SKULLCANDY Lowriders SC-LRPI08 Headphones – Pink : really pleased with skullcandy

This product is kinder to your ears than earphones and i am very pleased with them. Great sound, you can hear every nuance in the music.

I bought these for my 14 year old daughter, fantastic sound quility and all her friends are now wanting them too.

I ordered a pair of pink headphones for my daughter, we didn’t notice that a black pair had been shipped until xmas eve when it was to late. The packing note included was for the correct product, so i don’t know if it was a mistake or just shortage of stock. Good news is she’s happy with the black version, it would just of been nice if there had been some small attempt to inform us of the change ahead of time.

These looked so great and i loved the fact that they fold away. Their sound quality is great despite the mixed reviews on youtube, you can actually see quite a few reviews on there. I have small ears though and it takes a bit of adjustment to get them to fit just right, after a few hours of wear you definately wish you had a lighter pair. I think they’re overpriced, you’re definately buying them for how they look more than anything. I wouldn’t give mine back hehe.

I got these today and they are amazing, i just plugged them into my ipod and it worked just like that. You can adjust the size so it fits your head which i had to do. They are a bit darker colour than the picture on here but still its very good and its very clear sound which comes out ūüôā i reccomend you to buy them.

As soon as i saw some skull candy earphones in a shop i wanted them, but couldn’t pay the ¬£60+ price tagthese were perfect at the under ¬£20 price tag and they look gorgeousthey feel really comfy and the sound quality is really goodthey fold up quite small so are ideal for handbags and are pink so are super cute tooi haven’t used these on public transport, but they are extremely loud with my ipod so i don’t think they would be drowned out my background noisehighly recommended.

I must start by saying that the sound quality of these headphones are not too shabby for the money they cost. And they folding design is innovative and really practical. Would have been nice if they came with some kind of storage case (even a cloth pouch would have done the trick). They are made with really flimsy plastic, and with mine the wire going into the jack became poorly connected very quickly. If you plan on buying them, treat them with a little more care than you usually would.

  • Wore really quickly
  • Five Stars
  • pretty pink and very stylish!

Skullcandy Lowriders SC-LRPI08 Headphones – Pink

Product description, The Lowrider headset is halfway between the professional audio headset used by DJs and high-end HiFi headphones, and has a very fashionable style, with a great sound quality.The Lowrider headset has 2¬†speakers be moved 90¬†¬į for use in most “DJ” style, and has exceptional holding power.With the Lowrider affirmerez you your style while enjoying your music.Product in stock/delivery 48¬†“Mini Tip Compatible with iPod/iPhone (same as the helmets of iPods) tipDiameter: 40¬†mm transducerFrequency Range: 100¬†–¬†18,000HzCord Length: 1.2¬†mPlug: 3.5¬†mm gold-plated (Compatible with all MP3¬†players)Skullcandy is the brand specialises in audio accessories to wear out on the slopes dam√©es or on the streets.The prestigious riders like Mark Franck Montoya Terje Haakonsen Skullcandy are part of the team.The Skullcandy helmets are made by Sony Ericsson

Manufacturer’s Description, Gone are the boring designs of old, Skull Candy have exploded onto the scene with a huge range of designer headphones that look as good as they sound. Since 2003 Skullcandy have been producing high-quality headphones worn by some of the world’s best action sport athletes. Skullcandy’s headphones are renowned for their durability, portability, and style.
The Lowrider headset is a cross between the professional audio headset used by the DJs and a high end HiFi headset. It is very stylish and gives you an exceptional audio quality. The Lowrider headset has 2 speakers that can be oriented at 90¬į, thus you can use in pure “DJ” style and has an excellent fit. The Lowrider headset not only makes a style statement but also enables you to benefit from your music.
You always say, “…when we cross that bridge…” Are you referring metaphorically to consumption, the bridge between creation and destruction? If so, you should buy a dozen colors of Lowrider headphones right away. Your wardrobe needs candy paint to match all those sneakers. Don’t be slippin’. Ian said it best: Sometimes, good guys don’t wear white. We designed more than a dozen colors of Lowrider – in addition to white – to avoid even the appearance of evil. So be good. Hang on. Get LOW.
This little cholo packs a monster 40mm power driver in a super small lowrider chassis. With smooth styling, 90-degree swivel DJ-style speakers, and a unique fold-up headband for ultra portability, the Skullcandy Lowrider will roll all over the competition.
Highlights: Unique Lowrider design, Exquisite finish, light weight, padded design for superior comfort, excellent noise shielding, portable thanks to fold up headbands, 90¬į tilting ear cups.
Features: 3.5 mm jack connector, Driver diameter: 40mm, Magnet type: NdFeB, Frequency response: 18Hz to 20kHz, Impedance: 32 ohms, Cable Type: Nylon

Skull Candy Mission Statement, Since we were established in early 2003, Skullcandy has been producing high-quality headphones worn by some of the world’s best action sport athletes. Skullcandy’s headphones are renowned for their durability, portability, and style all important aspects in the eyes of Skullcandy’s customers. Headquartered in Park City, UT, a mecca to many outdoor enthusiasts, Skullcandy has quickly ascended to the top of the list of headphone manufacturers. Skullcandy has a diverse, constantly evolving line of headphones that meet the high demands of its customers all over the world whether it’s a snowboarder sending it off a 20-foot cornice on a crisp, bluebird morning in the Wasatch Range or a DJ at the turntables in a crowded Ibiza nightclub in the wee hours of the AM. Whatever your needs be, Skullcandy’s headphones allow you to take your beats with you and look good while you do it. Skullcandy knows that your music is important to you, our headphone products make it easy to take it with you anywhere.
We not only make high quality headphones, but also mp3 players and a variety of other quality products with integrated audio systems. In addition, Skullcandy has also developed a special Link technology that allows you to operate your cell phone seamlessly with your Skullcandy headphones so you never miss a call while you are listening to your tunes. There is a good chance that you will be listening to your headphones for long periods of time so keep in mind that it is important that you consider what style will be most comfortable for you (for example, you might want your headphones to fit directly into your ears, go over your head, or go behind your neck so you your headphones don’t mess with your finely cropped hair). Rest assured, whatever your needs are in regards to headphones, Skullcandy has you covered. If you are in need of smaller headphones to get around with, check out our Full Metal Jackets, Smokin’ Buds, or the brand new Holuas. If you are a DJ in need a set of the fattest bass headphones available, look no further than the SK Pro. With 50mm power drivers and 50mm speakers this headphone simply blows everything else away. If you are in need of hydration while you are bumping some beats on a bike ride, check out one of our stylish H20 packs. For true portability and fashion, consider any one of our wireless headphones, which include the Double Agent and Marc Frank Montoya’s signature line, the MFM Pro headphones. If you are in need of blocking out the racket around you, try one of our noise reducing headphones, such as the Ti. The Ti, and many of our headphones for that matter, has a sealed design that keeps noise from slipping out so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the lady next to you on your red eye flight across the country. With interchangeable ear pads and 40mm Titanium speakers, you can truly tune out while you tune in.
Skullcandy’s mission is to put out the most stylish, affordable and innovative headphones that can be easily integrated into your life. Our line of headphones is always expanding to meet the demands of our loyal customers.

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Got no complaints about these at all. The sound quality is amazing and the best thing about having over the ear headphones is that when not in use you can just keep them round your neck instead of having to wrap them up and have to mess around for ages untangling the wire as with in ear ones. They fold up nicely to when you need to put them away. They even have the added feature of helping to keep your hair in place and your ears warm when it’s windy.

Bought these for my goddaughter, she wanted fluffy headphones but they were £67. These lovely pink headphones have been a brilliant alternative, great pink colour she wanted, they fold up for easy storage and to carry around, very good sound and they are really comfortable for her for long periods of listening, instead of in-ear phones.

I knew these had a reputation for being fragile when i ordered them, but decided to go for style over substance. Within 6 months both sides had snapped along the thin plastic, and i couldn’t repair them for continued use. I won’t buy the same style again, but will look for something more robust in future. I suggest you do the same, as i was being pretty careful most of the time, but it only takes one careless moment when you take them off too fast. If you do buy them, get a reel of sellotape to keep with them, just in case they snap while you’re out and about.

The white material around the earphones didn’t last very long and made it uncomfortable to use after only a few months, will not recommend to anyone.

Bought these for 10 year old daughter’s bday as older sister had black ones which she was very jealous of (now, much inferior). She absolutely loved the style, colour and having constantly complained about the comfort of other headphones delights in the soft cushioning. The fact that they fold is an added extra. Ah, i believe they sound good too.

These are great earphones if you fancy cans rather than the in ear type. I personally don’t get on with in-ear phones and so chose these as a reasonably low cost alternative. I think they are great value for money and the quality is really good. They do come in other colours too.

  • Wore really quickly
  • Five Stars
  • pretty pink and very stylish!

Skullcandy Lowriders SC-LRPI08 Headphones – Pink

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  • Product description: Lowrider Pink
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  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 33¬†x 23¬†x 9
  • Weight: 0.22¬†kg
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