Skullcandy Smokin Bud 2 Wireless : 2 years in, still love them

Just received these right now. First impressions are absolutely incredible. Amazing sound quality and the bass is also great. For such a low cost these are well worth the money. I’ve always loved skullcandy products.

Had these for a few years now and wanted to leave a review. I’ve tried many ear buds and headphones and i always return to these. The battery life hasn’t diminished in all the time i’ve had them and the sound quality just hasn’t been equalled. The full frequency is there for a rounded sound, especially the lower bass – recommended.

I’ve had cheaper bluetooth earphones before and the jump in quality to these is discernible. The sound is well rounded and deep and they feel comfortable in the ear and on the neck. The best thing is they really do last a long time on a charge.

Great sound and a lovely blue light to let you know they are switched on.

I have been using it for last one year and have never faced any issue. Charging lasts for 2 days and sound quality is excellent. I primarily use it for calls only. Person on the other side of the call has never faced any sound quality issues.

Really impressed with these. The sound quality is basic enough but for the money, these are really designed and built. Battery life is good, pairing is easy, controls work well and they are easy to wear.

This is my second pair and this new design is great. It allows you to detach the neck holder for more flexible use. Highly recommend and great price here.

Great headphones with good sound quality, good fit and a decent battery life. Only issue is that sometimes when my phone is in my pocket or i’m moving around the sound cuts out despite still being well within the bluetooth range.

  • Good headphones for a great price.
  • I’d recommend them.
  • Great for the gym

Skullcandy Smokin Bud 2 Wireless, In-Ear, Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphone – Black/Red

Colour Name:Black/Red
Product Description, Experience rich audio and freedom that fits with the Smokin Bud2 Wireless Earbud. These in-ear buds feature bluetooth functionality and a 6 hours battery life let you take your playlist wherever you go.
Bluetooth functionality keeps you connected to your device for up to 33 feet.
Removable flex collar is lightweight, flexible and fully removable for your preferred fit.
Off-Axis Tech is angled and oval-shaped to improve comfort and noise isolation.
6 hours battery life keeps your audio going non-stop. Recharge with provided micro USB cable.
High quality sound delivers attacking bass, natural vocals and high precisions.
On-board mic/remote allows you to take calls and manage your music directly from the in-line buttons.

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer


With Bluetooth connection and a 6 hour battery life, you can take your playlist wherever you go

Cool & Comfortable

Use the low profile and removable flex collar to adjust for the perfect fit and keep buds in their place or remove it entirely.


Taking calls, changing the track and pairing your device is simple with the OnBoard Mic/Remote.


– Earbuds

– 2 Silicone Gel Sets

– Removable Flex Collar

– Micro USB to USB charging cable

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I bought these towards the end of october as i was really getting into my fitness,served me very well, battery life is great, sound quality is good, but not the loudest, and range from earphones to phone is good, never really had a problem. Went for a run with them this morning though, first the buttons wouldn’t work and then it just turned itself off, never to come on again. I admire skullcandy, they make really good earphones that are comfortable, effective but they always break so soon after buying them, it’s a real shame, is there any way i can get these repaired?.

Really comfortable, the wires are hard wearing (i haven’t had the age old problem of one headphone not working anymore), good quality sound, easy to connect up to your gadgets and i get longer out of the battery than it says on the tin.

I really love the buds, nice sound, easy to use and fit for my little ears, got two more pairs for my husband and father in law, both are very happy.

Good sound and functionality. However, the buttons for volume etc. Are not the most responsive, and constantly switching between the device that is connected can be slow and a hassle.

These headphone are pretty great. The sound quality is fantastic and they sit really comfortably around your neck. I do have one issue with these headphone but i don’t think that it’s the headphones fault. Now and then the connection will go ‘out of range’ but my phone is only in my pocket – i feel this might be due to the buildings that i work in. However, 9 times out of 10 the connection is great, battery life is awesome and i am overall happy with my purchase.

Above average quality, not the best sound, though the base is nice and deep. Battery hold ok-ish (just over 5 hours after a few months of daily use (working in an office with 20 other people and they are really handy with good noise reduction due to silicon in-ear plugs). Got it connected to my laptop and my phone at the same time – nice feature.

Perfect pair of headphones, charge lasts and it makes running a lot easier as i have the freedom to run without a cable, easy to set up and easy to keep track of the charge.

I purchased a set of these for myself and found my wife has stolen them for the gym. They are comfortable and stay in the ear without irritating my ear. They are light weight and today’s the battery has not run out during a gym session or a marathon study session. Whilst the wife uses them for the gym, i use them at work to help me focus it blocks out most noise.

  • Good headphones for a great price.
  • I’d recommend them.
  • Great for the gym

Skullcandy Smokin Bud 2 Wireless, In-Ear, Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphone – Black/Red

I’ve been using the wired version for a few years so got these as the buds are the same design, they give the same comfort and don’t fall out, can barely tell the battery is sat on your neck and i often forget they are still there. The battery life is a bit low but i use them a lot (roughly 6 hours play time). Bluetooth works really well and has a decent range when moving around the house. However if someone calls and press the select button, it cancels the call. I need to check the instructions to see what i’m doing wrong but not many people call me so it’s not much of an issue.

These are genuinely good and i have tried a few. Good sound, very good fit and battery lasts long.

They work fine but the ‘factory reconditioned’ ones i bought came with a large amount of ear wax in both buds 🤢.

Very good only down side for me is that “earpiece keeps falling out when out walking maybe my small ears.

My problem is having tiny eardrums. I used smaller ear pads from another set. Unfortunately when i move about they pull out. Otherwise it is a neat brilliant price of wireless equipment.

Second pair after losing my 1st pair. Rubber allergy sufferers beware, i find the collar itches my neck so i try to wear a scarf underneath the band.

Work well, thought it had weak connection, but turned out to be my phone. Sound quality is good, build quality is ok, feels a little plasticky.

Excellent earphones, sound quality as good or even a little better as my old sennheiser mm30is, the bass is booming and the top end crisp. Connect instantly with my iphone 7 with no drop outs. The shape of the buds mean they don’t keep falling out. Battery life is excellent too.

Skullcandy produce some excellent headphones, and these small but mighty bluetooth headphones will not disappoint. Brilliant clarity even at high volume for music, and perfect tones when listening to podcasts. The lightweight design makes them perfect for the gym or running, and the added neckband ensure they are comfortable when listening at work. The headset buttons are quick to respond, and the built in microphone picks up you voice even in noisy areas.

Gift for my teenage son who loves them. He constantly has one in his ear and one hanging down – makes him look like morrisey. Anyway, he’s happy and they seemed like good value too.

Bought these for the gym, was worried because some reviews talked about connecting issues, took a chance and turns out they have great connectivity. Quality sound and are a good fit. The black and red design sets them apart from the rest 👌🏽.

Nice product, fits in small ears well. Good sound and cancels external sound well for such neat earbuds. The collar is comfortable and i can’t see any reason to take it apart. Charges quickly and easy to connect to devices. It would have been nice to have a pouch for storage and to keep them clean when not in use. A good product at a good price.

Sound quality and battery life are great, connects easily to my phone. Uses the same bluetooth module as other wireless headphones, however, it works. The neck band is okay, i find that the ends of it are too long and make the wires protrude from my face. They also get caught on collars and get yanked out of your ear.

Got these for a great discounted price with amazon warehouse deals (they’re worth looking at, many items are new and just don’t have the box or packaging) headphones work great, i did think they were a little quieter than my current wired skullcandy ink’d earphones but then i realised the volume on my phone and the headphones themselves are different, once they are both turned up full they are quite loud. (may be a useful tip for anyone experiencing this problem 🙂 ) overall exactly what i expected. Might update this review once i’ve tested them on a full day at work for battery life/connectivity and suchupdate: battery life is exactly as advertised, they last me a full 8 hour work day (being used mostly constant so maybe actually about 7 hours) and i’ve been using them every day since i got them. Once paired for the first time they connect automatically when you turn them and your bluetooth on so still 5 stars :d.

Had a fault 2 months after buying first pair. But these were replaced by skullcandy with the 2 year warranty.

Really good clear sound for the price point and battery life is good. Controls are fiddly and not easy to press. To skip back to a previous song means holding the down button for 3 seconds. Because it takes so long it can only skip to the start of the current track and can’t skip to the previous. A minor nuisance on an otherwise solid pair of earphones.

Features and Spesification

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  • Bluetooth wireless with 6 hours battery life
  • Removable flex collar
  • Supreme sound
  • On-board mic/remote