Smarter Coffee : that I set this up but has been an excellent purchase but was even worth in on the black

5 star kettle, nothing better than having a kettle already boiled when you wake up and as soon as you get home, wash to use and set up as well.

Great product,just works and the integration with google was a built in. Was going to use ifttt but didn’t need to. App is easy to use and uncluttered.

Bought as a replacement for an expensive aeg kettle that packed in working. After an initial nightmare trying to pair the kettle with my wifi (i was advised to change the channel for my broadband) the kettle connected & all was good. So after a few tweaks of the ikettle i set it to turn on at 04:55am each morning & today it worked :)my husband has also got the app & the kettle will turn on when he’s nearly home from work (2 minutes away) – how good is that.

It makes good coffee, and i found it easy to connect to my wifi, the app, and alexa. The dropped star is for the app: i can’t change the number of cups to lower than 4, and i find that too much for me.

Perfect, no drips when pouring and love being able to boil the kettle before getting out of bed. Would have liked the white one but refused to pay another £30 for a colour.

Nice coffee, app works most of the time, only issue is the – 1. Amazon ignored my request for another instead asking me to return whole unit, that’s a bit daft.I’m now trying to find a replacement carafe.

 i absolutely love this kettle. Works well with alexa and didn’t have too much trouble setting up. I love the home mode which has the kettle boiling as soon as i drive into my streetwill just have to get into the habit of making sure it’s always filled.

Bought this for my husband for xmas. Easy to connect up to alexa. Can set machine to make coffee just before you get home from a long hard day in work so no more waiting for the kettle to boil. The coffee beans are a little expensive to buy but so worth it.

  • Works a treat!
  • Fun Gadget that took a little effort to setup but
  • Brilliant!

Smarter Coffee (2nd Generation) – UK

Size:UK Plug  |  Style Name:Coffee Machine
Product Description, “An essential for all coffee-lovers, the Smarter Coffee – 2nd Generation is the simple and convenient addition in the home, ensuring an enriched brew every time.. Gone are the days of lingering impatiently in the kitchen for the coffee to finish brewing. Smarter Coffee waits on you, giving you more time for the important things.. Smarter Coffee allows you to have unparalleled control remotely by using the Smarter app available for download on any iOS and Android device.. Start your day the right way with a fresh batch of coffee by setting alarms with Wake Up mode. Why not sleep-in longer too – Smarter Coffee’s heating pad keeps your brew warmer for up to 40 minutes, ready when you are!. Smarter Coffee even knows when you step through the front door, prompting you to start brewing a pot with ‘Home Mode’.. Personalise your coffee your way by using the Smarter app to adjust the grind strength, number of cups and choice of freshly ground or filtered.. Smarter Coffee can even connect to other smart home devices now, integrating with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa (Alexa, brew me a coffee!) and many more to follow.. Setup Smarter Coffee on multiple devices in just seconds with the all-new innovative Linkup technology, allowing simple and industry standard secure connection.. Vast enhancements have been made behind the scenes to Smarter Coffee – 2nd Generation as well, with 3G/4G functionality through the Smarter app, quality multi-shower head and heavy duty burr grinder all add-ons in the latest edition.. Don’t worry Smarter Coffee can also be manually controlled on the front panel LCD screen.. Each Smarter Coffee comes with three interchangeable colour panels (black, cream and red) so you can personalise to suit your own kitchen decor.. Smarter Coffee – 2nd Generation. The perfect way to have fresh coffee, anywhere. Anytime!”. Features :-. Control: Remote brew your Smarter Coffee from anywhere using the Smarter app.. Wake up mode: Set alarms via the Smarter app to wake you up to a freshly brewed coffee.. Home mode: Smarter Coffee will have a brew ready when you walk through the front door.. Water sensors: Know how many cups you can make by looking at the water level in the Smarter app.. Personalise: Choose ground or filtered coffee, your desired strength and coarseness of grind and the number of cups (between 4-12) required.. Warming plate: Pre-heat and keep your brewed coffee warm for up to 40 minutes to ensure your coffee stays hot.. Colour panel: Smarter Coffee comes with three interchangeable colour panels in black, white and red.. Integration: Connect your Smarter Coffee with other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and many more.. Manual control: Smarter Coffee can also be controlled manually via the 3.5′ LCD control panel.. Setup: Simple and secure device pairing with BlinkUp allows instant setup in seconds. Specifications:. 2nd Generation,. Compatibility iOS & Android,. Wireless 802.11 b/g/n,. Security WPA/WPA2,. Capacity 1.5L,. Voltage 220-240v,. Frequency 50/60Hz,. Power 950-1050W,. Requires 2.4ghz router frequency.

Manufacturer’s Description, ‘Reinvent your kitchen’ Smarter’s philosophy as a lifestyle technology brand is to create innovative products in the home that are stylish, practical and convenient. Smarter’s ground-breaking products are paving the way for a more connected and seamless lifestyle tailored to your individual needs.
To lazy to open the app? Connect Smarter Coffee to your favourite devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home or why not use our IFTTT services to link to other smart products in your home.
Using BlinkUp technology it is now even easier to connect to your iKettle. BlinkUp uses certified security technology, to ensure that your iOT device remains safe whilst connected to the internet.
Never run out of tea or coffee again with the integrated replenishment feature. Choose from your favourite brands directly via the App.
Smarter app on iOS and Android Wake up to the perfect brew and control the water temperature precisely to give you the perfect taste. If you’re not quite ready for your cup of tea, you can keep it warm for up to 40 minutes, perfect for when you can’t help but press the snooze button. Arrive home to a boiled kettle with the new and improved Home Mode. Using Formula Mode, night feeds are no longer a chore.
The latest Smarter Coffee is incredibly clever in delivering an enriched brew of coffee at the touch of a button or spoken command. Smarter Coffee’s modern design and interchangeable panels ensure that it will suit your own home décor.
Describe your product in 3 words.
Smarter, Connected, Home
How did you come up with the idea for this product?
The iKettle was born from a love of tech and a desire to make connected products available to everyone, not just the very techy or the very rich. The kettle was the ideal place to start in the UK but we were nervous about the reaction to messing with the nations most loved appliance! It was received warmly and now turning your kettle on by your phone is as natural as picking up the remote to change tv channel. A natural progression for our European neighbours was our Smarter Coffee machine, bringing the same tech wizardry to the coffee lovers day.
What makes your product special?
Our products are special as they enable users to interact and customise an appliance that is used in homes across the world several times a day. Personalising the user experience, enhancing the taste of their drinks and saving precious moments in the busiest times of the day. We believe that the heart of the home rests in the kitchen. It is the place that you automatically go to when you get up in the morning, when you feel hungry, thirsty, and the place you gravitate to at parties and the last place you leave when you go to bed. There is always a task to do or a chore to be done. It is truly the centre of your life. We believe you should be able to have access to all your household appliances at anytime, anywhere in the world. It is our mission here at Smarter to make your existing kitchen space Smart by connecting old appliances and bringing them into the connected world. Household chores will be a thing of the past. Using Smarter products you will save time and money giving you the freedom to live life outside the kitchen.
What has been the best part of your startup experience?
By far the best part for us has been our customers, they are fantastic! It’s been such an interactive journey with them giving us their feedback on features, suggesting improvements, many of which we have been able to implement and of course telling us if we’ve got it wrong! But it’s become a community of support for the product and ensures that we’re never out of touch with the people that are using the products in their every day life. It was something we didn’t expect and it’s been a really positive and useful experience.

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This smart kettle is excellent, it can be a bit fiddly to setup the app on your phone but once it’s done it works well. Notifies you when it’s completed boiling and will keep the water at the temperature you’ve set for a period of your choosing. It’s not the quietest kettle when boiling but we wouldn’t be without it.

Would have been a 5 if alexa could tell you how much water is in the kettle. Still have to look at the app.

It was with fear and trepidation i made this purchase, as the reviews here are mixed and that always worries me. I was particularly concerned as i don’t reside in the uk and was planning to pick this up on a trip home, which meant if i had difficulties or problems it would basically be game over. Yes: the setup is not as intuitive as it might be (but read the reviews of people’s problems and how they solved them and it doesn’t take too long to figure out). Yes: it took me a couple of attempts to figure out how to actually make coffee, as the instructions online, on the piece of paper that purports to be a quick start guide, and in the app are. Well there aren’t any really. But: if the reservoir is full (well at least not empty) and your beans are in the hopper you can press a couple of buttons on your phone and a few minutes later you have great coffee. This is a completely unnecessary gadget that saves you all the time it used to take you to make coffee. So if that is what you want, then that is what you will get. But tbh, this saves me so much time in the morning now, not having to faff around with filter coffee, grinding beans, waiting to plunge the plunger thing on the cafetiere, i just love it.

I was unsure about purchasing this kettle for quite a while mainly due to the price but i’m glad i did eventually get it. Very easy to set up on mine & my wife phone. It looks smart & complements the look of the kitchen. It can be operated manually like a normal kettle just by pressing the button on the base. I like the option on the app to check how much water is in the kettle & you can also get it to keep the water warm for a set period of time. Schedules can be set up so if you get up at around the same time every day or arrive home from work at a set time you can get the kettle to automatically boil. We have set ours up with alexa/echo which was very straight forward & all we have to do is say “alexa, put the kettle on”we have also linked it up to a virtual button in samsung smart things/action tiles on our wall mounted tablets so as your walking past you can just press the button in the hall way for example to start the kettle boiling. Another automation i have set up is to have the kettle boil when i get up in the morning. For me every day is different so i hardly ever get up at the same time every day so have set up an automation that boils the kettle when the ensuite bathroom light is turned on between the hours of 4:00 & 8:00 am.

This kettle is well made, has a large volume, can handle only a small amount of water if that is what you want, sets up easily as long as you use the smarter app, and integrates well with alexa. Only citicism is that it takes a long time to automatically turn off after it has started boiling. I am tempted to keep it full at 90 centigrade all the time and then boil it when needed. Not sure whether this will save electicity or use more compared to boiling from cold.

I love having a wifi kettle for reasons i can’t really explain. I like being able to boil the kettle and then get up when it’s ready rather than staying at it and waiting. Only one niggle for me, sometimes the geofencing feature can be a bit hit and miss, but i live close to work so i think that is the reason for this on occasion. I like that i can set the kettle to boil on specific time schedules which helps with my morning routine, especially when i’m getting up at silly o’clock.

What can i say love it goes great with my alexa.

Love this product works so well with alexa too. Has my hot water ready for 7am every morning.

  • Works a treat!
  • Fun Gadget that took a little effort to setup but
  • Brilliant!

Smarter Coffee (2nd Generation) – UK

Quiet in noise which is fab.

Brilliant kettle, love the ability to control via app, alexa and ifttt. When my alarm goes off via echo spot the kettle boils ready for me to have a quick cuppa before i go to work.

I like everything but there is one important thing mostly for spanish and italian. You cannot select the level of water for each coffee. It s american very watered ccoffee. And this obbligate you to look for a very strong coffee just to make it similar to the italian coffee maker.

I love my coffee, and this machine is really greatlove being able to get the coffee going before i get going in the mornings. You can either set it to start brewing at a set time (with accompanying alarm), or just start the app and hit the brew buttonwith adjustable coffee grinder, adjustable strength, you can set how many cups you want brewed and pre-heating of the pot to make sure that you get the most from your hot coffee. To top it all off, it even notifies you when the brewing is finished (and when it has stopped keeping the coffee warm after up to 40 minutes).

Docked one star because there is no protection against boiling an empty kettle, otherwise, love it.

I’m going to ignore the pretty bad app they decided to use as i use this only with google home so it works flawlessly. Very fast boil and i just love waking up and as i’m getting dressed telling google to boil kettle and it’s ready when i go down stairsthe initial pairing with phone was very badly executed by smarter, way over complicated and the app could have been so much simpler but it’s still a fantastic kettle and does exactly what i was hoping for.

Simple to add to my phone and get access to the network. Seems to boil quicker than my previous kettle.

This is an update to my previous review. I was ready to return the product because of failed alexa integration but the team pushed out an update over christmas and now everything works perfectly. Coffee brews great and holds a lot of water & beans so i don’t have to refill it after every brew. Looking forward to waking up to fresh coffee.

So good for when you are on your way home and you tell alexa to ‘put the kettle on’ or when your in bed in a sunday and tell alexa to come out the kettle on so you don’t have to wait for it down stairs to boil.

Great kettle does what it says on the tin.

Kettle arrived properly, connected to wifi and setup was fast and efficient. Made agreement with wife if i turn on kettle will she make the tea(now i can do this from the couch).

I mainly use the app to brew my coffee when i get up. Looks really nice with the coffee bean hopper on top. Had some issues with it brewing but costumer service were able to help me out and solve the problem in a couple of hours. If you like your coffee and gadgets then it’s worth the money.

Brought this for my dad as he loves his gadgets, works very good with alexa.

Easy to set up and great fun to use. Howeverwe bought ours just over a year ago and it has stopped working. Apparently if you get the base wet it is a common fault. We have been fairly careful with ours but it is, after all, a product intended to be used around water. Not great for a product costing £155. Awaiting a call from customer service – will update with any news. Updateikettle dealt with my complaint quickly and efficiently. They said it sounded like the thermostat has failed. Replacement kettle being delivered in next few days.

The wait on delivery was short and it was well packaged, the product works wonderful, albeit setting up was a bit of a lengthily faff as it does not come with clear and concise instructions. One thing i would recommend is suggestions of what coffee beans and where to get them to go with this product.

Great product unit it stopped working with alex after a1 and a half years.

Great item, best electronic i have other than my phone. Use most days but shame you can make a minimum of 4 cofffes at a time. Would recommend if you have an amazon alexa.

The ikettle idea is great, and i love it. I was unlucky and my kettlebase was faulty. The waterlevel is important so you can tell if there is enough water in the ikettle before you ask it to boil your water. Smarters customers service tried to help me, but was not succesfull. I was sorry to find out, that i have to bare the expenses to send it back to the company. (i live in denmark) the issue was straight out of the box, so good service would have been to send me a new base, and a return label for the faulty one. That is what a great company would do, and that would easy have earned them 5 stars. Now i can’t use my ikettle before the base has been returned to smarter and they have fixed and returned it to me.

Features and Spesification

  • Remote brew your Smarter Coffee from anywhere using the Smarter app.
  • Schedule ‘Wake Up Mode’ and ‘Home Mode’ to have freshly brewed coffee ready when you are.
  • Personalise your coffee by choosing bean to cup or filter, your desired strength and coarseness of the grind and number of cups you want all via the Smarter app.
  • Connect your Smarter Coffee with other smart home devices using IFTTT and Amazon Alexa.;Frequency 50/60Hz. Power 950-1050W
  • Simple and secure device pairing with Blink Up allows instant setup between your Smarter Coffee and Smarter app in seconds.