Sonos PLAYBASE – Massive improvement to TV sound and versatile music player.

Superb sound and the set up was so easy. Love the advanced settings where the back l+r speakers settings can be customised when in tv mode and different for music mode.

One optical cable from telly to sonos. And is also a brilliant streaming music speaker. Pricey but golden quality for those who can afford it.

The sonos playbase is the 6th speaker from the santa barbara based consumer audio company which started business in 2002. They have been the pioneers in multi-room wireless speakers and continue to lead the way. Many other companies have now started to produce their equivalents however sonos ease of use and years of experience keep them ahead of the packthe latest addition to their line up is essentially their playbar which they released in 2013 but in a different form factor. The playbar is designed to be mounted on the wall below your wall mounted tv however it can also be mounted on top of your hifi cabinet. Whereas the playbase is designed to be solely mounted on top of your hifi cabinet and as the name suggests a base for which you mount your tv on. According to statistics the majority of people who buy new tv’s do not wall mount them so hence why sonos introduced this option. The playbase is a wireless home cinema speaker that you connect to your tv with an optical cable. Not only can it play sounds from your tv but it replaces your hifi as well. Using the easy to use sonos app on your smartphone or tablet you can stream music that is stored on those devices or if you subscribe to the growing number of music streaming services such as spotify, deezer, apple music, google play music, amazon etc then you can stream that music also. Only the paid subscription services you cannot stream the free with ads versions. The playbase has ten amplified speaker drivers inside its pvc body, six mid -range, three tweeters and one woofer. They pack a mighty punch and even at full volume there is no distortion although the neighbours wont thank you for itthe beauty of sonos is that you can add more speakers to the range with ease. 1 cinema surround set up by adding two play 1 or play 3 or even play 5 but that be just silly and overkill and then a sub which enhances the bass. You can also add play speakers to other parts of the house. You simply add the speaker to your system in the app, give it a room name and you can then have music playing throughout your house or equally have the tv sound playing. So you don’t have to miss a thingsonos are continually adding features and enhancing there already great software with free updates to their app and this hardware product is another fine edition to their quality line up.

Let’s get this out there, this is expensive, very expensive for a playbase and there is some serious competition out there at this price point. However, if you need reassurance before dropping this kind of money on a base, my advice is to go and actually see one and then hear it. Absolutely spectacular quality from sonos. I’m using it in a bedroom but it could easily be my main sound source in the living room and is overkill for the bedroom. It is as good as the sonos playbar and offers a great alternative form factor if a playbar won’t fit. Dissapointly it still only has an optical connection. Why sonos dodged the opportunity to add hdmi i don’t know. If you are invested in the sonos system this is a must integrating seamlessly with other sonos speakers in your home.

Amazing sound, simple to use.

Excellent sound, far superior to the tv (which wasn’t bad) with a sense of clarity and precision. Easy to set up and works well as the heart of a distributed sound system – i can now listen to the tv, apple tv and dvd sound the house, as well as internet/computer/phone sources. It could be a little louder for my tastes, but that will no doubt be improved when i can afford to add a sub.

I bought this for my parents as they love my soundbar, but their tv is in a corner and on a stand. The set up was easy and i also connected it to a sub. There are controls on the top of the playbase to let you mute or play sound, increase and decrease volume. My mom finds this useful when picking up the phone she can instantly mute the volume without finding the remotethe depth and quality of the sound is great and to the point my mom called me the next day to say she can now hear all the dialogues without turning the volume up high on the tvthe playbase sits well under their tv, they have a 53′ screen and you wouldn’t notice it.

I bought this with some trepidation but i went with the great reviews and took a leap of faith and so glad i did. It alongside its little sonos friends and sub fill my home with beautiful sounds everyday.

Recently bought my first sonos products, 2 play 1’s to be used in stereo and was blown away. I didn’t realise how addictive it would become. I’ve bought this to add to the home setup replacing an old bose 2. 1 system that i used with the tv. Honestly, the sound on this is great, for both tv and music. It compares to 2 separate speakers and a v large subwoofer in my old setup, taking up less space and looking better in the process. I haven’t connected directly to my tv as it doesn’t have an optical out, so the optical out for my htpc goes straight to the playbase. I’ve encountered no issues so far, speech is all in sync and when it detects the optical source, it switches to tv output on the playbase. V impressed and happy with my purchase. Yes, it is expensive, but it sounds, and looks like, a premium product, which, coupled with the ease of use of the app, makes it acceptable to the wife too.

Very good addition to my sonos system. It adds good quality sound to the tv and another outlet for streaming. The only caveat is that when you set it up you need to have your pc/mac in the same room as there is a lot of interaction to make sure the tv remote controls the sound properly.

This is a great home cinema starter. Your tv goes right on top of it so you don’t have to worry about it being too tall etc. The sound quality is amazing. Very crisp and clear even at high volumes. You can easily pair the playbase with the sub and e. 2 play 1s like i have for dolby digital 5. The whole setup process took me 5 mins inc installing the update. No more running the wires under the floor etc.

Pretty easy to set up, although getting the optical cable in the right way up is easier said than donedoes the job beautifully. Fills out the characteristically weak sound of an modern tv without overdoing it on the bass rumble. Plus, when you’re not watching tv it networks with all the rest of your sonos gear for a house-full of sound. A little on the pricey side, for what it is. And you’re paying for good build quality, slick networking and elegant design.

Wasn’t as easy to set up as intended but customer service/support were ready to help and fix the multiple issues. The product itself was as expected in terms of build quality and sound. Superior to most on the market. Is it worth the money, time will tell but so far so good.

Good alternative to the sound bar, you don’t really need an extra sub for bass – however, sonos should still move to include an optional hdmi input though – it would increase sales by removing a perceived constraint.

Great sound and easy to set up. It blends in perfectly and is a massive improvement in the sound quality from the tv. . The quality of dialogue is great. Just missing that really deep rumble. If you want that cinema experience you will need a sub woofer. . I bought a couple of sonos play 1s to use elsewhere in the house but have had a play this weekend and linked them a surround sound speakers to the playbase. . The immersion was briliiant especially in action scenes.

Dead easy to set up (added to an existing sonos system). Currently have playbar, sub & 2 sonos 1’s on my main tv, sky q set up in the lounge, the playbase has been added to my tv ,sky q, ps4, xbox one set up in my man cave. Massive improvement all round. Only had is set up a day, so playbase needs to be run in but initial impressions are very good. Am now considering changing the playbar in the lounge for another playbase as it seems a real step forward. As the ad’s say if you have a wall mounted tv get a play bar, if not get a playbase. Yes its expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Sonos sounds are amazing and sound is very clear and crisp. Easy to setup and add on more speakers or an optional subwoofer. Playing music loud the music does not distort at all and being wireless you can place these speakers anywhere in house. The price you pay for this sound system is well worth the money.

For the most part, this is superb. A very easy setup, it looks great and holds our tv above it. The sound is mostly excellent, and frankly in a small room the bass is good enough not to need a sub as well. But you really need to be sitting directly in front of the playbase to get the most out of it. And, imho, it required quite a bit of tweaking of the eq to get the right balance along with the two play 3s we have for surround sound. By contrast the playbar and play 3s in another room seemed much easier to get the balance right. Although perhaps that was the difference with the shape, size etc of the room. Tv dialogue can sometimes be quite quiet with music and background nosies (especially with a lot of bass) quite booming at times. However once you’ve sorted out the right eq balance, this is superb. Music, tv, films are a joy to listen to and watch.

A little expensive but well worth the money. The sound reproduction is first class.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • this with some trepidation but I went with the great reviews and took a leap of faith and so
  • Excellent piece of kit
  • Good alternative to the sound bar

I have an lg oled 2018 tv and i initially thought that sounded decent. . Then i tried the sonos playbase and the difference was massive. (even my wife loves it and she was against the purchase at first) i paired it with the sub and the sound is simply amazing. The sonos playbase on its own is definitely worth it, the best way i can describe it is, the standard tv speakers sound flat and the playbase sounds full and deep. It’s amazing to rewatch films and hear sounds that you never heard beforeyou can also add existing sonos speakers to create a bigger setup and it’s not exclusively for the tv. You are able to play music on it also which again, sounds amazing.

Just mined blowing sounds amazing go buy one thats all i can say ull never need to go cinima again hooked up with a 65 inch 4k tv.

I love had this for a few months now and have it under my tv in a small lounge/diner. I cannot rate this speaker enough. There is no requirement for the additional base for the smaller rooms as it is more than adequate. The sound is crisp, clear and deep. I love playing my music directly from my phone no matter where i am in the house. No complaints from the neighbours when watching late night films either with the night mode. I couldn’t recommend it more. Can not wait to build a mini collection around the house.

Excellent sound quality, i’ve always had problems fitting a sound bar as my tv sits on a cabinet. Simple and easy to set up as all sonos products are, good deep base and the voice and night time functions are simple and easy to use. I only have it as a stand alone, but a massive improvement on my previous sound bar.

Like most sonos products, this is very nice indeed. It works well, is almost ‘invisible’ in so much as it ‘just works’ and is pretty enough that you don’t spend much time looking at it. Imho, like most sonos products, it’s a bit too expensive for what it is. There are others that do most of what this does at least as well for less money. They don’t do the ‘app’ quite as well, and don’t integrate with the other sonos we’ve got though. On first opening, you’ll notice the over-engineered packaging (think: apple). Not sure it’s terribly environmentally friendly, but it does keep it all in good nick during delivery. The device itself is reassuringly heavy, and is of course pretty big. Connecting it up is super-simple, in my case wired ethernet and the supplied optical cable to the tv. A couple of steps with the app and tv remote was enough to get sound out of it.

I was reluctant to pay full price but the black friday deal of £100 off made it more palatable. As well as a high end 2 channel music system we have a sonos system in various rooms around the house so this seemed like a perfect partner to what we already had. Due to the big 2 channel system we lack the space to accommodate a full av speaker system. The unit comes beautifully presented in its box and a cover wrap (think apple style packaging). It sits perfectly under our panasonic tv on a corner stand, looking smart but very discrete. It exudes high quality and has a heft and solidity that justifies the price. Nothing rattles, creaks or resonates and it can deliver a surprising amount of sound level and presence. It was simple to set up using the supplied toslink cable. The only issue we had was trying to disable the tv speakers while being able to control the playbase volume with the tv remote. On our tv we had to go into ‘hotel’ mode and do it that way, but newer tvs will perhaps be easier.

Expensive but you pay for what you get.