Sonos Beam Compact Smart Soundbar – Amazing sound

We bought this as we had just purchased a new oled tv which is wafer thin so the speakers weren’t up to much on it , after looking around for a while we decided on this one as the reviews were really good and after spending a fortune on a tv we were looking for something around the mid range price bracket. First of all it’s really simple to set up you take it out the box connect it to the hdmi arc connection at the back of the tv ,download the app and it gives you a step by step guide of what to do next it’s really that simple it takes literally 5 minutes. I also purchased this one as i wanted to use it with alexa as i have a few of them at home but if your buying it for this reason i really wouldn’t bother as it’s very limited as to what it can do it will turn the tv off but not on and works when it feels like it so i ended up unpairing it. The sound from such a small speaker is amazing it’s like being in the cinema and picks up every single sound it has transformed the tv completely my hubby said it’s brilliant for watching boxing and football but i will take his word for that , watching films is a completely different experience with this speaker it’s well worth the money ,it’s comoact so doesn’t take up much room it just sits in front of the tv perfectly. The sonos app isn’t great it could do with a few updates again it’s very limited but it wouldn’t put me off purchasing this speaker if your looking for a well priced speaker that doesn’t take up much room and are looking for cinema sound experience you can’t go wrong with this one we love it.

A brilliant sounding speaker which transforms your tv sound. It can also be used for listening to amazon music, spotify or other subscription music app. I already have two other sonos speakers with the alexa app on them and these can be used alongside the beam very easily. Speech is clear and well balanced, it has a enough bass for my needs and the sound certainly fills the room. It was very easy to set up and is a very neat and good looking sound bar.

Great clean sound with a nice distinctive vocal on soundtracks. Integrates seamlessly with other sonos kit. Alexa a nice touch but not really needed.

This is an excellent soundbar. It sounds great, and is very easy to setup. I use alexa all the time, and it’s just as effective on this as it is on my amazon devices. I was a little surprised there was no remote control with the beam, but it works with the tv one just fine. And i only need volume and down – it really is that straightforward. An excellent no nonsense device that dramatically improved my tv’s sound quality. Not cheap, but definitely recommended.

Having had the soundbase for the main tv for my birthday we decided to get the beam for the tv in the kitchen. This soundbar is used for music streaming as well as tv sound so has to work well for both applications. It’s not capable of the volume of the playbase but is more than capable of filling a large farmhouse kitchen with fantastic sound even when competing with cooking and appliances running. I am amazed at the amount of base they get from what is a relatively small soundbar. It’s smaller size than the full size playbar also fits into the kitchen far bettervery happy with this baby sound bar with performance far greater than its size suggests.

I have the sonos beam and two play:1’s for surrounds, it does sound great but if you want 5. 1 do some research before purchasing. The sonos has only got one audio input – hdmi so this means that only one audio source can be plugged into the beam – it relies on using your tv as a pass through via hdmi arc port, this is fine if you plan on using the beam alone. A lot of hdmi arc ports only output stereo (2 channel) not 5. So if you plan on using this as a 5. 1 surround sound be sure to check your tv supports 5. 1 output via the hdmi arc port. You can work around this by introducing an optical switch to run optical from all devices, assuming they have optical out, into the beam, using the supplied optical toslink to hdmi adaptor, but this adds another device and remote into the mix and will also stop cec over hdmi working so you cannot control the beam volume with tv remote. On the plus side it looks good and does sound great when finally using 5. It is also very easy to setup using the app.

Got the sonos beam and subwoofer yesterday from santa, of course it had to be set up immediately to make christmas day viewing hopefully somewhat better. Downloaded sonos app and then went through the set up procedure which included trueplay, was this a gimic i thought?. Definitely not as soon as i sat in my chosen position and tuned into the greatest showman i thought wow this little soundbar is pretty awesome. Sound comes from the front and from the two curved ends of this attractive looking bar and reaches well into the room. I own a samsung 4k tv and the built in speakers although not brilliant were ok ish for general use but with the soundbar speech is clear and vibrant. I then added the subwoofer to the mix and this just totally improved the whole setup, bass became punchy and room filling. In the future i may add a couple of ones to the system but i’m not even sure they’re really necessary. I always desired a sonos system and i’m not disappointed. In the words of macdonalds ‘i’m loving it’.

Added this to my suite of sonos products. Great sound and definitely improves the sound i get from the tv. Doesn’t really produce those deep base tones when watching movies so a sub is recommend should you want that fully immersive sound. Having said that it does deliver a nice crisp note and there is a subtle base in the background, far more than you’d get from you tv.

I’ve had sonos products for a couple of years now and i have always been very impressed with the sound quality, ease of use and the simplistic look of the product. The sonos beam was no exception. The beam works perfectly with my two sonos one’s in a surround setup and took only a matter of seconds to set up. I had previously owned the playbar and there is a small difference in the amount of bass between them, with the playbar coming out on top. This is more than expected regarding the smaller size and for the price difference, the beam is the winner in my eyes. I had also had difficulty using my samsung remote to control the volume with the playbar however now with the beam is works perfectly and is faultless. This is a fantastic product that is easy to use and perfect for my bedroom. The bass isn’t quite as impressive as the playbar however there is still plenty for watching films, gaming and listening to music. The overall sound quality is exceptional and is works perfectly for a full surround experience with my play ones.

After some fiddling about with the various hdmi ports on the back of my tv i identified the correct (arc) one and the setup was a skoosh from then although as a recent reviewer noted it can be a nuisance when the connecting device is secured to a wall. Still, it wasn’t as frightful a task as i had feared it might be. Paired with my now old play:1 speakers in the living room the beam adds a fullness of sound that has to be heard to be appreciated and this is even evident from outside the room. I have to admit that i thought this would primarily be used for enhancing my tv viewing experience and although i was suitably impressed when playing some music videos downloaded from youtube then putting on the first 10 minutes of guardians of the galaxy 2 (the awesome visuals on my 65 inch 4k tv now done justice to the sound of electric light orchestra during those opening credits) but i have spent the rest of the day listening to my music playlists at full volume, much to the chagrin of my 94 hear old neighbour i’m sure. I set up alexa but like most people i probably won’t use it and will continue to complain to sonos about their failure to meet their own 2018 deadline for enabling google voice. I’ll also hold off buying more sonos speakers for the rest of the house until they get their act together on that score. Maybe :)update 7th jan: just enjoyed a movie binge this weekend and i’m continually amazed at the depth of sound emanating from the beam. I didn’t wait until the google assistant software update before buying two sonos one speakers for my bedroom (i didn’t even wait a week) and next on my shopping list is the sub, also maybe a couple of more ones for the hallway and kitchen. As a youtube reviewer recently stated sonos can be addictive.

I bought this as a way to improve my tv’s sound quality after a friend got one and recommended it. It was immediately obvious that the sound quality had improved dramatically. Set-up was beautifully simple. The hdmi arc is easy to use: you just plug the beam into the hmdi marked ‘arc’ and the tv automatically recognises it and starts using it instead of the internal speakers. True you are ‘losing’ one hdmi port to do this, but the advantage is that the beam responds to your original tv remote volume controls without any additional steps. Using the sonos app is very simple and straight forward to get up and running. The sound quality is amazing. In tv operation the speech is much clearer (and has a dedicated speech boost mode if required). The bass is much better even without a sub-woofer speaker. The rest of the audio is a lot clearer and crisper.

Having hdmi arc on your tv is a must, to simply plug it in & control the sound using your standard tv remote. The built-in alexa saves the need for a separate device in your room. Sounds great, dont feel a need for a separate sub woofer at all.

We already have the ‘full size’ sonos soundbar in our main living room. Upstairs in our den however, our old tv might have been ok for picture quality. But was seriously lacking in sound quality. This compact soundbar seemed just the ticket to upgrade the experience. We are really happy with it. It doesn’t take up much space and is unobtrusive. It was easy to connect to our tv, and the sound quality is fantastic. It helps that it has all the features of the fullsize playbar, including truplay tuning, voice-boost, and volume leveling ‘nighttime mode’. Plus, this is one of the latest generation of sonos products, so has alexa built-in.So, it’s easy to just boss the thing around and ask it to turn the volume up or down without the need for launching the app to adjust this.

Incredible sound and works very well in a smaller room without a subwoofer. Remember to use trueplay just after you have bought it and then after a few weeks of use once the speaker has run in. Alexa and airplay 2 work really well also. In terms of value it completely destroys the playbar (which i believe is due an update). You can’t really compare this with the playbase as it is a completely different form factor. Bottom line: this is the best smart soundbar you can buy at the price for small to medium sized rooms.

I have been a fan of sonos for many years, i have got a play3 and play1 already. When i decided to get a new tv the email from sonos come out to show the brand new beam. It’s half the price of the playb ar or base but the sound i hear is amazing, so mich better than normal speakers and enhances the experience, i am now saving up to get another play 1 to create a surround sound system.

Purchased mine on 15 of july. Absolutely love it when paired with two play 1. Not going to add the sub as i even need to turn night mode on and lower the bass a bit. Clear dialogue when streaming movie online. The surround sound effect is also very good depending on audio input and source (5. 1 dolby digital from prime or netflix or 2. Alexa works flawlessly as well. I can even give alexa command from another room or downstair to play my favourite songs of artists or radio stations. Setting sleep timer for my tv is also much easier with alexa’s help.

It is a big improvement over the tvs built in sound. I had the soundbar for a few weeks now and it makes the whole experience of watching movies more entertaining; it does feel like the sound fills the room. Subsequently i also bought the sub, but for the size of my living room it is overkill; using only the soundbar is perfectly adequate. I connected the beam via hdmi arc port so the volume can be controlled using the tv remote which is great since it makes the entire setup simpler. So far it has been working flawlessly even with amazon fire tv stick, chromecast, xbox, raspberry pi/kodi all connected to my tv.

Ok so i bought this as a little treat to benefit from the surround sound using my existing pair of play 1s. I already had a what hifi award winning philips htl5140 sound bar and sub and didn’t actually need a new one – but that’s what we do right?in all honesty i would say by itself the beam was no better or worse than the existing philips sound bar. I was a tad disappointed and it certainly didn’t sound as good as in the richer sounds show room (i got an open box one from richer sounds and saved a few quid)it was only when i put the play 1s on the wall behind me that it came to life. I just love the bubble of sound that i’m in – don’t forget to turn the surrounds to ‘full’ from ambient iro listening to music. I actually couldn’t imagine going back to a simple soundbar set up with no surrounds. Regarding the bass – i actually think it is fine and just less than the subwoofer it replaced. I am simply not willing to pay the current price of the sonos sub – however the day they release the sonos core sub that is rumoured i will buy one of its about £400. . That’s what we do right?i have a lovely new lg oled tv and this beam and surrounds just makes it even better. One other thing i would say is that it is loud.

Really simple setup using the sonos app. Installed and using it within 15 minutes. Really lovely sound without being too overpowering; fills our 12’x12’ high-ceiling room with well-balanced sound. Alexa is a bonus but would still be really happy without it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Compact, powerful and versatile – well worth the money!
  • I knew it was the right choice as soon as I turned it on
  • Really nice sound in a discrete unit.

As a compact tv sound bar then this unit is excellent, and was significantly better than others i auditioned in hifi shops. If you are buying it predominantly to play music over a network then it may not be what you expect – see negatives below. Positives: as a tv soundbar this is excellent for the price. It has transformed our listening experience both for movies and regular tv. Dialogue and soundtracks are well resolved, the speech enhancement feature is really excellent – in two months of use i do not think we have misheard any dialogue whereas previously it was happening most days. Action movies with high impact soundtracks are brought to life in a way that is missing with standard tv speakers. The low frequency response is better than might be expected from a small unit. Music played via artist videos on youtube and on tv music channels is good. The set up is very easy if you have an hdmi arc socket on the tv and you have downloaded the sonos app to smart phone or tablet. Negatives: it is really poor for playing stereo music.

Great sound from such a small source. Glad i sent the previous soundbar back and invested a little more into this one. The sound is very intense and the bass drive is more than helpful. Unexpectedly better than you would actually think considering the overall size. The small rubber footers would have been great if they had been positioned slightly nearer to the centre as the base with some tvs is just a little shorter than the soundbar causing it to slip easily. But a part from this minute issue i wouldn’t change it for anything else. Control wise, it works perfectly with the phone app and integrates well with all the other controllers. And i have no hdmi arc system so i’m using it through the optical adapter supplied in the box. Great its easily expandable with other sonos equipment and the connectivity is absolutely flawless. So overall a great purchase.

I bought the sonic beam and a pair of play:1 speakers to replace an lg nb5540a sound bar (so poor it failed after 18 months). Once you get there the quality of the sound is superb. This is a great piece of kit and excellent value. Beware though if you try to use wi-fi only the setup of the surround sound with the play:1 speakers does not work. The setup consistently failed after the play:1 speakers were added (using the sonos ios app) in the “preparing for use” phase (i’d already added the beam). The app is next to useless on providing diagnostics. The error looks to be dhcp related. The only resolution i could find was to hard wire the sonos beam with a network cable to my router. At this point the play:1 speakers were correctly added. As a note if the speakers are not correctly added (they appear in the app “room” as +?.

 received it in the afternoon and within 10mins it was all up and running with my 10 year old tv. For those worried about not having the full features, check at the back of your tv if you have an hdmi-arc input. This allows you to control your tv on/off via voice. If you have an amazon fire stick you can control content too. Airplay 2 was already available when i initiated the speaker. The unboxing alone would beat apple at its own game, as soon as you open it, you know you have something special that was manufactured with care. The sound is detailed and warm. In my average sized living room, the bass is enough for me but still tempted to buy the sub at a later stage. Using the beam the soundstage becomes much larger and the depthness fuller, which really changes the movies on a different level. Very happy with this purchase, already a fan of the sonos brand and will look to grow the different products they have.

I purchased this to accompany a 65” telly in our snug as the in built speakers are generally a joke. I had a few requirements for a potential purchase; be wireless, be airplay compatible and ideally not require a subwoofer. This item fits all those requirements and black friday gave me a few pounds off so i decided to go for it. It arrives in a very nice box, hinting at the quality inside. The product itself is nice and weighty, feels solidly built, looks great and didn’t take very long to set up on the floor. I connected it using an hdmi cable to my tv on the arc channel. It also comes with a small optical to hdmi converter. Not sure how that works as its still in its packet, unused. The set up required the install of the sonos app and a software update and then it was ready to go. Next challenge, wall mount it.

This review will cover the pros and cons of it, and help you decide if it’s better to pick up sonos’ more expensive playbar or playbase instead. Because the beam shines in areas the other two don’t and visa versa. And or course, my own verdict on sound quality and features. Basic specifications:- 1x individually amplified tweeter at the front centre behind the logo- 4x individually amplified full range woofers, two fire sideways to increase soundstage and improve stereo/3. 0- 3x passive bass radiators to squeeze as much bass out as possible, two at front and one at the back- 1x ethernet port- 1x hdmi arc connection- 2. 4ghz wifi connectivity- local 5ghz home theatre speaker connectivity- dd 5. 1 (no dts or atmos)- for more specs go to sonos’ product page and scroll to the bottomsound qualitythe beam sounds really great, and considering how compact it is, i was surprised at how much sound it was creating. It delivers rich, detailed mids and highs at moderate volumes and the bass is ok at best – admittedly but that’s a symptom of its challenging size. The size is so small, that they did compromise on bass capability. And it’s evident at even low volumes when comparing this to the playbar/base.