Smart Weigh EasyUse Digital Shipping and Postal Scale – Just fine.

Easy to read with auto power off (cannot be disabled). Reliable and accurate enough for ebay use for us anyhow. The display is backlit and can also be wall-mounted if required. We bought ours from five star – great seller who ships rapidly. Recommended item if you want simple non-fuss scales for everyday use. Can ‘zero’ them via tare function, user selectable units and also takes aa batteries.

Firstly this arrived next day and in perfect condition. Out of the box it took all of 30 secs to unwrap, pull the battery tag and plug in the controller to the scales. Secondly as you may have realised from the title of my review i bought this on the advice of another kitten fosterer who had trouble weighing the little bundles of terror. First off the wriggly little so and sos don’t stay still which make mechanical scales useless and baby scales aren’t much better. Also the displays are often on the side of the device meaning if you are weighing an unstoppable force of nature they often get in the way of the numbers and then before you know it they are off again before you get a reading. So someone suggested postal scales. They are fast, accurate and can cope with anything up to 20kg (if our kittens get that big we’re in a goodies tv episode). And when i saw this one with separate display (and only half the price of baby/pet scales) i was soldthe base is quite heavy but that means it sits very solid, there is no movement or tipping of the weighing platform. So the kittens were happy to sit on it without realising that anything was happening. As it has a tare function you can put a bigger board on if weighing larger animals and use a treat of two to get them to stay on it long enough to get a reading.

Worked out of box – we use for weighing packages for our ecommerce business and does all we need.

This is a great item for my on line shop. I was trying to use cooking scales but you can’t see what the weight is on big boxes. This is so easy to set up and use i should of brought a long time ago.

It’s a good product but sometimes it hangs up.

I used kitchen scales before to weight my parcels but having the digital display separate to the scales it a life changer. Would highly recommend to anyone who regularly has to send large parcels.

Very accurate and convenient.

Really good product very useful.

The product seems fine- but just disappointing that the aaa batteries that came with it died within a day.

I send a lot of packages and having the scale and display separately makes life so much easier.

Perfect for larger amazon shipping.

High quality and great for ebay parcels.

This is an excellent product and very useful both for business and to have at home. Can recommend, very easy to use. Here are the specifications for the Smart Weigh EasyUse Digital Shipping and Postal Scale:

  • SMART DESIGN – Postal scale is professional looking with a wide platform to easily weigh a variety of package and mail sizes. Weight reading is displayed on an easy to read, backlit LCD display. Display unit has a long extendable cord that can be easily mounted on the wall. Perfect for either a home office or professional business. View the video under the additional photos for complete features
  • HELPFUL FEATURES – Digital us scale comes with a number of features to make shipping and mailing simple. Tare weighing function allows user to weigh an empty box or container for net weight determination. Hold button displays and locks the stabilized weight
  • ADVANCED WEIGHING – High precision sensors gives the most accurate weight readings while auto calibration option ensures package weight readings remain reliable and consistent
  • MULTIPLE MODES – Useful for a variety of weighing purposes, electronic postal scale displays readings in g, kg, lb and lb:oz. Scale has a high capacity up to 50kg / 110lbs with a division 2g / 0.1oz. Parcel scale gives instant, accurate readings, sure to match up with the post office
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Smart Weigh is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction! We offer a 2 Year Warranty on all our products and our friendly customer service team is always ready to help with all questions or issues. When you purchase a Smart Weigh Postal Shipping Scale you can be confident in your buying decision

Although these can be used in the kitchen, we use them in the office to weigh letters and parcels correctly for postage. The separate scale makes it easier when weighing large items so you can still see the weight.

Accurate scales, really fantastic. Love the easy use viewing screen as can suction onto a wall if you have a big parcel on the scales so you can see results of the weight, fantastic.

Accurate readings and perfect for my needs.

Very good product, just as described.

I think the quality of the product is brilliant, it was a little smaller than i was expecting (i should have checked the dimensions better) very very accurate and a reasonable price. Was packed well and arrived on time.

Great product well packaged husband very happy, using it for his ebay business.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great postal scale, with thoughtful design features


  • Smart Weigh EasyUse Digital Shipping and Postal Scale, Large Platform, 50 kg / 110 lbs Capacity, Parcel Scale with USB Cable and

Would recommend to everyone who wants to use this for postage scale. Very easy to use and sensitive. Battery option makes it mobile.

Easy to set up and these little scales are strong and robust.

Very light & easy storage scales, helped me to quickly work out postage costs – handy to have – place in the cupboard and grab when needed.

I bought these before i auctioned off a lot of old random household stuff and tech gear of varying size and weight. I did some simple checks for accuracy before i started (e. Weighing a few known things, like a pack of sugar, etc. ) and the scale seemed very accurate. Then i weighed a heck of a lot of parcels, printed my own postal labels, and everything went through the post office, ups and dpd just fine, so it was certainly good enough for the job. Both the ‘tare’ function and the way there’s a large flat platform and a separate display on the end of a decent length of cable came in useful. You can weigh things much larger than the scales and still read the display, or, say, put a plank of wood on top of the scale and hit ‘tare’ before putting a saggy bag on top that would otherwise be awkward to weigh, and just read the bag weight straight off without doing any mental arithmetic. All in all, a really good scale.

Weighs with reasonable accuracy. Very useful for weighing parcels before going to post office or so that you can print of your own royal mail labels.

Nice clear display, well thought out design and the most important thing is their accuracy, i haver no hesitation recommending these scales.

Was using a small weighing scales before i upgraded to this. The separate digital read out screen means i no longer have to play twister with the scales and the boxes anymore.

Bought for a friend and he loves it nuff said.

Showing different weight just because different positions (vertical/horizontal).

This is a great portable scale, the product arrived quickly, was well packaged and east to set up. It’s everything it says in the description,, perfect for weighing all my parcels and excellent weighing precision,, i’m really pleased with my new scales.

Does what it says on the box.

I ship a load of items and it is important that i get the postage cost right, so this tool in invaluable. Easy to read and very accurate.

So much better than the older models having the weight display away from the scales makes using much much easier to see the display if you’re weighing larger itemsso far top machine.

Great scales for my up and coming selling on amazon and others.

Fantastic listing description, item arrived very fast and securely packaged, product itself is of very good quality. Accuracy of the scale matches the post office counter scale. Overall totally happy with the product, price. Top seller, highly recommend.

Like what described, nice and easy to use.

Great scales brilliant to use in the office compact and mobile.

Should have bought one years ago. Does not do really small amounts e. 10g precisely, and sometimes there is a lag as it does the weighing, but for larger parcels that stick over the edge it is brilliant.

We’re really impressed with the durability and weighing capacity of this compact, digital mail scale. The lcd clearly displays readings, even with very large boxes, due to the long, extendable cord. Accurate shipping charges can be easily worked out both for home and commercial purposes. A fabulous purchase at a great price.

The weigh machine looks well built and easy to use. However little disappointed with the accuracy as its 100gram out or less then actual wieght. As i had the machine for some time its too late to return.

Quite small but still works as expected.

I do not usually write reviews but felt i needed to write one. The scale arrived quickly and it is well built. Impressed with blue big digital display. I ship a lot of packages of different sizes so having the display away from the scale makes it a lot easier to read. Easy to set up and does the job. It weights very light items also which is also very useful.

Item was as advertised and delivery was fast.

Wasn’t expecting much from the price as it was reasonable compared to some other scales, but am quite pleased with the overall build quality. It seems accurate enough for postal items and has a nice range of measurements. Battery and usb operated which is a nice touch.

The items i purchased were pretty good to use, i don’t have any faults about the item and would recommend it to all of my friends.

Great product to start with, is now not working and not heard from supplier having sent 2 emails. Will have to buy another now at my expense.

Not exactly what i was looking for really but an ok item.

We use these in our office to weigh packages before shipping. If you are shipping larger packages i would recommend getting scales with a larger base to use as these are quite small.

I love this, so easy to use and the fact the screen is separate from the scales makes it so easy to see what the item weighs, it was so awkward using the bathroom scales before, trying to see the screen under a bulky item.

Very pleased with this product light easy storage, no bulk. This was also a great price and arrived in a couple of days. Highly recommend the product and the suppliers.

Seem accurate, very user friendly.

I have 2 sets of these, they do exactly what we need them to do, we use these scales every day and managed to get 5 years out of the 1st set before the power brick when i would say that good value, we are not that careful with them and they have lasted well so i would say they are robust for a warehouse situation.