SOL Republic SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Headphone – Oxblood : Once you have adjusted the length wearing these you will find they are quite comfortable and suitably padded

My favourite headphones are the https://www. Uk/sennheiser-hd-598-cs-around-ear/dp/b01jp436ts/ref=sr_1_5?ie=utf8&qid=1493497165&sr=8-5&keywords=sennheiser+headphone so time for some careful comparisons with my favourite music tracks. Well, they blew me away – different, exceptional warmth, range and clarity across the entire audio spectrum. That is, nice clear bass, mid-range (voices) and treble, percussion is sharp and clear, individual notes on bass are well distinguished. They are very comfortable, wrap around the ears (i. “closed”) and very easy to drive (perfect for phones, media players etc).

In this age disappointment, disillusion and discontent it is so upliftingly encouraging to find something that does exactly what it says on the boxthe family review of these headphones was “brilliant brilliant brilliant”living in a modern city the need to edit out city sounds becomes increasingly necessary. The private world encouraged by the ever present headphone world both ways and can not only create your own cultural bubble but also keep the interference out. Streetnoise is calculable in an urban environment and the ensuing chaos/panic is a personal responsibility; the brain can really only take so much. The sol republic headphone is the answer; it is an elegant design, lightweight totally functioning machine ( even if the lead is a tad short ~ but aren’t they always?)highly recommended for urban dweller, rambler or music enthusiast among others.

I might be a bit of an idiot but at the time of writing this review it doesn’t state anywhere on the product page or even the manufacturers web page that these headphones have been specifically designed for ipod, iphone or ipad (iphone 3gs or later, ipad 2nd generation or later, ipod touch 2nd generation or later, ipod classic 120gb or 160gb, ipod nano 4th generation or later, ipod shuffle 3rd generation or later) however as soon as you get the box it states so on the front and also on a cardboard insert inside. We are an android home and have no apple products and so whilst the headphones will work by plugging in the larger jacks with other sound devices you can only use these headphones with a non apple phone by using the rugged 6ft pro cable as the smaller remote and mic do not work with any android phones or devices that we have tried them with and i have even tried with family members android phones in order to test a larger amount. This obviously means you can’t use the headphones for taking calls or even adjust the volume via the headphone lead if using these with an android device and i thought it worth mentioning the straight away to prevent anyone making this mistake. I think its a little strange that the makers have clearly decided to target apple customers only and miss out on android users. The headphones themselves are really comfy and the sound when using with the larger pro cable is really good however not being able to have the same use of the headphones as the mic lead cannot be used has reduced my use of them. Overall these are beautifully stylish looking and the sound is clear without distortion. The headband is adjustable and most importantly the ear cushions are comfy and don’t leave you with that sore warm ear feeling. But basically not worth getting if you are an android user and i did test these with 4 different android phones and they didn’t work with the mic lead with any of them – not everyone has or chooses to have apple.

These headphones are exceptionally comfortable, which is great plus point, as it doesn’t matter how good they are if they if they irritate, as so many do. It seems a bit of a pointless gimmick that you need to assemble them yourself, supposedly to make them easier to pack into a small pace for travelling. However, when assembled, they fit neatly into the supplied pouch, and as they are supposedly very difficult to break, i can’t think of any situation when this would be necessary. I used these with my iphone, but there re different leads and jacks supplied. As for the sound, i found a spotify playlist designed specifically to test headphones with, which was absolutely brilliant, as all the music shows them off to there best advantage. I do have headphones that cost quite a lot more than these, and i was really pleased with the clarity and bass of these. This is not a brand that i have ever heard of before, but these are really good, and quite good value.

These headphones come packaged in a rather interesting way. The headphones themselves are on a stiff fabric strip and you remove them from this to place on the head band part. Though this means they can be removed from the headband at any time it is stiff enough that they won’t come free by accident. They come with two wires you can attach. One is for indoor use with the line on a spring coil in part which you can extend out stretching it in the old fashioned way. It also comes with an attachment for the larger old fashioned socket. This has a basic controller on one wire for volume and to pause and start your music or podcast. Both wires split and plug into both ear pieces rather than running up through one. Once you have adjusted the length wearing these you will find they are quite comfortable and suitably padded.

A pair of high-end headphones ‘studio-tuned’ by calvin harris, these represent quite a hefty investment, so i’ve produced a detailed review focussing on design, manufacturing quality, comfort, and of course, sound. Design: there are several innovations here: first of all the elements of the headphones are all separable, meaning that if you break the yoke or one of the earpieces, it could be replaced without buying a whole new set, though i can’t actually find any site that sells the spare parts. You could also, i guess, customise a unique pair by owning several sets and swapping the colours over. Two leads are included, one for your phone which has the usual controls, an a studio/hi-fi amp one which has another innovation, an integral clip for the 1/4′ audio jack adapter, another innovation and a genuinely useful one. The styling is, at least relative to the celebrity-endorsed audio market as a whole, rather classy and understated, with a lot of spun metal and embossed detailing, a matte finish, convincingly-leatherlike padding on the yoke, and some discreet branding. . The only hint of celebrity involvement is a small inscription inside the yoke, which, of course, might be seen as a positive or negative point depending on one’s outlook. Overall, then, trendy but tasteful with some interesting design innovations. Manufacturing quality: i think this is the area where these really stand out in a crowded market, the yoke is guaranteed to be unbreakable, for instance, and these really do look and feel like they could be used in a professional studio, something few of the competitors in this part of the market could really claim. One man’s comfort is another man’s torture, of course, but i found them fine – a good weight and comfortable.

The master tracks xc is a quality set of headphones. The look and feel are luxurious. The head strap is soft leather on the outside and suede type material underneath. The ear pads are well padded, very soft leather. The blood-red colour looks almost brownish or burgundy depending on the light. The sound quality is light, clear and precise. I listen to a lot of new age music and the tracks sound crystal clear and beautiful at all tone levels. I listened to some cosy powell and iron maiden and they sounded fantastic through these headphones. I was happy with the sound of the bass.

  • So!
  • a lot of difference from the Tracks but still awesome headphones. Still worth the money
  • Five Stars

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Headphone – Oxblood Red

Product Description, From the studio to the street, this headphone is sonically accurate for music creation but in a headphone that’s light and comfortable to use everyday. For music lovers, you’ll hear what the artist intended you to hear. “Master Tracks XC is a kind of a nice reflection of what it would be like to sit in an expensive studio without having to pay for an expensive studio.“ – Calvin Harris LISTEN LIKE A PRO Made for professional music creators, studio-tuned by Calvin Harris SOUND XC sound engines are sonically accurate for music creation. Precise, punchy bass with extended low frequencies – incredibly clear and present vocals with a powerful dynamic range STUDIO INSPIRED DESIGN Premium stitched fabric and spun metal finishes reflects the luxury of a professional studio LONG LISTENING COMFORT Ultra light and extra large around ear cushions makes it easy to listen for hours. PROFESSIONAL CABLE 6-foot long coiled pro cable with detachable “never lose” 1/4-inch adapter MIC + MUSIC CONTROL CABLE Additional cable with mic + 3 button remote lets you answer/hang-up calls, adjust the volume, and pause/resume/skip your music VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE Flextech™ headband, tough enough for the road

Box Contains, Headphones; Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer

Our Philosophy

We believe music has the power to touch you, move you and inspire you.

We are saviours of sound, changing the world through incredible music experiences.

We believe music can help you be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better.

For every great moment, there’s a song that goes with it.

We believe this is the soundtrack of your life.

Master Tracks XC

Master Tracks XC headphones are studio tuned by DJ and Producer, Calvin Harris, for a professional listening experience, taking you from the studio to the street. Master Tracks XC engines deliver a powerful and dynamic sound with studio precision meaning you can hear exactly what the artists hear. Dismantle your headphones for ultimate portability when taking them on the road.

“Master Tracks XC is a kind of a nice reflection of what it would be like to sit in an expensive studio without having to pay for an expensive studio.” – Calvin Harris

You’ll hear

Studio quality sound, identifying every single element of an artists’ mix. Hearing the details and the full emotion of music you may never have heard before.


XC sound engines are sonically accurate for music creation. Precise, punchy bass with extended low frequencies – incredibly clear and present vocals with a powerful dynamic range.


Whether you’re a music creator or a music lover, long listening comfort is key. Ultra light and extra large around-ear cushions make it easy to listen for hours.


Premium stitched fabric and spun metal finishes reflect the luxury of a professional studio.

Pro Cable

6-foot long coiled pro cable with detachable ‘never lose’ 1/4-inch adapter. Take the adapter off and flip it around and twist and lock to the cable itself.

Mic + Music Control

Additional cable with microphone + 3 button remote lets you answer and hang up calls, adjust the volume, and pause, resume or skip your music.

Virtually Indestructable

Constructed of Flextech advanced polymer, built to withstand heavy abuse. Tough enough for the road.

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They sound amazing and the bass extensions are just crazy however one of the earpieces had a slight rattle and the mechanism was quite loose compared to the other so have returned for exchange. Of your after a great sound then you can’t go wrong however if your ocd like me and perfection is required be prepared to exchange if you have the same luck as me. Also note the inline mic looks nothing like any pictures i have seen on the internet, had to actually google the revisions to check. Hope my new pair is rattle free :-).

As someone who usually goes for more lightweight ear bud type headphones when on the move i have to say these are a huge upgrade. Everything about these is high spec with great design, surprisingly lightweight materials, extremely comfortable and very robust feeling. On the audio front the one thing that i immediately noticed was how much better at muting outside sounds these are than my usual in ear type phones. The bass was nice and crisp with no distortion and the whole sound through using them was superb. Yes, they are pricey but ever since dr dre launched his beats that seems to be the way the headphone market is going and if money was no object then i certainly couldn’t find fault with these.

A hundred and fifty quids worth of headphones should sound better than this. The main concern is the bass. The first track that came on with the small phono smartphone wav music set-up was a man needs a maid by neil young and dull was the word that sprung to mind. Although i knew it was not the music i decided to compare the sol republic set with my favourite wired phones seventy quids worth of joygo jh03. The cure’s lovesong was ok with sol but much brighter and much louder on the joygo’s. A man needs a maid back on form. The same result with dull celebration day by led zeppelin much brighter and louder on joygo although vocal reproduction similar. At this point tbh they were heading for two star in the loft territory. I decided to give them a go at my hifi amp for listening to movies.

Not a lot of difference from the tracks but still awesome headphones.

  • So!
  • a lot of difference from the Tracks but still awesome headphones. Still worth the money
  • Five Stars

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Headphone – Oxblood Red

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • X3 Sound Engine
  • Virtually indestructible FlexTech Headband
  • SonicSoft Speaker Pads
  • 3-button Mic & Music Control
  • 1/4″ Adaptor and carry case included