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These are really comfortable, and i love the colours. Sound quality is probably medium, but for the price it’s very good. Also they fold up neatly, so very convenient.

I wanted something for the train as i find ear buds uncomfortable. I wanted good sound quality at a reasonable price. I started looking around the £50-60 range at various brands like akg and sennheiser. At home i use sennheiser hd595 phones through a nad amplifier and for loudspeakers i use quad 11l’s so i have a fair idea about good quality sound. These lowrider headphones aren’t the last word in any area for sure. But they are absolutely great all rounders and i can’t believe what they deliver for just £15 quid they are fairly punchy, detailed and always in control even with some of my ‘difficult’ 70s prog rock stuff (eg yes – going for the one). I can chuck these in my rucksack without worrying. Honestly – for £15 give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Im not usually one for brands but i’ve skull candy to consistently deliver good mid-range products. I’ve found the build quality to be good and sound quality has always been good for me. They fold down very nicely, the microphone is great and click support works well.

These were to replace an old pair i lost. The low riders are much more comfortable than the last pair i had. My husband used them to watch something on his ipad and i couldn’t hear any noise pollution even though i was sat pretty close. They fold up into a neat ball, the only thing that would make these a 5 star would be if they came with a bag to keep the wire (that separates- no more tangles) together with the headphones and stops them being marked in my hand bag.

This is my second pair of skullcandy lowriders, replacing a four year old pair i had somehow the jack was damaged on a recent trip abroad by some overly rough handling. Until then they had managed to keep their great sound. I bought the same type in the hope that i would get the same quality sound and i am pleased to say i have. The sound is great and the balance seems good enough to deal with most types of music and works well enough with spoken/talk based listening such as podcasts or audio books. It’s of course a bonus that one doesn’t have to spend a small fortune for it either. The folding feature was also a deciding factor in purchasing the same type again as this has proved useful over the years to me and the newer feature of the detachable cable is a bonus.

I bought these because i have a small head and trying to find headphones that stay on is hard. The size of the band is perfect for smaller heads and the sound is decent. I wish it had a volume control attached to the cord and a clip to attach the cord to my clothing as it hangs down a bit far on me and i think the mic is too low. It has one button for answering calls, pausing, and skipping tracks that you use a different number of clicks on. I’m hoping in time i will remember how many clicks do what. They do fold, though not as small as i thought they would. But for the price these are nice.

Great headphones, folds 2 diffferent ways. Good acceptable sound for the price. Button to pause and start music on the wire. Button also answers phone calls. Ability for the lead to be removed seemed lile a good idea and handy but how often do i want to remove it?. Back-fired when the lead came out whilst i was wanting to sleep all night listening to some therapuetic sounds. May be a blessing in disguise if you toss and turn whilst sleeping with these on – you won’t accidentally strangle yourself in the night.

Really great headphones and they have been very durable. The major flaw is the cable which has long since broken and i’ve had to replace with cheaper counterparts (2 of which have also broken, one cheap and one expensive). Granted i think this is because i take them everywhere so they get abused a fair bit. However the head phones themselves have been fine, the biggest nag is there is no way to get a replacement cable. You can buy from the us skull candy store (but who would with potential customs fees even if they did deliver to the uk) and you can buy alternatives however they are no where close to the original product. Also that in itself is complicated because the original wire had 3 bands on one end and 2 on the other which is not a common cable to find so the standard with 2 on each end would not always produce clear sound when plugged in. The reason i am so desperate to replace the wire is that the sound quality is truly great and although i have a back up pair of older skull candy headphones they just do not compete for comfort and quality. So be warned of you buy these with the removable cable that you could end up in the same position.

  • Great buy- would definately buy again!
  • Not as good as previous models.
  • SkullCandy Lowrider

Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Audio Headphones with Microphone – Maroon/Brown/Copper

Colour Name:Maroon/Brown/Copper
Product Description, The Lowrider on-ear headphones by Skullcandy are the perfect choice if you’re looking for reasonably priced headphones with a great sound and unmatched style. They feature an integrated micA sound which is just perfectly balanced between rich basses, crystal clear highs and balanced middles.The New LowriderSkullcandy’s new Lowrider features improved sound, improved comfort, soft touch finishes and overall a much sturdier design. The Lowrider is sturdy enough to deal your beats and withstand opposing jerks, drops and hustle without breaking. Don’t mistake the articulating design, soft-touch finish, and plush ear pillows for weakness – this headphone thrives on around-the-clock rocking.Supreme SoundSkullcandy is committed to delivering true, premium audio, and our new Supreme Sound tuning gives your favourite music the full range of attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. Created by a team of the world’s leading acoustic engineers, Supreme Sound is the exclusive audio experience only Skullcandy can deliver.Attacking BassConsumer headphones often deliver suppressed “muddy” bass, or exaggerated “boomy” bass. Attacking bass packs a sound that is punchy and powerful.Natural VocalsConventional head-phones sound tinny or hollow – like they are being pushed through an AM radio. Supreme Sound creates a warm and smooth listening experience so you can hear every inflection in your favourite songwriter’s lyrics.Precision HighsTypical headphones in the market create a harsh or dull sound that can be fatiguing to the ears. Skullcandy harnesses precision, clean and spacious highs so you can enjoy those snappy high hats.Single Sided, Detachable, Cable with Mic1Take and make calls, play/pause and change tracks, all directly from the Mic1 built into the removable cable. Compatible with most music devices and Smartphones.About SkullcandySkullcandy became the world’s most distinct audio brand by bringing colour, character and performance to an otherwise monochromatic spaceRevolutionising the audio arena by introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. From the award-winning, optic-inspired Roc Nation Hesh 2.0 headphones to the evolutionary fitting FIX earbuds and a roster of the world’s finest athletes, musicians and artists, Skullcandy continues to redefine world-class audio performance and style.Skullcandy is committed to innovative designs, ensuring your favourite headphones perform according to your needs. The ergonomics of Skullcandy product features are engineered to perfectly fit the anatomy of your head and ear. Skullcandy’s unique design solutions conquer industry and user problems. Skullcandy has developed a number of headphone collections to enhance end-user style and keep you true to your core.

Box Contains, – Skullcandy Lowrider Over-Ear Headphones with Mic Q22- Detachable Cable with Mic

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I’ve owned two pairs of skullcandy lowriders before, and these ones are by far superior in a few ways:my previous ones were great, however i have had to buy two of them before as they both broke (after a couple of years each, mind you) due to the stress on the cable being wrapped around the headphones so many times, being yanked off my head etc etc. The detachable cable idea is a very clever solution and will prevent these problems in the future, i’m sure. My other lowriders were over-ear; a deceptive description firstly as you’d have to be a pixie for them to fit around your ears, and uncomfortable to wear after long periods of time. The benefit this model has of the on-ear variant with the “pillows” is two-fold – much better noise cancellation from the outside for one, and also it’s like having a pair of fuzzy clouds draped over your head. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 hours and forgot they were there after 10 minutes. Compared to my old model, these feel much better built to last even longer than the other ones – the adjustable headband needs a little more oomph to pull apart, which is a plus; you don’t feel like they’ll fall off your head accidentally, and the hinges used to fold the headphones away are sturdier too – the old ones flopped about. Now to the sound – the important bit. The band imagine dragons song “radioactive” has single-handedly destroyed bass woofers of headphones past, but these seem to withstand it well. It’s pretty much the bass-iest song i know of, and i use it as the proving grounds test of bass for any new audio hardware. As advertised, the mids and hi levels by contrast are absolutely crystal-clear whether you’re listening to the pumping of trance synths, the crooning of the crash test dummies or the tinkling of chopin. If you’re still not convinced, you might need to wait a few decades for the technology to be invented.

I ordered these less than 15 hours ago and they are now sitting on my head. The sound quality is very good for the price and work very well with my iphone. Much better that the in ear ones that are supplied. Yes, you cannot adjust volume or skip tracks using these but thats a small price to paywhat is noticeable is how comfortable and light they are. I would highly recommend these headphones.

Feel comfortable and updated. Quality sound and don’t feel cheap or flimsy. They pack away nicely and feel smooth. Great purchase, will update if anything changes in the future. I also use these for my ps4, the sound from that is also fantastic and the microphone works well too. My only problem is no in-line controls but you can’t get everything. Edit: -1* as the more i have been using them the more uncomfortable they have been on my ears. The worst thing is there isn’t really any way to counter it but push through it. I was liking it but my left ear has been chewed off in the process. Try avoiding this headset first if you can.

My son is really sensitive to pressure on his ears and finds most headphones “pinch” too much. With these headphones the earpiece swivels which means they are less tight on his head. The single, replaceable, wire is also very useful. My son has a tendency to chew and/or sit on the wire and so they don’t last very long. But because the wire is detachable, it can be easily replaced and there for the headphones last much longer. I can’t say much about sound quality, i’ve had no complaints. And i don’t believe there is any noise cancelation, which means he can actually still hear me when i call him ;). They tend to last about a year compared to about 3-6 months on any other headphones my son has owned. This is his 4th pair and he loves them.

My kids kept breaking their less expensive headphones and borrowing my beloved lowriders. I finally broke down and got everyone their own. They are very comfortable for heads of all sizes, and (so far, knock on wood) have proven indestructible by little monsters. I should rename them the ‘peacemakers’ as they’ve ended many an argument about who should watch what. They also go on every trip with us, with a y-jack so the kids can watch together.

These headphones are wonderful. I lost my last pair and when i saw these on amazon i just had to order another pair. I ordered the red ones because they were £5. 00 cheaper than the black ones and at 62 years of age it is the quality of the headphones and the price that they cost that i judge the product on and not the colour. I couldn’t be happier than using these. They fold up into next to nothing (just right for my coat pocket) when i am not listening and fit really comfortable when i am listening. Nice and lightweight and when using with the phone you can even answer and talk using the buttons on the cable. I am even thinking of getting another pair so that i can put them in my laptop bag so that i am never without a pair. The sound is really clear when listening to my books and still nice and clear, without too much bass, when listening to music.

Exactly what you would expect for the price, the more expensive skull candy low rider headphones are made out of a nicer plastic, i know because i used to have some. But these are good, good sound and comfortable.

Second pair i’ve bought of these, first were mine these were for my son. Can confirm they definitely work with the ps4, better than any other headset we tried. Generally at this price they are really worth it. I’d recommend them to anyone and would buy again if ever need to.

  • Great buy- would definately buy again!
  • Not as good as previous models.
  • SkullCandy Lowrider

Skullcandy Lowrider On-Ear Audio Headphones with Microphone – Maroon/Brown/Copper

Probably one of the best purchases i have made in 2018. Combined with my sony xz1 extra high quality audio they sound utterly sensational.

Ridiculously awesome sound quality for the price. Can wear them while in bed as they are soft and flexible, unlike most overear headphones. If you are an audio nerd and have an obsession with sound quality to a professional level then go and spend £170 on a pair of sennheiser. Otherwise, if you like clear audio, with good bass and clear vocals that gives you perfectly adequate depth, range and clarity of sound, go for these beautiescouple of points:3. 5mm standard jack, detachable from headphones – which is great as if you break/lose the lead you can replace itthey don’t block out all noise, like if you’re on a bus, obviously, as they aren’t noise cancelling. People can hear some noise while you wear them if you have them turned up high in a quietist place.

Wah’ else can i sayexcept that the pair i had previously had a more expansive sound:(.

Bought these for my 6 year old son and they work well. The only minor downside is that the cable into the headphones can come out with the slightest tug.

The sound quality is fantastic. They are also quite comfy to wear for long periods as well. I bought these a year ago and they have travelled with me, been thrown in various bags etc and are still going strong.

Purchased for xmas for my 10 year old daughter they fit her really nicely and the sound from them is really good. She uses them to plug into her laptop, and her mobile phone and fit into both very well. I like the feature of them folding up very small and neatly so they can be transported around without too much bulk. The only feature that would have been nice to add would be a small pull cord bag to put them in if needed.

I’ve been looking for a pair of on ear headphones as i want comfort and have had enough of earbuds. I also don’t want to spend a fortune so these seemed like a good starting point. Although they were only £15, they feel much better quality. They’re light without being too flimsy and don’t feel like they’ll fall apart anytime soon. The headband adjustment is reassuringly tight and you get a definite click on each setting. They’ve not slipped once while set and the headband itself is comfortable to wear for a few hours. The earpads also twist on thethe earpads are also comfortable despite being foam; i thought they may be a little irritating but again, for the cost, they’re fine. The matt black finish looks great and along with the small logo on the side, makes these understated but still good looking (i’m not one for massive branding to show off what i’m using/ wearing). The cable itself is long enough to allow for plenty of movement without yanking the plug out and the inline remote is useful. As with most headphone of this brand, the remote has the usual stop, pause, next etc functionality but it’s missing volume up/down controls which is a big miss.

Brilliant item, excellent price, very speedy delivery.

I’ve been borrowing some other skullcandy headphones, but they were a bit out of my current price range. For a tenner, i thought that i might as well give these ones ago. It is very cool and very handy that they’re able to fold away, and it is even cooler that you can detach the wire. I am notorious for damaging earphone wires, so this is going to make things a lot easier. The sound quality is superb, and i barely have to turn the volume up to be able to listen to my music. The sound is so clear and loud, i am so impressed. These headphones sit very comfortably on my head, and they don’t feel like they’re going to slip off, even when i move my head around a whole lot. Definitely worth buying, especially for the price.

These headphones are superb – both my hubby and i have been struggling with in-ear headphones lately, so i ordered these to try. Tried them as soon as they arrived and found them to be superb quality. Raved about them, then hubby wanted to try them – so impressed was he that i’ve now ‘lost’ them to him. Have just reordered for myself.

Really happy with this purchase. So far i’vbe had absolutely no trouble with these at all. Came very quickly (about 2-3 days) in good,solid packaging. Works very well and i believe the sound quality is very good. I love the fact that i can fold this away to put in my back and also detach the wire. The only reason i put 4 stars and not 5, is that i feel like these may be slightly delicate (due to the folding feature) and should be taken care of, additionaly the remote did not work with my phone (an android) but thats not a major issue. Overall i absolutely love these and think they’re the perfect fashion statement/ functional headphones i’ve bought- and for such a cheap price.

I think the bass is a little bit louder but they are ok. I don’t think they are 5-star good because they are not amazing, just good, and it depends on what music you prefer.

They’re ok but the sound isn’t as high in quality as my previous navigator skullcandies and i ended up going back and buying a replacement navigator set on ebay which have much better bass. These ones are comfy though and a good price. They don’t seem to fit as nicely to my ears though and they’re not easily adjustable. To change the length you have to take them off and play around with them because they’re very stiff. The sound seems to leek a lot more as well. If i take them off and cover the ear parts to simulate wearing them i can still hear every word of the music. I have to turn my i-pod down to below half volume to stop the sound leakage which just seems impractical. I’m using these ones as a back up pair for home instead now.

The headphones themselves are very nice – they fit well, they’re lightweight, and for the price the sound ain’t bad. The only reason i docked a star was because the cable seems to have a little short in it, and i haven’t pulled on it; it just shows up when i have it plugged into my phone and if it wiggles just a little bit in the phone jack, it stops playback or starts siri. I had to order one to replace it, so that wasn’t cool.

These have lived in my handbag, being used as and when for quite some time now. They are durable, comfortable, and the sound quality is great for my needs – i’m doing a language course, and listen to music. I would recommend these to anyone looking for portable headphones.

Very high quality headphones for the price. My daughter uses them nearly every day. Stylish to look at and easily folded away for storage. The sound quality is also above average, certainly at this price. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

Work as expected, but after six months the cable developed a fault near the switch causing it to work intermittently, suggesting that the cable provided could be of better quality.

My husband has had the same headphones for 2 years and has never had a problem. I bought these because i got tired of using his and he got tired of me using his. They are plastic and probably aren’t suitable for a young child who may not be careful on how they handle certain things. I use them when i am surfing on the net and don’t want to disturb other people. The sound is great and well – i’m happy.

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  • Articulating, rotating ear cups
  • Supreme Sound delivers attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs
  • Soft plush ear pillows for extra comfort
  • 1.2 m detachable cable with 3.5mm jack and Mic1
  • Lightweight stashable design
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