Smart RHP310 Retro Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker- – Very pleased made an ideal present

I used the chocolate they recommended to use and it was lovely for my 20th birthday party and it was so easy to clean i was really nervous leaving it to clean till the next day but it comes apart so i just put it in the sink in some hot soapy water and it all came a part so easy and washed really easy, the base of the fountain i just scared with some thing that wouldn’t scratch it i also put it on heat to warm the remaining chocolate so i could get more of it out then used a minky with hot soapy water go wash it out.

I bought this toaster after buying the seren toaster. I find this toaster toasts evenly. 5 it takes 3 minutes to toast and on 6 it takes 4 minutes to toast crumpets. The seren on 6 does not toast crumpets very well and one has to put them on again on setting 3. You do not need this with the smart. The smart toasts evenly where as the seren does not. All y tests were done with bread 5′ by 5′. Taller bread in both toasters miss the top.

Cute, cheap and quick and easy to use. Bit of a pain to reduce any mixture as if you make standard batter mix, you might as well use the ovenhaving said that we’ve used it a few times and my son thinks it’s great.

Struggle to get 4 bits of bacon in it which is about enough 1 sandwich, not much more. On the plus side, most of the parts can be put in the dishwasher.

Violent noise and vibration, you must hold it down and hold the cup under it from being flung across the room. You cannot use whole nuts you must chop them very fine. It overheats fast and takes a while to make stuff with the stopping and cool down time.

An amazing addition in the kitchen.

Snow machine arrived already used and cones missing. As it was sons party we did get it up and running and it worked well for about 6 slushes then wouldn’t work anymore. Amazon refunded without any fuss and we will try it again.

Great present for my daughter but the cone is a bit flimsy, but apart from that it works well.

Not quite as big as i expected – no good for my husband – they would be bite size morsels.

I would have given this 5 stars, but the word ‘express’ is rather misleading. It’s no quicker than frying or grilling. However, i really like this – it does exactly what it says and keeps everything clean and tidy. Cleaning the toaster is very quick and easy. Bear in mind that the heating element is only in the centre. The outer plates are just to reflect heat, so the bacon gets cooked slightly more on one side that the other, but you can, if needed, flip the bacon for a second heat, but i didn’t need to, having set the machine to ‘thin bacon, crispy’. And that’s what i got, even at first attempt. Am now waiting for the sausage toaster, black pudding toaster etc.

Total winner , cascades beautifully. 1 birthday party and 3 sleepovers so far and every one a hit. You can put the plastic fountain cascade bits (nb not the base) in the dishwasher too. I always wipe excess chocolate off first though. I normally use belgian fondue chocolate and provide marshmallows , strawberries, grapes, blueberries etc and some skewer sticks to make ‘kebabs’ to coat in choccie. Way to get kids to eat way more fruit than they think :-).

Great purchase quick delivery.

Works really well quick and easy, no oil. I guess it’s the same with all pop corn makers but you have to watch it doesn’t burn. Here are the specifications for the Smart RHP310 Retro Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker-:

  • The SMART Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker is a table-top sized party pleaser.
  • Its electric popping system uses hot air instead of oil, producing a light and healthy snack.
  • In just minutes, family and friends can enjoy the fresh taste of crunchy, warm popcorn!

Good for standard size toast. Croissants get a bit squashed. Very easy to clean unlike usual toasters.

Delivered on time great quality.

It’s so little and cute,takes up only a little space.

Works very good and fast although it is very noisy and doesn’t matter how you add salt afterwards, the popcorns will always be completely plain.

Excellent, fast virtually fat (and guilt) free popcorn, no oil required.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great gadget!
  • Fantastic piece of kit!
  • Excellent toaster better than the seren.

Great service great value for money.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Instructions are easy to read and it is so easy to use. Easy to clean afterwards too.

A fast and very easy way of healthy snacking, looks great in my kitchen and the kids love it. A lot of the kernels pop out into the bowl before they’ve popped and 2.

Got this for my daughter (11 year old) as a christmas present. She absolutely loved it,no problem at all working with it. Very easy to use and great fun.

Bought for my son and he loves it the best thing he has ion the kitchen.

Bought this for christmas present for my grandsons and he loves it.

The reason i haven’t given a great review is that we haven’t found a dough mix that gives a good result – cooks properly and seals well. Bizarrely enough our best result to date was using shop bought wraps. Samosas also taste completely different when traditionally fried, something that i should have realised and not a fault with the machine. As a machine for making tasty little baked snacks i think it is pretty good, but as a samosas maker not so good.

Looks exactly like the picture. Very noisy when on the same as a hair dryer on full blast but only takes a couple of minutes to make a large bowl of popcorn.

What a wonderful machine, i love popcorn but didn’t like the clean up after doing it in the pan or the sometimes burnt bit at the bottom. With this brilliant popcorn maker, its just so easy, but do make sure you let it run for a minute or so first, then i get a big bowl of popcorn without one single un-popped piece.

Looks retro and size makes it really easy to store if you need to. Super quiet too when popping.

My wife and i are great lovers of bacon, so we were very pleased when we spotted the smart bacon express on the amazon website. The smart bacon express is a new and healthier way of cooking bacon quickly and easily. It is called the ‘bacon toaster’ and it is easy to see why. The unit is very compact, and would easily fit into most kitchens even if you lived in a shoe box. Yes, it might look a bit like a toaster, but this is a bacon toaster, and i will say, bacon is far more interesting than toast. To work the smart bacon express, you plug it in and make sure it is a on a flat stable surface. You turn the dial at the side to ‘preheat’ and press the button until it has turned blue. After a couple of minutes, the unit will beep which means it is ready for you to add the bacon. The unit can hold up to 6 slices of bacon at a time. It has two settings for thick and thin bacon and you can choose how crispy you would like it just by turning the dial.

I thought this machine looked very nice and would be what i wanted. Sadly when i used it i found it was very noisy when running the fountain. I have now returned it and just waiting for my refund.

Excellent super fast delivery really please with my purchase highly recommended.

Its of solid construction and baked to perfection.

Was purchased as christmas present – arrived in good time and recipient was very pleased.

Easy to clean, easy to use, value for money.