SOL Republic Relays Sport In-Ear Headphones – Noise Isolating : Really wanted to like these

These are comfortable, work well while exercising, and look stylish. But the essential thing with headphones is sound quality, and herein lies the problem. It’s okay, rather than great. Which is to say, clarity is fine, but depth of sound is underwhelming. No screaming guitars and synths.

These are, as billed, comfortable headphones as they come with a great range of buds so it’s easy to find one that suits. They are quite well made and noise isolating (nb not noise cancelling) due to fitting snuggly in the ears. There is a microphone/button on the cord for pausing if streaming and/or answering your phone. The sound is ok, but nothing amazingly special but they are perfectly adequate if you are exercising or on the go and don’t fall out. I think, for the price you pay they should really come with some sort of case to keep them in. I like them but i think at current price they are a little too dear – at twenty pounds they would be a good buy. I like them but just a little overpriced for a lesser known brand in my opinion.

As others have commented, you need to allow about 10 minutes to get these out of their ridiculously elaborate packaging. I like the four different sizes of earbud and the fit is snug, which gives you more of a ‘surround sound’ impression when listening to music. The sound itself, alas, is not that special. I had expected it to be a noticeable step up from the bog standard white apple ones which i usually use, but to be honest there isn’t much to choose between them, apart from the comfort of the fit. So for the price these are rather disappointing.

Although they didn’t fall out, the ring around the edge does dig into your ear which can be quite annoying at first. They work well but they do feel a bit distant and lacking in bass, even with a good seal(the earbuds provided couldn’t so i used ones that i knew worked, but everyone’s ears are different), compared to some other, cheaper earphones you can buy.

Firstly, before you even get the headphones out of the packet you feel like you have just done a workout in trying to remove the packaging. Seriously, it would be easier to rob a bank than to get the headphones out of the packet. Well, they do say in the description ‘no pain, no gain’i ended up slightly damaging one of the headphones by the time i had freed them from the box. They come with four different sized ear buds and i felt overall that the product was a bit flimsy for the price. They did stay on during exercise but the sound was nothing to go wild about.

I must admit to being slightly disappointed with these headphones, i had hoped for a high quality sound, stylish design and good compatibility with my phone. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad but when the one that is lacking is the sound quality i am not impressed, i would have preferred good sound quality above all else as these are used for music. The sound is not awful but doesn’t give the depth of sound i would expect. The sound should be rich and clear but this sounds tinny and it really holds the product backthe styling is good though, they hold themselves in my ear with no issues, being flexible really helps you wear them for long periods of time so are great for when you are active or in the gym. The box they arrive in is a work of art by itself, almost. But be gentle when opening as the wires are sealed in behind the card quite well. It also works well with my phone and the microphone actually delivers my voice very clearly. Overall 3/5 is fair you can make do with the sound and make great use of these at the gym. I really want to like these as they are so comfortable to wear and the microphone works very well, but they don’t have the sound quality i expect in headphones and there is no case supplied to keep them in which just drags the score down.

I was a little sceptical when i opened the packaging (with great difficulty by the way) of these headphones as the buds looked a rather minimal and strange shape for fitting the ear. However, after attaching the largest size of silicone/rubber tip i found these sat in my ears nicely and (reasonably) comfortably, and provided a good sound seal from outside noise. They did not fall out and this was so whilst walking my dog and running (cannot understand the very negative review on this topic elsewhere). The sound was surprisingly full with as good a bass as i’ve ever got from in-ear phones, including those which are much more expensive than these. As a relatively cheap set of phones these work well and are worth the reduced amazon price. The in-line button does allow stopping and restarting the music, but there is no volume control, which is a definite negative. Overall, however, these are worth the money and do the job.

This is, so far, a pretty good set of headphones. For a start, they are stylish and comfortable. They give a great response on an mp3 player, a dab radio, a phone and – most importantly for me – my old school stack and turntable. The cable is a nice thickness which means i haven’t had a tangle yet. Which brings me on to the big question: why are they £40 when my just as good and still tangle-free after four years philips o’neill headphones are £22?.

  • Good value earphones
  • Amazing comfort/sound/build for the money! I’d recommend it to anyone
  • Excellent value for money

SOL Republic Relays Sport In-Ear Headphones – Noise Isolating, Lightweight Earphones w/ Mic + 1 Button Control, High Quality I5 Sound Engines, Sweat, Rain Resistant Perfect Gym Earbuds – Black

Product Description, No pain, no gain? Not with your headphones. Relays Sports revolutionary fit with Free Flex™ Technology is effortless to use without complicated twisting locks and hooks that irritate your ear over time. And with its noise isolating in-ear tips, you’ll hear the full sound and emotion of your music that will help you run faster and train harder. You’ll love them more than your favorite pair of shoes. You’ll hear … Powerful, full sound with high energy deep bass and clear vocals that bring out the emotion in your music.

Box Contains,

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. Took some getting out of the packaging. Ear buds on show through the side of the presentation box. Hope they are worth the wait. Nice bag of different size ear pieces for different ear sizes. Will reach from bag to ear if you travel that way. Has a clip to attach to your shirt or jacket. The inline control is on the left side and a little hard to see what you are doing while the ear piece is in.

The sol republic relays come in an eyecatching colour and smart packaging. The positives are: good fit, comfy in ear headphonesthe negatives: poor bass, no volume control on the remote (on-off play for iphone) and not noise isolating. The lack of noise isolation is arguably a good thing; if you want a cheap pair of headphones for outdoors use so you can hear traffic, these would be useful. Not good for the gym if you want to cut out external noise however. I’d recommend for outdoors use if you can find them at the current amazon price but they are not worth the full rrp.

These are deceptively like wearing outer ear headphones. The sound quality is rich and far superior to other inner ear headphones. It has a clip on the lead to prevent them getting tangled and a mic so you can use your phone with them to speak. Ear buds are labelled left and right which ensures they are both comfortable and the sound quality is enhanced. Similar to iphone earphones in that sense but better in terms of sound quality. The ear buds are rubber also which means they are softer on the inner ear, particularly if lying down. The only thing lacking is a volume button on the lead but don’t let this distract you from an excellent earphone overall.

I like these in ear headphones. They are good and have a fair sound quality, as well as being isolating from outside noises. I know they are designed to be worn during sport, but obviously can be used for any occasion where you may want to use them. The set comes with 4 different sized ear buds, so you can adjust the earphones to get a perfect fit for you. These are very comfortable to wear and i did not feel any pressure of rubbing on my ear, as i have with some in ear sets before, so this is good. There is a controller on the wire that supposedly allows volume control, call controls and music control. This claim could be misleading, as when you get the ear phones, the manual actually states that it depends on model and what phone or mp3 you are using, as to what controls you have. Mine only appears to stop and start the music and nothing else. So be awre of this before you buy them, according to what you want it to control. Personally, whilst i like them and they do me well enough for my needs, i do think they are overpriced as they don’t do much more than a standard set.

I always have an issue with one ear, which is that in-ear headphones tend to fall out even when just walking quickly. Unfortunately, these are the same and don’t stay in the ear, especially when running. The sound quality is average and the colour is nice, but i feel wireless running headphones are the best way forward.

These things are by far the most comfortable earphones i’ve ever bought. They feel very light, and they hold their promise – i don’t think there’s any kind of activity which would get these to fall out of my ear. They’re even pretty hard to pull out, pulling straight down on the cable. The sound quality is great, although they do tend to bring out the low frequencies quite a bit. Edm sounds awesome off the shelf in these, but for some sharper pieces like jack white’s lazaretto for example, you just need a decent equalizer app to make these sound incredible. There’s many of those on the app/play store, and your laptop/computer’s audio driver probably has one of those built in. My b&o laptop’s in-built speakers’ equalizer did a great job. The build quality is also surprising. It’s the first pair of sol earphones i own, and to be honest, even the packaging looked and felt well crafted. High quality plastics and rubbers, and i have a feeling the cable doesn’t get easily entangled.

I will admit that ‘activity’ involves cutting the lawn these days but i have still tested these extensively whilst operating equipment (well, sitting at my pc in all honesty). Firstly it is imperative that you find the correct ear tip size – failure to do so will mean that you don’t have a good sound experience. My advice is to start small and work up rather than the other way round and, once you have settled on comfortable and properly audible then you really are good to go. The clip on the leads is an obvious bonus – not just when active but simply to ensure the cables/leads don’t get caught up and you may accidentally remove the earpiece. The advice on how to insert and remove is also vitally important and, remember, i am a man, and we men don’t usually follow instructions but they have been simply written to ensure a good experience. I have been happily enjoying on-line gaming etc with stereo sound right in the middle of my head – fantastic. The fact that they are lime green coloured also means that when family members come to see me in my study they are immediately aware that i am wearing them so don’t talk to me when i can’t hear them. These are good, value, comfortable and provide excellent sound. They don’t fall out are backed by a brand you can trust and free replacement for those all important ear-pieces should you lose them.

Where do we start:if you spray perfume on a *beep*, it’s still a *beep*these aren’t the cheapest and the packaging for these is ott. They come with a set of instructions and interchangeable silicon ear buds. Not only are the instructions incorrect (there is only one button on the headset remote, not the ability to increase/decrease the volume) but they are uncomfortable. The ear bud can not but prolonged use makes the large blue circular part of the headset hurt. Also, why not make them go round the back of the head?. You have to wear them from the front.

  • Good value earphones
  • Amazing comfort/sound/build for the money! I’d recommend it to anyone
  • Excellent value for money

SOL Republic Relays Sport In-Ear Headphones – Noise Isolating, Lightweight Earphones w/ Mic + 1 Button Control, High Quality I5 Sound Engines, Sweat, Rain Resistant Perfect Gym Earbuds – Black

These earphones are sturdy as i’ve used them for a couple of months now with no detectable loss or reduction in sound in either ear. They have also survived being wrapped around my ipod on a daily basis and my 9 month old constantly playing with the ear pieces. The sound quality is very good and it is comfortable for listening over long period of time. I really like these and think they are outstanding value at the current retail price of £19.

These are very annoying to unpack without damaging — you need a lot of patience, good eyes and nimble fingers. Setting up — putting the ear buds on — is also fiddly. Praise :i am happy that they don’t fall out, and i like the colour. I suppose it’s just fine for voice podcasts, but not so great for enjoying music. You can’t control the volume using the inline remote. 💡 perfect use case :✨ doing chores around the house. You can listen to an audiobook or podcast to pass the time.

It was a bit of a battle to remove these from the packaging which looks quite good if you are giving as a gift but a bit fiddly to get at the headphones. These in-ear headphones are very comfortable and come with a variety of different size of ear tips so you can find one that fits you perfectly. The packaging also offers a free lifetime supply of ear tips for these which is a nice touch, although i haven’t yet needed to put that promise to the test. There is no carrying case included as i might have expected. The sound quality is the weakest part of the performance of this product though. I’m no expert but to my untrained ears, the sound from these is fairly flat, lacking both sparkle in the treble and warmth in the bass. If you have a need for comfort, and want to be confident that your earphones won’t fall out, then these are definitely worth considering. If however the sound quality matters to you, then you might want to look elsewhere.

I admit that i got these earphones for free but had i have bought them they would have set me back an eye-watering £40. Eye-watering because they are not significantly that much better than a pair that i bought in one of the major supermarkets for a couple of pounds. I simply cannot understand how the manufacturers can justify this price. They have no volume control, offer indifferent sound quality, have no pouch and they come in a unpleasant shade of blue. Okay, they are comfortable in the ear but so are my cheapo supermarket pair. (which, i should add, i much prefer using). It seems to me that they are another example of a recent phenomenon – that of manufacturers adding the word sport to an item to attract those members of society who have plenty of disposable income£40.

I’ve never had such a faffle getting something out of its packaging, so i was expecting these to be all-singing-all-dancing. The useful part is the fact that they give you a range of sizes of rubber-like ear-buds to go over the ear-pieces. That was a plus point, but again, they were difficult to actually apply. (as i have teeny ears and the teeny buds were a nightmare to put on). Their website will offer you free replacements if you ever need them. Not too boomy, not too tinny. I must stress that even though the blurb says they won’t fall out, i couldn’t even get them in on one ear.Struggled then gave up:(seem quite pricey for what they do.

These headphones come with quite a few different sized ear pieces making them very comfortable to wear whilst staying securely in the ear. The sound quality is very good, with good volume and clarity. The bright colour helps me find them very easily in my handbag which is always a bonus for me. There is a button on the wire that allows you to pause an skip without using your device (i use mine with an iphone – not sure if compatible with all devices) which is great as the length of the wire is generous and means i can leave the phone in my bag and still easily change or pause songs. I really like these headphones and haven’t got anything negative to say. However, i do feel that the rrp of £39. 99 is very expensive and even the current price of £19. If they are priced any cheaper then this though, i would happily purchase them again if needed.

With in-ear headphones, fit is crucial for both sound quality and noise isolation. My expectations on seeing these were not that high – they looked like styling was more important than function and took forever to remove from the elaborate packaging. But i was mistaken – with the mid sized buds these are a fantastic fit in my ears and thanks to the angled design between the inserts and the body of the headphones they have proven to be some of the most secure of any i’ve tried (and i’ve owned and reviewed maybe 15 pairs on in-ear headphones over the years). The sound quality is highly dependent on fit and positioning but once i’ve wriggled them into the sweet spot (where they tend to remain) they deliver a really good full spectrum. Even with no source it’s clear they cut down ambient noise almost as much as dedicated ear plugs – i’ve been using them many times this summer whilst mowing the lawn with a petrol-engined mower and not only can i hear my music well despite the noise, they also leave my hearing somewhat protected from the machine noise. They have a small clip that attaches to clothing allowing an extra level of security and you can easily pop them out of your ears and retrieve them again around your neck. The sound shaping is relatively even across frequencies with a little bass emphasis and a slightly indistinct high range but for sports (or gardening) use where you’re more interested in the practicalities than the pristine sound detailing, they are much more than adequate. Considering that they’ve been well under their rrp on amazon for most of the months i’ve been using them, i rate them against the price available now (circa 15 gbp) as being great value too. They are a little bulky – they styling isn’t really to my taste – but they hang there beside my trusty gardening cap and running shoes ready to go whenever i am. I rate them much better than the mediocre median of current review ratings.

Worst kind for listening for pleasure as you end up turning up the volume in order to enjoy the sound as you know it should be. I’m used to in the ear headhones with out auxilliary bass being underpowered but this was weak across the board. Tried it with some eliott smith, death cab for cutie as well as various old house and have decided this isnt good for anything except a spare pair for the gym.

These in ear headphones come with anti tangle wires which are great and a choice of 5 different sets of rubbery in ear headphone tips. I found the quality of the product to be fine but needed to experiment to work out which ear piece tips suited me best. If i want virtually total exclusion of exterior noise, a snug fit that stops the ear pieces falling out and a decent base sound, picking the best tips is crucial. To small and the sound is tinny. To big and they fall out of your ears. The only issue is if you are using these whilst excerising they are great in the safety of the gym but you better take care jogging outsideoverall i though the headphones were okay and the inline microphone easy to use if you are plugging them into a phone. If you are an audiophile you may be disappointed with the overall sound quality but still they are an okay set of headphones for around town.

So many headphones out there to choose from, and i’ve tried a few at a similar price point. I gave these a go and i’m pretty happy with them. As a few reviews mention the packaging is a bit over the top and fiddly, and the lack of a carry case is disappointing. As with all such in-ear types, you need to get the right size end for your ears – i tend to need the biggest size. Once in place, they stay put. I like the fact that they don’t stick out much from the ears, so you can comfortably lean on a pillow which makes them good for bedtime listening. Sound quality is pretty good, a little muddy but good bass and detail, if lacking a bit of space. In fact, i came back here to order another pair.

These headphones claim to be specially designed for sports so i thought i would put them to the test out running and in the gym. Positive things first, they look nice and came in a nicely designed box, plus the blue colour is a bit more interesting than the standard boring white or blackless positively, the sound is ok but could definitely be a bit louder and beefier, there’s not a lot of oomph there and turning it up doesn’t seem to make much difference. They’re also not the most comfortable headphones i have ever used – they’re not a bad fit in my ear but they don’t stay in very well and have tended to fall out during more strenuous activity in the gym. I use bluetooth headphones these days so you forget what a pain it is having a wire to contend within summary, i would say that these headphones are ok but for less money you can get a much better pair of bluetooth headphones which will suit gym people a lot better.

Very comfortable to wear and they do stay in more easily than cheaper brands. Thankfully, they don’t block out surrounding noise — i could still hear the irate gentleman telling me to get out of his garage gym and my partner threatening to leave if i didn’t stop using his coat as a punching bag. Also, it doesn’t state this explicitly in the booklet, but don’t swim with them in. The earbuds are fine but my phone stopped working rather quickly.

These in-ear headphones are designed so they won’t fall out during exercise. They come with four different sizes of ear bud and have an attractive design. The sound is unexceptional and it is easy to pick up a pair of bluetooth headphones with better sound for less money. I recently purchased a pair of betron over ear headphones for less than the price of these. Sol republic may need to consider a price reduction.

I’m reviewing the sol republic relays sport in-ear headphone with noise isolation, blue. Here are my thoughts:^^ i like the design of these as they fit into my ears really comfortably, which i am sure is down to the way they have a slight slant to the ear buds. Mine are bright blue and quite eye-catching. ^^ the sound of both music and talking books is surprisingly clear and enhanced. The set i have is actually the cheapest of the range. So for what you get for the price they’re pretty good. ^^ great packaging to look at. However, it took some undoing.I’m half annoyed at that, and half thankful that the wires couldn’t get twisted in transit.

Firstly the packaging which some have had difficulty with. I thought the presentation box was attractive and reasonably sized. The cable is secured with 5 twist cables which were easy to twist undone and the earphones were pushed into a plastic cone shaped moulding these also came out easy. Then the spare ear fittings were lose in a small plastic bag. The earphones fitted firmly into my ears and were comfortable and stayed in place whilst exercising. The cable is very thin but seems durable as do all the other parts. The control bar has no markings at all but i used the control’s for volume on my phone which was ok. The sound is good not as much base as i usually like but it was clear and consistent. These are an averaged price item with mid range sound and quality. For the price i think they are ok.

I’ve had these for a couple of weeks now and i’m very impressed, for the price you pay these ar excellent. They’re comfortable, i’ve never had them fall out whole exercising, and they sound good and block out noise well. Only criticism is that the remote only has one button, so you can play/pause/skip etc.

For earphones the key thing is sound quality and although my teenage son says the sound is ‘ok’ that is not a ringing endorsement. I got him to try them because i found them very uncomfortable to put in and i don’t think they were in right at the end. I have a small ear and struggle to get a good fit. He says that they lack fullness of sound with limited bass so better for audiobooks than good music quality. They don’t come with the ear buds fitted to the headphones. You have a choice of different sizes and i tried the smallest but they were not the easiest things to fit on, you have to turn them inside out to manage them. I like the blue colour and they have the little clip to attach and secure to clothing so some positives on design but it is the sound issues that really lets them down.

Generally this is a very good sport set for the money. Not only is the sound pretty good (obviously not on a par with my £250 crossfades, and slightly weak on bass, but pretty balanced and at least comparable with other earphones in the same price range), but they have sufficient range of rubber pad sizes to fit even small ears (my wife often finds them all too large, these had some that fit perfectly). Also, as you move many earphones tend to vary in how well the sound comes through as they move in your ear. These seem to fit well enough and be light enough that they didn’t have the same problem – i could move around pretty freely and the sound remained consistently solid. As sports headphones they’re therefore ideal. They don’t have great noise isolation compared to most i’ve tried, but whether that’s a good or bad thing is down to preference.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Comfort
    Ultra slim fit design sits comfortably in the ear and won’t hurt over time
  • Sound
    In-ear tips seal the ear, blocks out outside noise, so you can hear the full sound of your music.
  • Secure Fit
    Patented Free Flex wheel is a universal fit that’s easy to use and won’t fall out.
  • Sweat Resistant
    Keeps playing when working up a sweat
    Pause/resume/skip music and answer/hang-up phone calls with one button.