Sky DRX895 2TB – So easy

Our old sky hd box was frequently ‘freezing’ and failing to record so we thought the best way was to get a new box. We are very pleased with the purchase so far – the previous problems with the old box have gone. Setting up the box was straightforward as most of the cables were transferred ok. The only problem was that some of the rf connectors are not present on the new box and we needed to use an optical cable to connect to our sound system and buy a global i/o link. This required going into the part of the sky menu that normally only the engineers use. We had to get the info on what to do via google. For someone with very limited technical knowledge buying via amazon and doing it yourself may not be the best. But for most people it is reasonably straightforward.

Arrived in 2 days from chigwell satellite, even though amazon notifications said 6 days, so, amazing service from chigwell, setup was as simple as ‘plug an play’, did not need to use chigwell’s very informative supplied 4 information sheets, setup took about 10 minutes, did not need to phone sky regarding card sync, found a video on youtube that made it simple, just insert sky card switch on, after info page, go to ch 106 (sky 1) after about 10 seconds, info screen says that the card needs ‘synced’ press select and wait about 15 seconds, good to go, excellent service from amazon as usual by selecting great suppliers like chigwell satellite.

Really great service received. Ordered the box for my dad who had trouble setting it up. Phoned up and spoke with a really helpful guy who sorted the issue out within minutes. Would definitely order again.

Very easy to setup and paired the viewing card easily took only twenty minutes to complete set up very pleased with the item much cheaper then going to sky but the quality is still excellent.

Excellent replacement box for my broken one the extra upgraded drive gives loads more space easy install registered itself with sky so no need to call.

Sky box arrived within 48 hours of placing the order. At the moment it is set aside as a christmas present.

Item as described and easy to install directly to the router as expected. Placed sky card in and it was paired before i knew it. Nice letter in the box from chigwell satellite explaining what to do.

My old drx780 hdmi port decided to blow so purchased the this 895 to replace it. For the price i think this is excellent value, wasn’t interested in the wifi model as i prefer to connect my sky box directly to the router. The only thing i have noticed is that the 0 key on the remote is a bit sticky. Would recommend to anyone, especially if you have an issue with your existing sky hd box, much cheaper than a repair.

Had some issues with sky setting it up correctly but the box is excellent and exactly what i needed after having had months of issues with the old sky issued ones. . Just a shame sky didn’t do what they should have to pair the box up the first time. 3 calls later is now works properly and i can download so much tv without having to compromise on what to watch first.

My old sky box was failing so i bought this one to replace it. After minor initial struggles to get it connected it worked perfectly and i am back watching all my favorite shows. The seller was very helpful too – quickly responded to my query about possible problems, and gave me useful advice about getting sorted.

Just connect cables and works straight away without any problem.

A replacement for my faulty box , stated as new but i’m not convinced of that. It would have been easier to install if provided with instructions, instead i had to goggle for help.

Easy to install; good value for money. Here are the specifications for the Sky DRX895 2TB:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2TB Hard Drive Non-Subscription Model
  • Record up to 350 hours of HD TV – that’s enough for two weeks’ worth of HD TV – Or up to 1180 hours of standard TV. That’s nearly 50 days of TV
  • The ‘SKY+ High Definition’ PVR has all the functionality of SKY+ with the added advantage of its High Definition capability
  • Six times more personal storage than our Sky+HD box!

This box replaced our old one and swopped seamlessly. The only problem being that we lost access to our other tvs but this is due to settings which we are hoping to resolve.

Incredibly fast service, plugged in and ready to go.

Been experiencing picture problems with freeveiw so i can use it for freeveiw. Even managed to set it to my local region.

Easy to set up and pair your viewing card. I had to enter a code for the tv because the volume didn’t work on the new remote. The old remote had no writing on the buttons so replaced it with the new one supplied. Tv sky codes easily found online.

Great quality and price, highly recommend🙂.

Nice looking player and a very good price, very pleased with the product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good replacement for a very old Sky+ Box that died
  • Does what it should though you may need a few tweaks.
  • Chigwell Satellite efficiently sorted out the equipment problem.

Quick delivery, products as specified.

There is really nothing to criticise. Except i was offered an extended warranty if i did a facebook like. I do not use facebook and never will. Facebook is run by unscrupulous money grabbers and i wish businesses didn’t use them for this kind of stuff.

Took me quite a while to install but it’s done now and works well my wife likes the space on the hard drive, i liked the idea if wi fi but as my place is has cat five installed i used a cable instead, my only little gripe is theses newer sky boxes have a lot of hardware missing of the rear, the original aerial coax is now missing so i had to re-route the coax to the tv.

Follow the enclosed instructions and installation is easy. Back up and running in 30 minutes (inc making a cup of tea). This 2tb replaces an old 500gb. So have lots more recording space for ‘boxsets’.

Easy to install using chigwell instruction leaflet. A vast improvement on my old sky box.

The first box that arrived was faulty and had to be returned but the replacement was fine.

Super item,great sellor,all good well inpressed with this item,easy to pair up my sky card with this box,did not even have to call sky for this procedure did it as instructed on the internet.

The old sky+ box died recently – which meant i lost a load of recorded material that i have been getting around to watching for over two years. After some research on the internet i decided that spending any more on fixiing the old box was a waste and i would be better placed to buy an entirely new sky box. The order from chigwell on amazon arrived within 2 days with no problems at all. I setup the new sky box the same day it arrived withouit any issues. The only bit of confusion concerned the telephone connection – the new sky box does not need this it seems. The home wifi was picked up with no problems and that’s pretty much all there was to it. The sky card was not matched to the sky box initially but after leaving the new sky box overnight the matching process took care of itself over the wifi connection. So all my paid for sky extras are now available on the new sky box. All i need now is some clever feature in the new sky box that will watch all the recorded programs i am going to accumulate on the 2tb drive – because i don’t have that much time to watch everything i now have access to.

Well packaged and easy to set up.

Still going after more than a year.

The old hd box that sky provided me with finally bit the dust with sound problems and anything that says “refurbished” in the title makes me nervous. I had one of those and it used to fast forward by itself. I am well pleased with todays purchase which seems smaller than the old version and it was easily set up as plug and play even if i had to retune the tv it’s all looking good. I’m not sure how many sky boxes i’ve gone through in my time but i will always buy new ones via amazon from now on… and i expect this one to last me a good 5 years.The delivery guy did not wait for a signature which seemed strange but i expect he had another 50 items in his van to be delivered by 5pm.

There was a recording problem with the box, so i contacted chigwell satellite, who were very helpful; a real human answering, no press this, press that. They talked me through some subroutine checks, concluded there was a problem with the equipment and told me they would send a replacement. The new box arrived the next day with instructions how to return the faulty equipment. I could not have asked for better service and would highly recommend chigwell satellite.

This replaced ours that was one of the first hd boxes so it includes new features and an improved picture. Moving our viewing card was oh so easy, it picked up on it straight away and was working within a few minutes. We chose this because it has the two rf outputs which allows us feed several other tvs, albeit with a non hd picture.

Updated my sky+hd1 to this sky+hd2tb. What a difference and very easy to set up.

Does what our old 1tb box did (until is started to fail). No extended sky contract or hassle of an engineer visit. All the instructions of how to installit are on the sky website.

Bought as a replacement for my father. He’s very please with the speed & ease of delivery and has it up & running.

The ad said 2013 version but mine came latest 2015 version minus composite video connections, phone connection etc, this is just what i wanted to be honest as i planned to put the digital sound via hdmi. Setting up is a cinch, all done in around 20 minutes (latest software takes 10) great buy all in all.

Got this to replace my old one that had gone faulty. Just set up my viewing card and works perfectly.

Takes time to ‘warm up’ but works just as good as a sky installed one. (still waiting for a call-back from 10 weeks ago, my advice.

Product was as described and was delivered sooner than anticipated. Easy to set up with comprehensive instructions. I would certainly order from this seller again.

There was an initial problem but eventually it was fixed. The problem was not directly related to the hd box. Subsequently has proved fine.

Item was delivered on time and although the process was slightly different to that described, installation and setting up turned out to be very straight forward. There was no need to contact sky and no need for a costly engineers visit. It’s been up and working for three weeks now, so hopefully i got it right.

Product arrived from chigwell with detailed instructions explaining how to set up. The unit is smaller than my old model but still has the rf out which feeds other tv’s round the house. Chigwell rang me to check i had selected the correct model which was good customer service.

Plug in & play, just what i wanted.

With my 10 year old sd sky box finally starting to fail i looked around and found that the newer boxes don’t have the rf out ports, given that i needed this i paid a little extra for the model with this feature. Delivery was the next day and, fortunately reasonably early for me ( we usually don’t get them until early evening). On opening the box, despite others experiences, everything looked to be new and present so i discarded the instructions and started setting it up, ten minutes later everything was up and running. ‘pairing’ your card to your new box is a doddle as long as you can connect the box to the internet (ethernet cable did it or me) but a call to sky should do the job too. A quick tour of the ‘secret’ installers menu had all the other settings changed to what i thought i needed, job done. On switching the telly on the next morning i found i had no freeview signal, after a few choice words i discovered that there is an eco mode on the box which seems to cut the power to the rf feed, so if you’re using the rf out for other tv’s you will probably need to switch this off. On checking one of the other tv’s running through the rf out i then discover i have no itv, ch4 etc on freeview. A few more choice words and an extensive internet search (knowing the right thing to google is essential) i discover i may need a 4g filter, now installed and everything is finally working. In conclusion, the box itself is as advertised and setting up, for most, will be straight forward ad for the few that need to, after a few tweaks it will be an excellent replacement for ageing equipment.

Works well, but quite noisy. I can hear the unit even when the tv is turned on.

Excellent product, as described, got it to use as multi room, just a quick call to sky to register card etc and that was it, from what i’m aware saves sky installation charges, and very easy to install yourself.

Genuine sky box, 2 tb memory very pleased.

After years of being fobbed off by sky that i didn’t have the right subscription to obtain a hd signal, i was finally able to obtain this one that ticks all the boxes. Excellent pricehd on free-air and bt sportreally easy to set up and pair my card. Rf2 needed to have a power output to operate the 3 magic eyes around the housebox is used to feed hd dbv-tv throughout the house.

Having read the reviews and questions, many of which referred to the ability to use this box on wi-fi, i bought this sky box to replace a non hd model, as we didn’t need loads of recording capacity. However it appears that either amazon or the seller is bundling reviews for several different models together here, and the ones referring to wi-fi seem to be for higher spec models. So just to be clear, the 500gb hd box with rf1 and rf2 outputs does not have wi-fi built in. It needs to either have an ethernet cable plugged in, or you can get a small wi-fi connector box that plugs into the usb socket and can then take a signal from your wireless router. Without being connected to the internet the box will give you all your channels, along with the ability to record, pause, rewind etc live tv. And maybe that’s all you need, in which case the lack of wi-fi is not an issue for you. But if you want to be able to use catch up tv, you’ll need to connect the box to the internet via ethernet (if that is close to your tv setup) or a wi-fi connector. (wi-fi connectors seem to be around £25, which brings you up to the sorts of prices for higher spec models anyway). So just be careful when reading these reviews, and satisfy yourself that they do indeed relate to the actual model you’re buying.

Massive storage and built in wifi. Arrived quickly and works fine. It does all the things that i require and all the things i bought it for.

Box was damaged and had been opened previously so not sure it is a refurb or not but works ok.

Superb product, the new box is neat and compact and the storage space is huge. This was a replacement for our old box upstairs so the built in wi-fi is a really practical feature. Very easy to set up – the tutorials on the sky website are really easy to follow (http://help. Com/articles/set-up-your-sky-box). An earlier review dated 22 aug 2014 regarding the software update to operate properly with on-demand was great advice (thank you “gasmanp”). Again, the sky tutorial (http://www. Com/mysky/latestnews/article/my-sky-updates/2014-08/new-features-for-your-sky-plus-homepage/?dcmp=dmc-skycom:ec_sky_guide) covers this. Finally, the delivery was fantastic: ordered tuesday afternoon 16th september and received it thursday morning 18th september (before 11am).

Do not tell me what to write again .