Sonos 5 – Brilliant product with great design and function

Taking lead from the apple school of design and ingenuity this sonos beam is really excellent. Do watch out for hdmi cec issues with some tvs though when using the hdmi-arc connection as other gear connected to the tv (in my case a 50′ sony bravia android tv) will hog the signals and the tv will revert back to the tv sound speakers mid programme/film. The easy solution i found (after trying the more limited optical adaptor connection) is to buy two lindy hdmi cec less adapters. Problem solved and it all works brilliantly, i even bought two sonos: play 1 speakers to complete the set-up.

The beam is built well which you can tell from the sturdy weight. It came with a hdmi cable and an optical cable so you have a choice. Plugged it in via the hdmi arc port on my tv. Already had the app downloaded on my iphone ready to go. Within 10 minutes i had downloaded an update. Gone through the app setup and synced any accounts i needed to for my music too. Picks up the infrared volume control from my tv and virgin remotes and i haven’t had to do any kind of syncing for this to work. The bass and treble controls in the app is a nice touch along with the speech enhancement option.

But there is a major problem some people may find when playing a movie with 5. On my lg tv the sound effects and music comes out way too loud sometimes. I have to keep turning up and down all the time. Some tv has a setting built in to balance the sound ( dynamic range) mine does not. My previous yamaha sound bar had the option. It’s bad that the sonos app does not have this.

This is my first delve into the soundbar and sonos world and am so impressed i felt i had to leave a review. Initially the intention was to simply improve the sound of my rather tinny sounding tv, but having discovered the possibilities of building on a system beginning with this little beaut, i felt i had to spend a little bit more than intended. I’m 100% satisfied that i did. The sound is incredible, easy to set up and the thing looks good sat beneath the telebox. My view on the sound is that most modern movies appear to give the surround sound experience however older films, say before about 2015 simply have a cracking stereo sound which is not at all to be sniffed at. The intention is to add two rear play ones for the proper surround sound set up, but for now, the beam alone does perfect.

Having already owned a sonos play 3 which has amazing sound capabilities, i went and bought the sonos beam at christmas time to upgrade from my current surround sound system. First impressions were that the sound and build quality on this compact sound bar is absolutely amazing. Its really heavy for its size, haven’t even turned it up full volume as the sound is brilliant and fills the room really well. My old sony surround sound was impressive but the detail and clarity of this speaker is head and shoulders over it. I’ve since added 2x play 1 rear speakers and now this really set’s it off. Ok to get that package of 3 items was expensive but it is well worth it for films / sport / music.

The sound from this small package is amazing, the width of the sound stage isn’t as incredible as i have read from other online reviews but still amazing. The thing sonos needs to improve is the app , it drains battery and takes a few taps just to change volume. Also while it’s very useful to have alexa voice control, it cannot be used for calls and multi room with other echos, also it’s very annoying that when alexa responds to a command, it makes a very loud tone and i don’t seem to be able to switch it off.

For the past couple of years i’ve been very impressed with my sonos play one speaker, so when it came to buying a soundbar, going with sonos was an easy decision. I wasn’t at all disappointed. Firstly, this soundbar was incredibly easy to set up – following the instructions through the sonos app to connect it with my current system was very easy, and connecting it to the tv was also very easy (make sure the tv has hdmi-arc). The sound is very good considering the cost and amount of space it takes up – the dialogue is impressively sharp and overall the sound is well balanced and layered. In a small living room, it can produce good 3d sound without the need for auxiliary speakers (though pairing 2 sonos ones with it would be even better). It plays music in the same way that any other sonos speaker does and connects very easily to amazon music services, spotify, etc. Finally, the build quality is impressive and sonos’ customer service is excellent. For a small/medium size living room this is an excellent choice of soundbar and, despite a fairly modest price, shouldn’t be underestimated.

The item re’ its purpose, music and movies etc. Is great, i have also added two sonos ones to give a surround sound experience, tremendous. The only down side, which is the reason it lost a star, is it was probably a return to amazon and when they repacked it they left greasy fingermarks all over it. Disappointing, to say the least, i have now cleaned the item but when you pay this sort of price you don’t expect this.

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