Smart Breakfast Master Toaster : Three Stars

One of my favourite products. Put your breakfast in and have your shower and when you get back hey presto it’s all ready.

Excellent, i’m in toast and egg heaven, you can boil, poach and fry the eggs.

A lovely bit of kit, probably best for a single person or someone that requires a quick, simple breakfast. I dropped a star because i had a bit of difficulty with the bit that fits over the toaster that toasts rolls. Though its very simple, the illustration caused me to assume it was supposed to fit upside down, meaning i struggled and was puzzled when it didn’t fit and i know im stupid, but i felt that, that particular instruction could have been made clearer, having said that,its a great item for anyone to own and is easy to use.

We fry 2 eggs at a time on it. It means no more oily fry pan left on the stove when we have egg on toast at the weekend.

This is a very handy item to have if you live in a small flat or have limited space, you can cook a full breakfast in a small amount of space and if you are on a diet it really controls portion sizes. To use the hot plate (which has raised sides so it can hold water), you simply press a double sided rocker switch for the function you want to use; one way turns the hotplate on for poaching and boiling eggs and the other turns it on for cooking bacon and sausages. The plate heats up quickly and a buzzer alarm sounds if the plate runs dry whilst in the poaching position. Inserts allow you to boil up to six eggs and poach up to 3 eggs. The toasting levels are from 1 to 7, there is a button to press for frozen bread and a rack that sits on top of the toaster allows you to toast teacakes and bread buns. The toaster is actually quite good and browns the bread evenly and can be used at the same time as the hotplate. A small measuring cup is provided with the toaster but the instructions for using this are a bit confusing, i had to read them several times before giving in and just using the centre markings. A very sharp pin sits in the base of the measuring cup for pricking holes in the eggs for boiling. A small stiff spatula is included with the set. This was a xmas gift from my husband and to my surprise, i use it just about every day, it saves me getting the pans out and is ideal for cooking single portions such as one slice of bacon and one sausage and then poaching a couple of eggs whilst making the toast.

The best thing i have bought for the kitchen. Makes my breakfast in no time and to perfection.

This was a anniversary gift so i cannot comment on how good it is. As and when i have details i shall.

As a single man it does a good job of my breakfast.

  • Perfect.
  • Five Stars
  • Works great – so far have only used it for toast

Smart Breakfast Master Toaster

Product Description, At SMART Worldwide we design, manufacture and market the SMART Nostalgia and SMART Modern brands of small electric appliances. Our wide range of innovative, fun packed and practical products are developed to excite consumers and retailers alike. We sell through all major channels of distribution from both within the United Kingdom and Worldwide. Our retail and on-line sales include all major retail chains, home shopping-type networks, and e-commerce companies. Internationally, our products carry the GS and SSA electrical approvals in addition to full UK & European compliance such as GS, CE, RoHs. We ship to over 30 countries worldwide. Our services include product development, sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution.

Box Contains, 1 x SMART Breakfast Master

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I chose this based on looks but it works very well. My toast is browned evenly and the eggs, boiled and poached, are perfect.

Works great – so far have only used it for toast and boiled eggs. Good instructions book and easy to use.

What can i say perfect soft boiled eggs in 7 minutes plus perfect toast.

Toasts unevenly, always have to turn bread around. Thermostat knob very flimsy and lock down lever not very secure. Egg boiling/ poaching great when you have sorted your timings for desired cooking.

It makes decent toast, boils eggs quite well. It’s not great at sunny sudes up but if yiu beat egg it’s much better. When done simply wipe with kitchen tissue ready for next use.

Love you can make your breakfast all in one go.

Found this toaster to be vey good.

  • Perfect.
  • Five Stars
  • Works great – so far have only used it for toast

Smart Breakfast Master Toaster

Love this cooks eggs to perfection.

Features and Spesification

  • All-in-one silver Breakfast Maker
  • Toasts bread, cooks eggs & grills
  • Comes with a transparent PC case