Smeg KLF03WHUK Retro Style Kettle – Looks cool

I only bought it cause it was called smeg and i find that funny.

Beautiful kettle, arrived with no damage.

It’s a great very stylish kettle which looks very cool in our kitchen so gets 5 stars for looks. It boils fast, is relatively quiet, and pours without dripping. However there are three areas that let it down. The handle is disappointingly plastic and a different colour and finish from the lovely stainless steel body. The seal around the back of the lid where the hinge is is very poor and when it boils steam pours out at the rear of the lid and can scald your hand if you hold it high up the handle. This is a design problem and for a kettle of this cost it’s rather suprising that this made it through product testing.

Looks very nice on kitchen worktop.

Well packaged, fast delivery. Kettle meets full expectations. Like the light when kettle is on and 360 turn on base.

Only downside i have for the price these are is that all the parts you think are stainless steel are actually plasticlooks very slick and retro and i’m really pleased with it but expected a little more than plastic for the money.

Looks very stylish, great addition to any kitchen.

Lovely , fast delivery, many thanks.

A very nice kettle to match other items in our new kitchen.

A very substantial kettle which looks fabulously retro.

Great kettle, looks lovely, and well built. Minor gripe is water gauge is next to useless, as condensation builds in inside, so view of water level is badly impairedapart from that, good buy.

I love this kettle – it is quiet, quick, and looks super chic in my kitchen. I love the fact that it has anti-limescale properties built into it, as i don’t have to it as often as one might expect.

If you want to boil water, there are cheaper ways to do it, but this kettle is a nice looking, well put-together piece of furniture / ornament too. Here are the specifications for the Smeg KLF03WHUK Retro Style Kettle:

  • Stylish retro design and stainless steel body with soft opening lid
  • Large capacity 1.7 litre makes up to 7 cups with water level indicator
  • Concealed heating element With auto shut-off at 100°C keeps your kitchen safe
  • Removable, washable stainless steel lime scale filter
  • 360° swivel base for left or right handed use with anti-slip feet

Easily the best looking kettle for any kitchen – both modern and traditional. Excellent build quality and smooth pouring action. However, i’ve noticed that after boiling, condensation builds up on the inside of the lid (obviously) and if opened fully straight after use the condensation has a tendency to drip down the outside of the kettle where the lid overlaps the casing, on to the base and then our work top. Not great if you’re like me and you choose to empty / de-steam your kettle straight after use (as advised). I can only put this down to a design flaw rather than a manufacturing fault. Only a minor niggle but irritating nevertheless for such a well constructed and expensive kettle.

My retro kettle looks amazing in my kitchen next to my smeg toaster, quality product.

Quiet, fast boiling, well-made with quality lid mechanism. I bought this to replace my two year old russell hobbs, which started leaking badly from the level glass. Ok, this is expensive, but it’s so much better made. It’s well-sealed, so no steam escapes from the lid as it boils, as some others have reported. Yes it’s reassuringly heavy, but you don’t need to be a weight-lifter to pick it up. Recommended if you can afford it.

Fabulous kettle, looks so stylish, feels lovely to pour just perfect.

Fantastic can’t wait to use it.

As far as kettles go it looks very nice although handle is a bit plastic for my liking. Does my coffee taste any better no does it boil water yes. Looks nice and that’s the main thing. Iam still waiting for someone to say ‘ i love your kettle ‘ early days .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Looks great but too heavy with a poor seal around the lid

  • SMEG

  • Looks very slick

First i bought the toaster then this matching kettle. They really do look great together. The kettle is solid with the quality feel one expects with smeg products. It boils quickly and the automatic switch of works efficiently. A bit expensive, but what the heck.

The recipient was very happy with this item.

Shame it wasn’t available for the one day delivery. Hope it works well as it’s a bit pricey.

I do like this kettle it’s quick to boil and looks great. My only concern is the lid as you need to push a button down on top of the lid to open it and i wonder how long it will last with real world usage.

Love my new smeg kettle works excellent 😃.

Amazing kettle only fault is that it’s a little heavy.

Worth every penny, class 👍.

Very sturdy build just as you woul expect from smeg but very expensive for what it is. Water gauge not brilliant as hard to read.

Just love it plain and simple.

The only thing is outside of kettle is hot to touch.

Use this kettle as a replacement for another top-branded one. This smeg is far superior in looks and efficiency, so it may save money on electricity in the long run.

Life too short to use a cheap and rubbish kettle. Just think of how many times you boil a kettle in it’s life time. Spend the money, you won’t be sorry.

Love the whole design of kettle and always looks good as new.

Due to the way amazon groups reviews for the same product that maybe shipped from different sellers i want to be clear that i purchased from dawsons department store in the uk via amazon. This is the specific link: https://www. Uk/gp/product/b0752vhh7z/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=utf8&th=1. The reason i mention this is that some of the reviewers who gave negative feedback may well have received fake or reconditioned products, because their issues don’t seem to make sense if you buy an original new smeg kettle. My new red smeg kettle arrived in good time. The letters are raised letters. The brand ‘smeg’ emblazoned on the kettle are solid and look as if they will not fall off (not printed letters like some of the reviewers have described based on their purchase). Also the lid being plastic makes sense, otherwise you could burn yourself, so i’m happy it’s made of good quality solid plastic. Further, the list has a rubber seal preventing steam and/or water leaking out when you poor water out of the spout. The main kettle body is metal and painted and does get hot, so be aware of this point. Having said that, the head is no different to other kettles out there on the market.

Much quieter than my previous kettle and such a fab colour pop in the kitchen. The spout doesn’t dribble or spit boiling water at you. Wonderfully tranquil sound as it pours.If i had to pick something out it would be that the chrome coloured handled and especially the base, look a bit plasticy.

And has the feel of s good quality kettle, a little pricey for it to do the same as a £30 kettle. It’s name i guess you pay for . But not disappointed at all.

Packaged well, great product.

Really stands out in the kitchen. Love the fact that you just press the top and it opens up. I saw mrs hinch had one too lol.

Slightly noisy, a little heavy.

This kettle is the best kettle i have bought it is light and fast.

The kettle looks stylish and is swivels on the base. The cord is light not black which i would prefer. It is extremely heavy for a kettle.

Got this as a gift for someone and all i know is they are over the moon with it – my credit card isn’t too happy though.