended use. However, first impressions are good. These are comfortable, well padded and light. The styling is unusual, with outside nit transparent, and the wire to the cups bare n the inside. The sound is good, mellow and a little heavier on the bass than the treble, but still good. Added to the standard headphones, is the ability to take a phone call, pause or fast forward from the button on the left ear, very neat.

Bought these headphones for my daughter and she loves them. They’re well built, has a good volume to them, decent treble and good bass. One star off for comfort as i borrowed them one night and they hurt my ears after a couple of hours use. Otherwise can’t complain, especially for the price. I’ve paid a lot more for worse in the past.

First impressions after a couple of days of wearing them at work are great. I can block out the annoying, loud project managers on their 2 hours phone calls, sound quality is good, a little bassy. Look good, not too huge and ostentatious. Very comfortable, i’ve had them on for 6 hours today and only just starting to annoy me. Battery has lasted all that time so far on a full charge. Can’t speak to their longevity yet, but will update when i can.

Battery lasts all day sitting at my desk. They are well built and comfortable. They do pinch your ears a bit so to reduce the pressure ( i have sensitive ears😔) i just gently bent the head band. It is very robust and made of metal so i didn’t worry about breaking it. Sound is great for bluetooth. And the call quality via the mic in the headset is great.

It fits great on the ear and battery lasts really long. This sounds good to me at a very reasonable price. I can’t use beyond 2 hours because it starts to hurt my ears and hence 4 star not 5.

The colour scheme said black, however the outer casing of the ear pieces is actually a transparent black tint. Other than that, sound quality and comfort are nothing to complain about.

Features and Spesification

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  • Full contact comfort – plush foam ear pads create an ideal seal and provide hours of listening
  • Elegant design – get back to the basics with the sleek, low profile look of grind
  • High sound – the grind headphone produces attacking, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals and precision highs
  • Taptech – a button on the outside of the ear cup lets you take calls, play or pause and switch tracks easily