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I’ve been using earbuds for a while, but there are times when a pair of cans is called for (recording, for example). And my old sennheiser’s died. So took the plunge with these, and i’m very pleased. They come disassembled, so a bit of construction is needed. First off, the sound insulation is the best i’ve experienced with cans – probably better than my current earbuds. Second, they’re comfortable. And third, they sound great. Powerful bass (i’ve had to change the settings on my mp3 player), very clear reproduction, i can pick out nuances that i didn’t realise were there in some tunes, and nice & loud. Not had them long enough to comment on durability, but these are a quality pair of headphones.

Headphones are more about sound quality than design and for these i have to give 5 stars as the sound quality is equal to headphones costing a lot more. The bass sound comes through well and is clear and concise and the trebles are equally clear. Indeed when listening through my iphone to some classical music i was surprised at how crisp and clear the sound was. The headphones are comfortable to wear and are the on ear type and not the over ear type, to my mind this is more comfortable and the sound you hear tends to be clearer. If there was one small annoyance it would be the way the headphones adjust. The ear pieces are pushed onto the the headband and adjustment is made by pushing the earpiece further up the band, thus leaving a not very attractive ‘tail’ sticking out beneath the earpiece. But as i say this is not huge annoyance, just an annoyance (for me anyway). I have been using headphones for many years and, whilst these cannot be seen as top notch, for the money they offer exceedingly good quality). They are also very well made and the design is ultra modern. Incidentally i had them on whilst listening to holst’s planet suite and the sound experience was excellent, all crisp and clear and even the very quiet parts were clear too.

If i’m not listening to music on any given day, then that particular day must have been pretty ‘something which rhymes with pretty’. Having said that, i have never particularly cared about how flawless the delivery of that music into my ears should be – records, cassette, cd, radio, streaming, whatever, and i tend to mostly use the most comfortable and cheapest earphones going. Until recently i haven’t been interested in headphones, mainly because i feel like a twat wearing them because when i see others wearing them i think ‘what a twat’. Too many people seem to pick the most garish and outlandish headphones which scream ‘look at me’ more than ‘i like music’. Anyway, having tried a few pairs of headphones recently, some of which were pretty good at drowning out exterior noise, i thought i may as well get my own pair and thanks to amazon, these ones arrived at my door. As you should know from the opening paragraph i’m not an expert on these things or how they compare with the bigger brands, so my review will be based on my personal preference. Looking at the product page’s list of attributes we start off with noise isolation. You’ll notice this isn’t noise cancellation – i tried a pair of headphones from a friend which had some sort of fancy noise cancelling which essentially created a vacuum around your head to the point that, even when no music is playing, if someone is standing a few feet away and talking to you, not a word reaches your ears. These ones don’t come close to matching that witchcraft, but they do a fine job of stopping most of the usual annoyances from slipping in, and once you have a song blaring you shouldn’t notice any outside interference.

It breaks my heart when i hear my favourite music through a disappointing set of headphones which is why i have been particularly pleased trying this set. I wasn’t familiar with the brand until now so came to it with no preconceptions but have to say that i have been rather impressed with them. For a start they are very smart in appearance, and not over the top; i’m not someone who wants to draw attention to the fact that i’m wearing headphones, although i do want them to look stylish. They fit me well too, and are comfortable even over a longer period which is obviously an important factor and i like the design features such as the effective noise insulation and volume/track control. They sound good too – background noise is subdued thanks to the cushioned cans, and there’s plenty of life to the sound they have. I love that it isn’t dull, or tinny, or weak, or any of those things which spoil the pleasure i get from good music. I’m enjoying my music through them and have been impressed with this product.

For the price these are excellent headphones. They look modern, sleek and professional. In order to use them you push the headphones on the headband and then insert the lead. I don’t have a large head so there is a ratter large part of the band which sticks out. I though this might be uncomfortable but to be honest when i have the headphones on i don’t even notice they are there. The headphones are extremely comfortable not matter how long i wore them for. The area which goes round the ears is well padded, soft and comfortable. The sound is crisp and clear and handled anything i threw at it, from classical to rock, ballads and even podcasts which were mainly talk. I would not hesitate to recommend these headphones for anyone.

My only gripe is that the headphones are a bit tight. This wouldn’t be a problem if i didn’t wear glasses, sadly i do. Meaning any extended use causes discomfort. Otherwise amazing sound quality and feels durable, the main reason i tend to buy sol republic.

Great headphones love the sounds and the bass, microphone is a bit close to the face though and very quiet.

Without doubt the best sound i have had from a pair of headphones. . The sound is crystal clear when using them on my iphone. . And the noise cancelling really does just what it saysthey are super comfortable to wear and don’t slip of your head when wearing them. . They look super stylish as welli have listened to everything from rock to classical on them and the sound is amazingly clear.

  • Decent headphones
  • Otherwise amazing sound quality and feels durable
  • No bad

SOL Republic Tracks HD2 On-Ear Headphones with Mic, Control Calls, Music + Siri, Upgraded Sound, Noise Isolation, Virtually Indestructible Material, Lightweight Comfort Earphones + Carry Case – Black

Product Description, PREMIUM DESIGN Unlike anything else on the market, is simplistically elegant to wear. Tracks HD feature high-gloss headband metal Sound Engines

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer


We are Music Lovers, committed to changing the world, one listener at a time.

We are Saviours of Sound ready to rid the world of hollow sounding headphones and speakers.

We believe music has the Power to touch you, move you and inspire you.

We believe a Good Song can help you be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better.

SOL Republic Tracks HD2 On-Ear Headphones

An update to a classic! Our most popular headphone now in new luxurious metallic finish and sleek designed ear cushions. Track HD2 are stylish, virtually indestructible, surprisingly comfortable and sound amazing – all for a price lower than you would expect.

You’ll hear

The perfect combination of powerful punchy, clear vocals and smooth highs.


Speakers breakdown flat in included case, perfect for travel.

Mic + Music Control

Cable with mic + 3 button remote lets you answer/hang-up calls, adjust the volume, and pause/resume/skip your music

Virtually Indestructible

Constructed of Flextech advanced polymer, built to withstand heavy abuse. Tough enough for every day listening.

Modern Design

Minimalist design, unlike anything else on the market, is simplistically elegant to wear. And now this iconic design comes in 5 new luxurious metallic finishes.

Lightweight Comfort

Comfort is as important as looks. Ultra light with plush head and ear cushions makes Tracks HD2 surprisingly comfortable to wear and listen to music all day long

Upgrade Your Sound

Music is emotion. When it sounds better, it feels better. Tracks HD2 features the full range of your music – powerful bass, amazing vocals and smooth highs while isolating your music from outside noises with SonicSoft Speaker Pads.

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Being a miserable old curmudgeon the penchant for “can” style headphones has left your reviewer completely out of step with fashion. The sight of people parading around our high streets with what appears to be large cereal bowls attached to their ears is one of the more worrying symptoms of the decline of western civilisation. Having owned a pair of excellent bose earphones whose sound clarity is pristine has also acted as an effective deterrent, as was trying my son’s hugely overrated dr. Dre phones which did not impress. With the introduction of sol republic on-ear headphones, a large dose of humble pie needs to be consumed. For a start, these have a very pleasing look about them and whilst obviously visible they are on the smaller side of the average “cans”. It is the quality of the sound however, that is the clincher. While they do struggle a bit on the higher range the fullness of the music that flows through is wonderful. They also pass the prodigy test. Any headphones that can handle “firestarter” without drowning in bass or distortion are quality products.

For their price, very agreeable headphones. Good quality base and sound clarity. Seriously though i’m not sure if i’ve become slightly more deaf or the headphones are getting quite or spotify is just really poor quality but something is going on and i doubt it’s the headphones. I used to be able to hear electricity in the wall.

I’ve noticed cheaper sol republic headphones in the shops and i guess these are near the top of their range, they are of a similar construction to their cheaper headphones with the headphone “sound engines” fitting over a “sound track” i. The ear pieces slotting into a plastic head band. (the universal “sound tracks” are also available separately in a number of colours from around £8 – £10. ) the cable (complete with controller) then plugs into the ear pieces via 3. These headphones are black but they are also available in gold, blue or red, they are a clean, sleek design and should last well. The headphones come with a black nylon carrying bag (printed with the sol republic logo), printed instructions and a warranty information booklet. The headphones are light and very comfortable (apparently a video on finding the right fit is available at solrepublic. Com/support), with the padding on the earphones being particularly effective in both keeping out external sound and feeling nice against your ears.

If you need a good wired headphones, go for this, you definitely won’t regret.

  • Decent headphones
  • Otherwise amazing sound quality and feels durable
  • No bad

SOL Republic Tracks HD2 On-Ear Headphones with Mic, Control Calls, Music + Siri, Upgraded Sound, Noise Isolation, Virtually Indestructible Material, Lightweight Comfort Earphones + Carry Case – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • NOISE ISOLATION – Extra thick ear pads isolate your music from outside noises
  • GREAT SOUND – Hear the full range of your music – powerful bass, amazing vocals and smooth highs
  • COMFORTABLE – Extra thick SonicSoft Speaker Pads are more comfortable than other on ear headphones – ideal for long listening music lovers
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE – Flextech headband, tough enough for every day listening
  • MIC AND MUSIC CONTROL CABLE – Cable with mic + 3 button remote lets you answer/hang-up calls, adjust the volume, and pause/resume/skip your music