Slow Masticating Juicer – electriQ HSL600 Juicer Whole Fruit : Good purchase Does what I wanted and expected it to do.

My old braun centrifugal juicer died earlier this year after 12 years. Too much juicing raw root ginger. So i read a lot about juicers. I decided slow juicers were the best option because of less oxidisation etc but felt £400+ for an omega vert was a bit too much when i wasn’t into juicing big time. Then i read that lidl were planning a slow cold juicer for just £60 but it’s not available yet. Meanwhile, i’ve got more interested in juicing for health etc and then i came across the electriq for £60. I decided to risk it but had quite limited hopes of how it might perform. Here i must state, fo please read the instructions. It’s easy to assemble and comfortably solid so no fear of it tipping or slipping. It’s extremely easy to take apart too.

Very good and multifunctional.

Neat and easy to use juicer.

I had been looking online for a while for a good slow juicer. Most i looked at were really pricey and then i came across this one. It had good reviews and was so cheap. I had my doubts that it would be that good for such a low price. I can’t believe how good it is and haven’t stopped using it. It is a little more time consuming in as much as the fruit and veg need to be cut smaller but the cleanup doesn’t take me any longer than with my old centrifugal juicer. It is also very nice to look at.

Great item loads of power,easy to use and clean. Try ginger in a shot glass awsome.

Very happy with this juicerit is good quality, nice design, easy to clean, take apart and reassemble and a good price for a slow juicer. I wanted a slow juicer for better extraction than my old centrifugal one and chose this after reading the other reviews. I do agree with the positive reviews this is very good value for money. I use it mainly for veg juicing and although the pulp is wetter than i had hoped it really is no problem to just feed the pulp through again until you are happy with the amount extracted, you can keep going until all there left is just fibre. I use a lot of kale and it extracts from it no problem and copes with carrot, celery, cabbage in fact i have not found any veg it can’t do.

Works a treat juicing green veg. If using for ‘sirt’ diet juice, a tip is to push the kale, parsley and rocket down the chute using the celery, not the tool provided.

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Slow Masticating Juicer – electriQ HSL600 Juicer Whole Fruit, Vegetable Extractor with Quiet Motor

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This is a good product and does what it says it will do, it easily juices fruit (mostly hard apples in my case) without a problem. It is easy to set-up and use. If i was to buy another juicer i would get one with a wide mouth as if you have a lot of juicing to do you get sick of chopping up the fruit. This is a good juicer it is one of those things where you need to try one before you can really decide what you want out of a product.

This is a really good product.

I’ve made two batches of fresh juice with this little guy so far, and very pleased with my purchasefirst off, it’s handled kale, spinach, ginger, apples, beets, & carrots for me without any issues. I’ve yet to try it on nuts, but the instructions do say it can handle that fine. Apparently you need to soak them in water overnight first though. I’ve owned a centrifugal juicer in the past, and this masticating (or “slow”) juicer* already has that beat easily. It has a significantly higher juice output with much less noise and foam than you get from a centrifugal model, and it was also significantly easier to clean. *for those with actual lives who don’t have the time to research juicers, this is a “masticating” or “slow” juicer. That means a slower speed motor operates an “auger”, which mashes the produce. The most common alternative is a centrifugal juicer, which spins produce at a high speed to more or less shred it. Conventional wisdom is that masticating juicers produce a higher quality, longer lasting juice because they allow for less oxidation during the juicing process. They are also much more effective with leafy greens.

Such a great juicer, easy to start using, easy to finish and clean. Seller was great with communication so dont hesitate to get in touch with any queries. Bought one for me and one for mum and dad, we all love it.

This was ordered when another one didn’t turn up – it arrived promptly, was well packed, and to date, i have had no problems using it. The juice collects well, and there appears to be very little waste (pulp) for the money, it is very good value – thanks electriq.

Brilliant juicer could not ask for better and at a good price.

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Slow Masticating Juicer – electriQ HSL600 Juicer Whole Fruit, Vegetable Extractor with Quiet Motor

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