Smart Rotating Stone Baked Pizza Maker – Makes a decent Pizza

This is fantastic switched on for 10 mins then put pizza in at 200 set to top &bottom for 9 min the best pizza i have ever cooked at home, cant wait for the stone to get fully seasoned, well done smart.

It does what it says on the box, the only reason why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is that the manual is a load of rubbish doesn’t even tell you basic heat settings or whether to use the top, the bottom or both heat elements to use or any timings. Also in the description is says ‘manual/recipe book’come with it, no recipes came with it at all. But other than that a great buy and not regretting the buy, i would definitely recommend this product, can be used for fresh pizza or frozen pizzas.

I make plenty of pizzas using a pizza stone so thoughtvi would give this a go, instructions easy enough to understand, but the temp indicator light didn’t go off when it hit temperature, so prior to using i contacted the company through their website, filled the form in and waited and waited, to date i have had no reply, but having contacted them i gave it a go anyway and have to say the pizza wasn’t too bad, the temp control did work because i could hear it clicking on and off, it was justvthat the indicator light stayed on, i have also noticed that he rear leg is a bit flimsy considering the price paid, but that said it doesn’t affect the making ofvthe pizza with decent results.

Best home made pizzas we have ever had. Let’s get strait down to what you want ?a cooking tool pacficaly for cooking pizzacook with heat conrol from top or bottom or both, cooks on a stone that improves their flavor as it matures. If you buy off the shelf pizzas this machine will not dissapolnt you. Better than we were expecting, just bought as a gift but turned up trumps. Only criticism as a messy cook is cleaning under bottom heater, it could have been made more easy,but funtion well outways this niggle. Forget your oven for pizzas,cooks ,you will enjoy using this.

Makes excellent crispy pizzasfantastic product.

Yet to find out how good it is when i use it.

The main downside of this item is that it does not switch off when the timer has rung. It does state this on the instructions but having had a pizza maker previously that did switch off automatically, i forgot, went on holiday for a week. Luckily there wasn’t a fire but a large electricity bill.

Here are the specifications for the Smart Rotating Stone Baked Pizza Maker:

  • The secret to cooking a great pizza is all in the stone.
  • It absorbs heat and distributes it giving you an even crispy base.
  • Without a doubt it’s the magic ingredient in the Stone bake grill.
  • With fast twin elements (top and bottom) you get consistently crispy pizzas and evenly cooked toppings
  • Watch the pizza cook through the viewing window as it rotates!

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Cooks pizzas well. The main downside of this item
  • this is fantastic switched on for 10 mins then put pizza in
  • Five Stars